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CP 3.4 and Gamespy Shutdown
Written by Rajada   
First off, the CP 3.4 has been released (Full | Lite). If you simply wish to update your game, you can find an ini patcher located in your base Nerf directory with the latest update. Running this ini patcher or the new CP is mandatory if you want to keep playing online. A separate download for the ini patcher can be found here if needed.

Now, for those of you wondering why this patch is mandatory, Gamespy, the official host of many Unreal engine game's master servers is shutting down. Without a master server, clients can only use direct IP connections to join multiplayer servers. The master server is essentially the heartbeat of the server browser.

Luckily, a dedicated Unreal fan built a free to use master server that can run for any Unreal engine game using the old Gamespy technology. This master has been tested and works great with NAB. Both the CP 3.4 and the CP 3.4 ini patcher are designed to update your ini to use these new masters.

As always, if you experience any trouble running the patcher or the CP, be sure to ask for help on our forums.
CP 3.3 and Server Maintenance
Written by Rajada   
The Community Pack has been updated to version 3.3. You can find downloads for it here (Full/Lite). If you wish to simply use the updater, you can download the CP 3.3 ini patcher here.

Recently, some server maintenance changed the structure of our web server, and as a result certain URLs have changed.

As of 12/29, I have put a semi-permanent workaround into our server, and the Updater should no longer give the "Could not connect to update server." error. While the fix is not ideal, especially if we migrate the site, you shouldn't need to edit your ini file anymore.
The Menu Update Part 4 - Revengeance
Written by Rajada   
Just when you thought NAB couldn't get any part 4 of 3 of the Menu Update is here!

Why is it part 4 of 3? Because I'm a rebel, I don't play by your rules of logic, and proper counting, and neither does this update!

What is in the update you may be wondering... what you should be wondering is WHAT ISN'T IN IT?!

- Enlightenment
- Black holes
- Proof of intelligent life on other planets
- Tigers
- Lions
- Ligers
- The number 3,958
- Your mom

Now that is taken care of, let's see some of the better features of this update:

- Added a new Misc keybindings menu for additional keybinds.
- Fixed the unsupported feign death function
- Added the tip of the day section to the Stats page.
- Added the ability to select built in Hardcore / Megaspeed / Turbo game variants.
- When changing your resolution, the game now asks if you wish to keep these settings. If you do not press Yes within ten seconds, the resolution will be reverted.

You can see the full release notes here.
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