Update 11/18/2022 10:30 PM v3.5.12

1 year 1 week ago #675 by Rajada
Revision 3.5.12: 11/18/2022 10:30 PM:


Multiple maps:
  • Updated friendly name.
  • Improved bot pathing.
  • Rebalanced ammo and health placement.

  • Fixed a BSP issue.

  • Fixed a BSP issue.

  • Added the missing foliage.

  • Added the missing foliage.

  • Fixed some areas that were too small for bots to path.

  • Added an additional toy boat that travels opposite the other in the tub.
  • Made the transitions on the toothbrush walkable.
  • Updated the detailing of the vent.
  • Added a few more ramps onto the trim.
  • Added the waste bin.
  • Added additional detail items for cover in the sink cabinet and top shelf.
  • Made the collision on the stuck Nerf darts more accurate.
  • Added additional stuck Nerf darts for use with the nearby Mega Jump.
  • Moved one of the socket teleporters from the trim to the floor.
  • Recessed the socket teleporter over the mirror so it can be avoided if desired.
  • Added a trap triggered by the toilet flusher that pulls you down in the toilet bowl.
  • Added two additional exits from the cabinet below the sink.
  • Added automatic fall-damage reduction.

  • Fixed a BSP issue.

  • Fixed a BSP issue.

PM-Railroad and CTF-Railroad:
  • Fixed being able to survive the death zone on the rails.
  • Added a path up to the top of the cars via the back to alleviate a choke point.

  • Made a decorative element more faithful to the original map.
  • Added the missing foliage.

  • Fixed being able to get stuck on an orange near a wall.


  • Nerf Cannon now detonates any owned alt fire balls on switch away and on weapon drop. This prevents alt fire balls from becoming orphaned and un-usable.
  • Nerf Cannon will no longer attempt to detonate detballs that do not exist.
  • Nerf Cannon no longer attempts to use ammo to enter the alt-firing state, rather checking once it is in the alt-firing state, preventing cases where ammo could be consumed without proper reason after detonating a detball.
  • Nerf Cannon det balls now send their destroyed status back to the Nerf Cannon that created them when destroyed, ensuring they cannot be detonated twice in a row.
  • During the alt-firing state, the Nerf Cannon can no longer be fired, alt-fired, put away or dropped, preventing it from getting stuck in certain bad states.
  • Nerf Cannon balls are no longer immune to damage from certain projectiles online.
  • Nerf Cannon now has a distinct animation for detonating a det ball.
  • Nerf Cannon no longer switches away if you have a remote ball out but no ammo remaining. It will switch away as soon as the remote ball is destroyed.
  • Nerf Cannon det balls now have a slightly larger explosive radius.
  • Increased the momentum transfer of the Nerf Cannon det ball.
  • Slightly increased the fire rate of the Nerf Cannon's alternate fire mode.


  • Applied frame rate limits to a fire texture.

  • Applied frame rate limits to the water textures.

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