Update 11/10/2022 5:12 PM v3.5.10

1 year 3 weeks ago - 1 year 2 weeks ago #673 by Rajada
Revision 3.5.10: 11/10/2022 5:10 PM:


  • Renamed to PM-1on1-OrbitalShipping to avoid naming collisions with vanilla content.


  • Updated spree messages and added spree sounds.

  • Sidewinder no longer allows weapon dropping or switching during disc guidance.
  • Sidewinder locking logic has been rewritten to be less buggy and more player-friendly.
  • Guided Sidewinder discs no longer cause as much hang between exploding and being able to fire again.
  • Sidewinder lock is now properly lost when switching weapons or dropping the weapon.
  • Sidewinder now loads as full of a clip as it can on pickup rather than assuming it will have enough ammo to fill a clip.
  • Sidewinder now checks when it is brought up if it needs to be reloaded and plays the reload animation if so filling the clip as much as possible.
  • Sidewinder discs now seek correctly and smoothly online.
  • Sidewinder discs now show explosion effects online.
  • Target identification in the guided Sidewinder discs is now much more positionally accurate.
  • Target identification in the guided Sidewinder discs no longer shows data on knocked out players.
  • Fixed an accessed none in the Sidewinder when checking for lockable targets.
  • When you are guiding a Sidewinder alternate fire disc, there is now a distinct graphical border around the screen to alert you of the fact that you are no longer in the viewpoint of your character.
  • Sidewinder can now lock on to winky and mover targets.
  • Sidewinder lock is now sustained for a minimum of 1 second.
  • Sidewinder lock can be sustained as long as you keep the crosshair on or near the target and does not need to be refreshed every interval.
  • Increased the lifespan of Sidewinder discs so they are more useful at longer distances.
  • Sidewinder discs can now bounce up to a total of 10 times before exploding.
  • Seeking Sidewinder discs now have quicker reactions to player movement.
  • Guided Sidewinder discs now identify friendlies and enemies.
  • The Sidewinder now shows a target (and name if applicable) on your HUD when you have a target lock.
  • Sidewinder Discs now have a minimum speed. If they become slower than this minimum (due to repeated underwater bounces), they explode.
  • Guided discs' HUDs now has a readout for when your player takes damage.
  • Guided Discs' HUDs now render frame elements green when looking at only (a) friendly player(s).
  • Whomper projectiles no longer spawn two shockwaves online.
  • Whomper no longer spawns two visual muzzle effects online.
  • Moved the third person recoil animation of the Whomper to the appropriate timing.
  • Whomper now uses the previously unused alternate fire animation when alternate firing.
  • Causing a Whomper alternate fire projectile to explode by shooting it now allows you to claim credit for the damage and any subsequent knockouts instead of it being ruled a suicide.
  • Whomper guided laser no longer collides with the projectile you are currently guiding.
  • Fixed mixed up firing offsets of the Wildfire alternate fire.
  • Gave the Wildfire a firing speed buff.


  • Added sounds for the Sidewinder update.


  • Added textures for the Sidewinder update.
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