Nerf 300 beta Patch Notes Thread

5 years 2 months ago #638 by Rajada
  • Mass resource update to eliminate missing texture property warnings.
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3 years 9 months ago #645 by Rajada
  • Renderer updated.
  • Changed GameInfo to use functions that can be changed by subclasses for sending time remaining messages and time limit expiration functionality.
  • Cleaned up all health pickup code.
  • Fixed a bug in the Water World mutator.
  • Fixed a bunch of broken translucency settings on default procedural textures.
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2 years 3 months ago #647 by Rajada
  • Backend NerfEd engine changes.
  • Added cluster audio subengine.
  • Some Intel graphics fixes.
  • Rambo command now fills up the ammo bar when used.
  • Separated default bot information into classes for easier use of custom AI in custom gamemodes.
  • Fixed tutorial Ted being referred to as "Player" by the UI.
  • Gave CloudZoneEmulator a distinct icon for editor.
  • Added Hard Mode mutator that prevents human players from picking up any guns or items.
  • Added Pacifist mutator that prevents human players from picking up any guns or items and additionally disarms them.
  • Added Hardcore mutator that ends the game if any human player is knocked out once.
  • Updated mutator challenges.
  • Updated AI to not use Ballzooka goo on targets that have already been stuck in goo.
  • Fixed stuck in goo animations not looping properly.
  • Added beta Invisibility pickup.
  • Fixed some broken movers in tutorial areas in SH-Tut and AR-Tut.
  • Fixed a bug in the mutator challenges window that caused an extra blank page to load when skipping to the end of the page queue.
  • Various map fixes.
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2 years 3 months ago #648 by Rajada
  • Fixed a few edge cases within the Nerf Arena mutator with single ball pickups not being replaced properly.
  • Added animation support to decorations. Decorations will now by default loop their AnimSequence at their AnimRate if their AnimSequence is valid.
  • Lessons now have a separate timer for repeating the lesson or reminding the player.
  • AR-Tut changes:
    • A warming up Ted now waits in the BallBlast area.
    • Added decorative lift controls to make the lifts more obvious.
    • The purple ball in the swimming tutorial is no longer unlit and is rendered at the intended scale.
    • Removed unhelpful "try again" reminder message from one of the tutorials and made it repeat the lesson instead.
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1 year 10 months ago #659 by Rajada
  • BotBait can now additionally instruct AI to shoot triggers or decorations and do so based on the state of a linked mover.
  • Added missing mutator icons for Hardcore and Hardmode mutators.
  • Bot AI is now far less suicidal with the Whomper, preferring it in medium to long range combat only.
  • Fix for some objects using old light properties resulting in them not giving off light.
  • Improved AI rating of weapons while being underwater.
  • Fixed more graphical issues with logos.
  • Updated and added several new editor class icons for better readability.
  • Updated Splat mutator for better detection of death state. Death via fall damage no longer imparts directional velocity to the splat.
  • Updated Splat mutator to use splats that do not impact player movement.
  • Fixed some bugs in explosive ammo mutator classes causing some ammos to not respawn after exploding.
  • Added additional mover target skins.
  • Gamemodes in the maplist, server, and botmatch menus are now sorted by name.
  • Adjusted the naming conventions of bonus maps from hard-coded roman numerals 1 through 10 to supporting the numbers used in the map filename prefix. For example: PMX24-Luna becomes "Luna Bonus 24".
  • Maplist menu no longer unnecessarily saves configuration during each step of a maplist clear operation.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug that would crash NAB when clearing a maplist or mutator list with 32 or more items.
  • Botmatch map preview text box now shows the friendly name instead of the file name.
  • Map friendly name is now pulled from the map file itself, or failing that, falls back on the default filename conventions.
  • Fixed fast weapon switch and auto weapon switch buttons not working at all.
  • Updated dependencies.
  • AR-Tut changes:
    • Fix for bad masking on some surfaces.
