Update 11/7/2022 6:30 PM v3.5.7

1 year 3 weeks ago #670 by Rajada
Revision 3.5.7: 11/7/2022 6:30 PM:


Multiple maps:
  • Updated friendly name.

  • Added sounds to the crushers.
  • Fixed crushers graphically flickering.
  • Fixed secret room teleporter being too small.

  • Fixed some bad textures.
  • Revised bot pathing.
  • Added location names.

  • Fixed some bad playerstarts.
  • Fixed a BSP issue.

  • Fixed some bad textures.
  • Added location names.

  • Added some blockers to prevent players from falling into some crevices.
  • Fixed some bad bot pathing.

  • Greatly reduced the damage and knockback of the particle collision explosions.
  • Fixed some bad geometry that made using the jump pad tubes difficult.

  • Fixed some BSP issues.
  • Fixed some bad bot pathing.
  • Added a bounce pad on the basketball.
  • Added some detail to hide the transition between the outdoor area and the skybox.

  • Fixed some BSP issues.
  • Fixed some bad bot pathing.
  • Added some detail and items to the crevice area in the boiler room.

CTF-Railroad and PM-Railroad:
  • Added some additional pasageways to alleviate dead ends.
  • Fixed some bad bot pathing.

KOTH-SolitaryDuel and PM-SolitaryDuel:
  • Added a lift out of the lava river.
  • Added lights behind the towers so players are not invisible if they choose to hide there.
  • Added additional escape routes from the middle bridge.
  • Hid the middle bridge spawn points inside the caves for better cover.


  • Fixed animation rates for certain states on the Secret Shot.
  • Nerf Darts now randomize their lifespan slightly upon hitting a wall so they do not vanish in such a predictable pattern.
  • Nerf Darts now only leave bubble trails in water if going over a certain speed.
  • Networking fixes for Nerf Darts.
  • Increased lifespan of darts from 6 to 10 seconds.
  • Increased speed of darts.
  • Resized collision box of Nerf Darts.

  • Fixed a potential accessed none in the main menu.

  • Fixed singular ball pickups incorrectly reporting their maximum ammo to be 30 instead of 60.

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