Map Changes

  • Several remixes were re-done in order to perfect them. This includes fixing bad textures, missing sound effects, broken bot pathing, and in some cases, select missing decorations. A number of these maps have new paint jobs, so check them out! Old versions are available in the archive as usual. The list is as follows: CTF-BarancoRemix, CTF-LokiRemix, PM-BarricadeRemix, PM-ColdHeartRemix, PM-DistinctiveRemix, PM-ElsinoreRemix, PM-FacesofPharaohsRemix, PM-GatewayRemix, PM-GothicRemix, PM-GrinderRemix, PM-HealPod][Remix, PM-HiSpeedRemix, PM-HyperBlastRemix, PM-JadedRemix, PM-LeadworksRemix, PM-LiandriRemix, PM-NovemberRemix, PM-Observatory)(Remix, PM-OracleRemix, PM-RealWorldGoneBadRemix, PM-RustyIncRemix, PM-SionRemix, PM-StarDockRemix, PM-TalathRemix, PM-VoacRemix, PM-WindyRemix, and TT-LokiRemix.
  • BSP issues were found and fixed on a few maps. CTF-PirateShips, PM-1on1-Ancient, PM-BathroomRemix, and PM-PirateShips were affected.
  • The screenshot for PM-AlcatrazRemix has apparently been missing for some time. I have restored it.
  • Three additional Target Tag maps were given bug-fixes related to the Target Tag gamemode bug-fixes discussed below. Note that currently, only these three and TT-LokiRemix are working examples of the Target Tag gamemode. The other maps need additional fixes as well, and will be worked on in the following updates.

System Changes

  • The Target Tag gamemode had two major bug-fixes applied which were subsequently applied to the Target Tag maps listed above. Note that not all Target Tag maps are currently working as they are being worked on as I go through all the maps. Bug number one was regarding being able to shoot enemy targets. This bug was also responsible for prompting me to discover the bug in the weapon changes section below. The second bug fixed was in regards to team targets that are used in maps as "helper targets". These targets are not worth points, but the gamemode was still assigning them point values by mistake. For now, targets with 0 as their point value are ignored by this code, but other targets with point values are equalized to the game-mode specific configurable scoring amount.
  • A bug was fixed where some audio tutorials in the tutorial maps could repeat even after they were supposed to be shut off. NerfPlayer135 on our discord discovered this bug, so thanks for helping improve the game!
  • TarPointTriggers are special triggers used in some community maps to give players points for doing certain tasks (like shooting the Tie Fighter in TieBayRemix). There was a small bug with them where they could not be on by default, and had to be triggered on. This is now fixed.
  • Since the Bonus Points update added new ways to score bonus points, a number of small issues have been found and fixed. This time, a bug was discovered where if a bot tried to shoot at a point target that no longer existed, under certain circumstances the game could crash. This code has been adjusted to hopefully prevent most if not all cases where this can happen.
  • Mega Jumps (and most other powerups) have special code whenever you pick up an inventory item to make sure it cannot be combined with an existing version of the pickup in your inventory. Mega Jumps were not doing this check correctly due to a typo which has now been fixed.

Weapon Changes

  • A bug was fixed where the Secret Shot and SHBallGun were not reporting the owner of the projectiles they were firing. This caused some inconsistencies within code that relied on these properties to award points or otherwise know the owner of a weapon that shot it.