Just a short update catchup for now since a few versions have passed. The patch notes for this particular catchup are contained in just one post located here.

Map Changes

  • Minor renovations to maps: PM-LavaRun, and PM-RocketRun1.
  • Major renovations to CTF-PirateShips, PM-PirateShips, PM-LavaCenter, and PM-Sk8'sBedroom. These are some of my favorite renovations recently, so check them out!
  • Added fall damage reduction to the remaining "shrunken player" maps including PM-Sk8'sBedroom, PM-BreakfastRemix, CTF-Bedrooms][Remix, and PM-Bedrooms][Remix.
  • An old community favorite PM-OutcastFacility receives some quality of life updates including item placement, some additional cover in open areas, an extra route to the second floor, and triggers for the doors to make them more reliable and intuitive.
  • While not the most playable maps, CTF-FloatingIslandExtremeRemix and PM-FloatingIslandExtremeRemix are an interesting piece of community mapping history. These maps contained some of the first conceived customized weapons. Though they tend to be simplistic, they have now been updated to be functional after updates years ago broke them with changes to weapon functionality.
  • CTF-CivilWarRemix and PM-CivilWarRemix received some standard updates, but also functional cannons for the forts!
  • And for the first time in a very long time, a new map was submitted by Grafik, PM-GFK-Renovatio.

System Changes

  • The Greed gamemode has received some much-needed quality of life updates. The scoring system has been redone to reward scorers with bonus points for scoring large amounts of points at once, encouraging stockpiling and rushing. The more points you carry, the more bonus points you can potentially net! The bonus points are even shown on the HUD! Also, improvements were made to bot AI in this mode, though the work in this respect is not yet finished. Lastly, players who are knocked out can drop more than one point if they were on a spree, adding more variation into the scoring potential and encouraging you to hunt down that sniper for all his accumulated bounty.
  • Two improvements were made to the menu system. For one, work was continued on the loading system code for the Setup Botmatch screen when it comes to loading map information (screenshots and descriptions). These updates have once again improved the loading speed of this potentially long list. Secondly, a bug was fixed that caused issues reading in the map description info for gamemodes other than PointBlast. Sometimes, under certain circumstances, the reading of description files could fail, resulting in several maps reporting to have "no description" when indeed they did have descriptions. This has been fixed.

Weapon Changes

  • The RocketsNAB mod received some slight tuning to bring the weapon out of "overpowered territory".