Update 11/10/2022 12:50 AM v3.5.9

1 year 3 weeks ago #672 by Rajada
Revision 3.5.9: 11/10/2022 12:50 AM:


Multiple maps:
  • Updated friendly name.

  • Redid and rebalanced the Golden Blaster secret item.

  • Fixed more BSP issues.
  • Lowered the bouncer to make it a little more usable.


  • Fixed missing pickup message and death message in the Secret Shot.

  • Reduced max damage of Pulsator balls to 20.
  • Pulsator balls now give off a bit of light.
  • Pulsator balls can no longer be picked up as reusable ammo.
  • Ballzooka ball projectiles no longer glow.
  • Ballzooka balls now float in water.
  • Reduced the upward velocity on the Ballzooka balls to make them easier to aim, and slightly increased their speed to compensate for reduced arc.
  • Added an impact sound to Ballzooka balls.
  • Reduced the distance Ballzooka ball impact sounds can be heard from.
  • Fixed goo jiggle animation playing way too quickly.
  • Ballzooka goo no longer affects flying or swimming players.
  • Ballzooka goo can now only trap one player at a time, preventing further situations where players could become stuck forever.
  • Ballzooka goo will no longer be destroyed due to expiration of lifespan if a player is still trapped on it.
  • Slightly increased the base speed of Ballzooka goo.
  • Fixed goo projectiles being able to hit flying and dead players.
  • Players already stuck in goo will take half the damage from additional direct goo hits, reducing the effectiveness of goo spam.
  • Ballzooka goo now intentionally causes speed and jump powerups to expire early instead of unintentionally breaking them. Unless coded otherwise, most custom and default speed or jump pickups will allow the player to escape the goo after diminishing, rather than also sticking them.


  • Added a ball bounce sound.

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