Update 12/4/2022 4:12 AM v3.5.13

11 months 3 weeks ago #676 by Rajada
Revision 3.5.13: 12/4/2022 4:12 AM:


Multiple maps:
  • Updated friendly name.
  • Improved bot pathing.
  • Rebalanced weapon, ammo and health placement.

  • Fixed a couple of areas that were too small for bots to path.
  • Fixed a zone that didn't have location info.

  • Fixed the toilet flusher not resetting at the start of the match.

  • Added a stairwell to help alleviate a dead end.

  • Added the missing foliage and ambient sounds from the original UT version of the map.
  • Fixed a few bad textures.

  • Fixed a number of BSP issues.
  • Added some foliage that was present in the original version of the map.

PM-UrbanUprisingRemix and CTF-UrbanUprisingRemix:
  • Fixed missing light flares.
  • Fixed bad playerstarts in the PM version.
  • Fixed the broken skybox
  • Created a NAB-themed version of a texture missing from the original.


  • Added "vaporized" damage type for use with the Whomper in place of "electrocuted" such that Whomper damage cannot be blocked by electric invulnerability.

  • Whomper shockwave now does damage based on closeness to the explosion, and has a minimum damage of 30 for anyone inside its extent. Note that damage is still calculated based on drawscale per tick, so if you are close enough to the center you will take multiple repeated hits to your health.
  • Fixed guided Whomper projectiles vanishing if they get too far away.
  • Fixed Whomper using the wrong tracefire code causing it to not be able to guide Whomper alt fire projectiles when the distance is too great.
  • Fixed Whomper projectiles sometimes not exploding on touching certain actors.
  • Fixed Whomper alt fire playing the firing sound twice.

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