  • All maps changes:
    • Fixed bad references causing missing logo and fire textures.
    • Added friendly map names to all vanilla maps.
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11 months 4 days ago - 11 months 4 days ago #721 by Rajada
  • Bots now ignore cheat-flying and ghosting players.
  • Bots fear players in godmode.
  • Updated counter class for more utility involving resets and infinite use.
  • Players in godmode no longer stick to goo.
  • Hyperstrike crosshair can now be modified in class properties and works without major code changes.
  • Whomper dot no longer collides with Whomper projectiles fired from the same Whomper.
  • Tweaked Ballzooka ball color.
  • Fixed numerous oversights when loading gamemode properties for custom games.
  • Added levelinfo debugging to debug mutator.
  • Fixed a typo where the Ballzooka single ball pickups had a max ammo of 30 instead of the updated 60.
  • Fixed some oversights where explosion visual effects were not owned by the player that spawned them.
  • Rockets now only produce bubbles in water when moving with sufficient velocity.
  • Fixed Triplestrike and Whomper player view offset values.
  • Added megahealth versions of Suitpower and Suitpower Plus pickups.
  • Fixed some math errors that caused the pitch shifting code of health pickup sounds to sometimes not pitch shift correctly.
  • Buffed the strength of wall-jumping.
  • Rewrote messy behindview saving code.
  • Re-implemented UT-style player pregame state for use with future gamemodes.
  • The ViewSelf function can now optionally be quiet (no messages displayed).
  • Weapon zoom is now cleared when changing perspective to another viewpoint.
  • Ending weapon zoom can now be detected and acted upon in weapon code.
  • Fixed a visual artifact on the Hyperstrike crosshair.
  • Infinite Megajumps and Megaspeeds no longer tint your screen while in use.
  • Added singular dart and rocket ammos for future use.
  • Added armor protection zone code for future use.
  • Players can no longer be telefragged by flying players, teammates, or if they are invincible.
  • Added a special kill message for when a player tries to exist in the same spot as another player (usually caused by a telefrag).
  • Removed O'Malley monogram from Wes' uniform.
  • Added smaller value point skins for point events (100, 50, 25, 10).
  • Added a unique icon for Ambushpoints, AlarmPoints, FearSpots, and TriggeredDeaths.
  • Improved icon for PathNodes.
  • Rebalanced Hyperstrike to do less damage when not scoped.
  • Hyperstrike scope now has a minimum zoom level of 4x.
  • Fixed a bug where the Whomper alt-fire shots would lose track of the guiding dot if another alt-fire shot was fired while it was still flying.
  • Deferred headshot detection to pawns such that one can determine head position on a case by case basis.
  • Fixed HUD using hard-coded texture sizes for crosshair centering instead of dynamically detected sizes.
  • Improved the slash glyph in the score font.
  • Fixed an oversight in health pickup code that could cause players to enter bad states when the health pickup has a negative healing value.
  • Made BallBlast balls more desirable to bots when they don't already have that ball in their inventory.
  • Fixed a bug with teleportation code that could be exploited to allow players to hover mid-air.
  • Fixed a bug that caused more disk access than needed when loading map info in botmatch and server setup menus.
  • Added the Unidirectional mover. It is the same as a normal mover but interpolates directly back to keyframe 0 when done moving instead of going backwards through the other keyframes.
  • Added support for https links to menus (previously only http links were detected correctly).
  • Fixed mover and point targets having bad physics states that disallowed them from being attached to movers and other physics objects.
  • Improved botbait to perform a line of sight check before attempting to fire at a target.
  • Added the optional ability for spawned actors to take on the full rotational values of a spawnpoint that created it.
  • Fixed botmatch setup menu not loading map descriptions in certain corner cases.
  • Added general purpose debug modes to actors for future use.
  • Added the beta version (no mesh) of the Hyper Helmet, an armor capable of absorbing one Hyperstrike headshot.
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