Hello everyone. It has occurred to me that due to a combination of now fixed site issues and the implementation of new, more granular updates, this patch notes news section has been neglected for some time. In order to best serve the needs of the community, I am re-tooling how patch note news is implemented in the future. Small updates like map fixes will not receive dedicated posts here, but will be included in larger "catch-ups" when major patches are released. From now on, when Nerf ArenaBlast receives a major feature update or bugfix, all the smaller changes to that point will be conglomerated in an easily-read, less technical digest intended to keep you up to date with big changes.

Since a number of updates have now gone live in the past few months, I figured now would be a good time to catch you up from where we left off. With the new updater giving us easier access to updates, we can look forward to a much-improved game. For full patch notes, be sure to check out the patch notes area of the forums. Here is a list of the major changes to this point:

General Changes

  • A new and improved Updater program that updates on a per-file basis, is able to optionally delete unneeded files, and is aware of your Community Pack installation type and updates appropriately.
  • New Updater can also change your Community Pack type without downloading a whole new Community Pack program.
  • Functionality fixes to the in-game news window which had been broken since PHP 7.
  • A brand new and improved Community Pack executable (version 3.6).

Map Changes

  • Note that a number of maps have received new friendly names based on those names intended by the original authors of those maps. A few of your favorites may be under a slightly updated name!
  • Hundreds of improvements to map lighting, texture issues, BSP holes, AI pathing, and weapon and pickup balance. Maps with major changes are highlighted below; check them out!
  • PM-Anoxia and PM-Dimondus received some new areas to explore and add value to certain routes that were once dead ends.
  • PM-SpaceScraper got a new hi-def Earth image courtesy of NASA.
  • PM-Production received some improvements to the boiler room and a new passageway between the molding room and broken lift to alleviate the choke point in the molding room.
  • CTF/PM-Railroad received new passageways to alleviate dead ends and add more access to more areas including a much-requested way into the cabin from the roof.
  • KOTH/PM-SolitaryDuel received a much-requested lift that can help you escape from the lava river.
  • Total stability overhaul to PM-KringleRemix, making it playable and BSP-hole free!
  • Rebalanced and fixed the golden gun featured in PM-007TempleRemix.
  • PM-FBArena received a few new rooms and passageways to help alleviate dead ends.
  • PM-BathroomRemix received a number of new areas to help fill out some empty space and add more ways to get to higher areas and down to the floor without losing tons of health. Also now includes a fall-damage reduction and a toilet flush trap!
  • PM-GalleonRemix (aka Koos Galleon) has been restored and fixed and is now BSP hole free!
  • PM-MatrixedRemix has had a number of fixes that make it playable!
  • PM-NightOpRemix has been lit, and the dark version has been moved to DK-NightOpRemix so flashlights will be given out automatically.
  • Restored a map reported missing since the CP 3.5 PM-PhobosRemix.
  • Renovated PM-Vulcanizer. Now the classic map both looks good and plays good!
  • Star Wars maps PM-ATATBargeRemix and PM-TieBayRemix have been restored to their fully-textured glory and are now bug-free.
  • PM-BattlefieldOfSpike (Spike's Battlefield) has been renovated to fix a number of unusable hallways and balance issues.
  • The oft-overlooked classic PM-CDTraining has received some TLC and now features better weapon balance and elevators that are more accessible.
  • The BSP hole that was PM-Jormungandr is now a playable map!
  • PM-SunTzuRemix now features no BSP holes and, more importantly, interactive gongs!
  • Rebalanced the M16 in PM-DogtownRemix.

System Changes

  • Improvements to maplist, mutator, botmatch and server menus including faster load times, fixed crashes, new bot settings, and better sorting of events and maps.
  • Map names in menus now specified by the author in the map itself rather than the unfriendly file name.
  • Bots now mostly ignore players who are flying or ghosting instead of trying to shoot at invincible, cheating players.
  • HUD improvements including stability fixes, timer reliability, corrected visual element offsets, and support for game times greater than 1 hour.
  • Improvements to visuals and sounds on point and gear targets.
  • Fix for fullscreen / windowed mode often showing the wrong mode in the video menu.
  • The crowd now cheers for you when you go on sprees.
  • Players no longer vanish when knocked out and leave behind a stand-in that shows their knockout animation just like bots!
  • Added back the missing GlobalStats mutator.
  • Added a new type of mover that loops but only in one direction for use with decorative items (like swinging signs).
  • Added a new drip decoration for simulating leaky water.

Weapon Changes

  • A huge amount of bug-fixes to all default weapons including reliability in online games. Highlights are noted below...
  • Dart-firing blasters have received buffs to make them more viable against hitscan blasters. Darts now fly faster, last longer in the air, and work as intended in online games.
  • Improved scoped crosshair for the Hyperstrike.
  • Hyperstrike now does flat damage based on locational damage (head, chest, legs) and does reduced damge when not scoped to alleviate no-scope spamming. Scoping in also enforces a minimum zoom level of 4x to prevent circumvention of this balance change with no consequences via low zoom amounts (IE 1.1x).
  • Color correction to Ballzooka balls.
  • Ballzooka is now easier to aim and projectiles fly straighter.
  • Fixed a number of oversights with the new Pulsator bolo balls that made them too damaging.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with Ballzooka goo that could sometimes paralyze players until their next life.
  • Ballzooka goo now drains MegaSpeed and MagaJump powerups, giving the players wearing them an extra chance to escape before getting stuck.
  • When you are guiding a Sidewinder alternate fire disc, there is now a distinct graphical border around the screen to alert you of the fact that you are no longer in the viewpoint of your character.
  • Causing a Whomper alternate fire projectile to explode by shooting it now allows you to claim credit for the damage and any subsequent knockouts instead of it being ruled a suicide.
  • Fixes to notorious bugs in the Triple Strike animation logic (even online!).
  • Triple Strike rockets now do reduced damage and increased momentum on hits to the foot region to improve the survivability of rocket jumping and reward direct hits more.
  • Rebalanced the NerfCannon to be better able to set off traps with the alternate fire.
  • RPGStats weapons have also received a number of rebalances and bug fixes.