Update 3/5/2023 3:30 PM v3.6.1

8 months 3 weeks ago - 8 months 2 weeks ago #707 by Rajada
Revision 3.6.1: 3/5/2023 3:30 PM:


Multiple maps:
  • Updated friendly name.
  • Improved bot pathing.
  • Rebalanced weapon, ammo and health placement.
  • Added a level screenshot and description.

  • Moved this map back to lite CP where it was intended to be. Work on minor texture issues still ongoing.

  • Fixed a few bad textures that were missed from the first pass.


  • Fixed the Tracer crosshair turning black instead of vanishing when an alt-fire dart is present.
  • Increased the fire rate of the Pulsniper and Nail Gun.
  • Reduced number of Sprinkler shots per shot by half.
  • Increased Uppercut damage and reduced the fire rate.
  • Fixed Wildsniper using the pow sound during alt-fire.
  • Fixed slow Wildsniper zooming animation causing delays on un-zoom.
  • Fixed Rajtech level 3 darts not visually showing that they are seeking online.
  • SWARM now uses one ammo per rocket fired.

  • Updated weapon strings.
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