Part of the charm and what separates Nerf ArenaBlast from its cohorts on the same engine is its arcade-approach to the idea of a traditional first-person-shooter. Points are awarded not for a knockout, but for a variety of point-scoring maneuvers. From dropped point pickups to accuracy bonuses to point targets, Nerf ArenaBlast has always had a number of ways to get points besides the main objectives. But for a number of years, many of the community maps have lacked the map-based bonus point opportunities. No longer! I have begun the process of adding point targets to community-made maps where appropriate, and other bonus points where they're not the best fit. The hope would be to one day give almost every map some form of attainable bonus points, and begin rewarding players for style and skill. While this small step is the first in that regard, I am already researching other fun ways to make the gameplay more rewarding and varied. And don't worry, bonus targets can be toggled off with a mutator if desired. For now, the most important changes follow:

General Changes

  • Added support for clicking https links in the news window. Previously, only http links were supported.
  • Smite can't be used before the game starts.
  • Cleaned up bot-adding code.
  • Fixed some issues with spectating.
  • Added console messages for leaving fly and ghost and invisible.
  • Fixed issues with using walk command in water.
  • KillAll command can no longer kill the class you are or players.
  • Summon now takes into account the size of the item being summoned.
  • TarPointTrigger now has the option to specify a texture for the points.
  • Bug-fixed the WarheadSpawner class so the person triggering it now appropriately gains credit for any knockouts resulting from its use (such as in PM-Trenches or PM-FithRemix).
  • Point targets can now be attached to movers.
  • Added a new bot-compatible jump pad class for experimentation. Check out PM-Breach and PM-RedPsi to see it in action and expect it to get added to other maps eventually.
  • Bugfixes for CloudZones.

Map Changes

  • Added standard point targets to several maps: PM-1on1-BigBrother, PM-1on1-Noob, PM-Anoxia, PM-Baboos, PM-BigBo, PM-Breach, PM-BreakfastRemix, PM-Chroma, PM-CinderCanyon, PM-Cirrus, PM-Colosseum, PM-CDTraining, PM-Darkside, PM-DreamM, PM-FloatingBridge, PM-FoamFactory, PM-Fun, PM-GladiatorRemix, PM-Lunar, PM-NABCommunityMap, PM-NerfFunnel, PM-Probe, PM-Quickie, PM-Ringo, Pm-RomanArena, PM-ShortCircuit, PM-Sniper'sAlley, PM-SolitaryDuel, PM-SpaceScraper, PM-Static, PM-TootieFruity, PM-TopsyTurvy, PM-TrainingArena, PM-Twister, PM-Vortex, PMX3-Luna.
  • Added special bonus point targets to PM-AirRage, PM-BathroomRemix, PM-BluePsi, PM-Convoy, PM-DrStrangeLove, PM-KringleRemix, PM-Slam'sHauntedHomestead, and PM-TantricRemix.
  • Shooting the core in PM-FithRemix now awards 100 bonus points per hit.
  • Environmental destruction in PM-Dragon'sEnd awards bonus points.
  • Snowman heads in PM-Containment can now be shot for bonus points.
  • Killing the birds in PM-Bedrooms][Remix now awards bonus points.
  • Renovated the map PM-GFK-Cityscape.
  • Mini-renovation of PM-Khufu.
  • Re-remixed PM-SesmarRemix and added a CTF version of the map.
  • Re-remixed PM-GladiatorRemix, PM-StalwartXLRemix, PM-TechnoTourneyRemix, PM-TempestRemix, and PM-UndergroundRemix.
  • Added two doorways to the conference room and a vent shaft to PM-SpaceScraper to alleviate some dead ends.

As always, see the patch notes forums for full details and more minor changes.