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NAB Community Pack NAB Community Pack Lite HOT
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This pack contains all the maps, mods, sounds, and textures ever made for NAB. I recommend you download this package if you have not done so already. This pack does include maps that are not available anywhere else.

Version 3.6 Features:

  • Nerf ArenaBlast Updater 3.0 Included
  • Easy installation over previous versions of the CP
  • All new maps have been added
  • Rarely played/poorly designed maps are NOT included in this "Lite" version
  • Option to boost graphic rendering quality for faster computers
  • 174 MB smaller than Community Pack 3.6 Full
  • New, never before seen maps and mods
  • Bug fixes in custom and default content
  • Huge improvements to usability including a visual mutators interface
  • Fixes for multiplayer master server issues

Size998.74 MB
AuthorRajada, Jay, and G-MO