Nerf 300 beta Patch Notes Thread

6 years 3 months ago #490 by Rajada
  • Fixed an issue where certain ATI cards would crash the game on boot.
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6 years 3 months ago #491 by Rajada
  • Removed a dead master server from the default configuration file.
  • Fixed a texture issue with one of the flare textures where the background was not entirely invisible when transparent.
  • The spectate command now properly discards your inventory when used (including any Ballblast balls you may have had on you.
  • Fixed issues with Cloudzones and TriggeredDeath actors destroying or otherwise respawning Ballblast balls incorrectly.
  • Screenshots are now saved as .png files instead of .bmp files.
  • Projectiles that can be destroyed with damage (Whomper alt, Nerfcannon balls) are now assigned the instigator who destroyed them. This allows players to claim kills when they detonate another player's projectiles, instead of it counting as a suicide.
  • Mutator icons remain on the screen a bit longer now.
  • Updated package dependencies.
  • Updated PM-Amateur with a slew of bugfixes and updates.
  • Added a Ballblast version of PM-Amateur.
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6 years 3 months ago #494 by Rajada
  • All dedicated health items now subclass a base 'Health' class.
  • In-game screenshots should now save as .png instead of .bmp.
  • Removed an unneeded DLL file (try checking for updates with "File Cleanup" checked to have it removed!
  • Updates to OpenGL rendering.
  • Brought several core and editor files up to date with recent stability changes.
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6 years 3 months ago #495 by Rajada
  • Fixed spectators created with the spectate command dropping point pickups.
  • Removed code that would delete SpeedBlast bots on occasion.
  • SpeedBlast bots will now initiate combat with other bots when there is congestion along their route.
  • Removed annoying pulsing effect from items it was not intended to be on.
  • Fixed missing damagetype "crushed" causing accessed nones.
  • Weapon affecting powerups can now set an ambient sound when in use.
  • Added an in-use ambient sound to the Double Damage
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6 years 3 months ago #496 by Rajada
  • Fixed certain pickups not being hidden when not applicable to the current context.
  • Bonus matches now show up in readyroom scoreboards.
  • Bonus matches are now included in calculations used to unlock other bonus matches.
  • Map fixes to all SpeedBlast maps and tutorial levels.
  • Improved bot support on all SpeedBlast maps.
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6 years 3 months ago #497 by Rajada
  • Fixed some issues with bots and jump pads in certain maps.
  • Added sound effects for balls bouncing (Thanks Striker!).
  • Game info on the HUD and scoreboard now align properly.
  • Chest stuns and headshot knockouts are now detected and have associated messages.
  • Updated spree and knockout messages area with a larger, more readable font.
  • Spree messages are no longer sent to the killfeed / chat area.
  • Fixed font information not being sent for 3 HUD fonts.
  • Fixed the detection of headshots and chest shots to be more accurate.
  • Lowered the requirements for spree intervals.
  • Knockout messages now show the score of the player you knocked out, instead of your own score.
  • Fixed the intended scaling of the text for UT-style multi-kill messages.
  • Fixed ball projectiles bouncing for a bit too long, resulting in dribbling and inconsistent positioning in networked games.
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