Discussing ideas for a Nerf Arena Blast single player campaign

5 years 3 months ago - 3 years 5 months ago #560 by nimmoisa000
Hey there, I want to discuss some ideas for a single-player campaign for Nerf Arena Blast.

One of the ideas I had for a single-player campaign is that it would be based on Nerf Jr. Foam Fighters Attack of the Kleptons; another Nerf game made by Hasbro the campaign should be titled Nerf Jr. Foam Fighters Part II The Invasion of the Klepton's Homeworld. (hey we can discuss ideas for new content on this topic, right)

The Story
The story will pick up right where Nerf Jr. Foam Fighters Attack of the Kleptons has ended.

After auto destructing the Kleptons' weapon of foam eradication: the giant washing machine; and taking down the Klepton evil queen. The three kids; Manny Sliva, Nikki Tache and Taro Wada with their genoise goldfish Mr.Fish learns from the alien ship's computers that the alien Kleptons has even bigger plans brewing in their homeworld with the evil queen's husband King Klepton and the revived evil Queen are planning to take over the Earth by destroying the world's Nerf supply with a garden hose that they've constructed on the Klepton's homeworld in a giant space station, they even built a massive invasion fleet; with some help from Mr. Fish, along with some help from five top-secret Nerf N-Striker Elites: Shane, Komodo, Jackle, Raven, Tango and the defender and preserver of Nerf B.O.B. With their combined power Manny Sliva, Nikki Tache and Taro Wada takes the fight to the Klepton homeworld to face off the resurrected evil Queen, and her husband the evil Klepton King.

The Goal
As the player, playing as either Manny Sliva, Nikki Tache, Taro Wada or any one of the N-Striker Elites; you must travel to the Klepton's homeworld in one of their captured ships and take down their forces as well as destroying key areas along the way such as their assembly facilities, planetary defense, their portal to Earth, their invasion fleet and the capital class ship which houses the garden hose and take down the evil queen's husband The Klepton King as well as the resurrected evil queen who seeks vengeance.

The Gameplay

The gameplay runs like a typical objective type game like Quake a game with plenty of blood, violence, and gore) where the player has to compete for certain tasks to progress to the next level some of these levels may take place in unique places from an outpost to the royal palace while taking on the alien Kleptons.

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What are you're thoughts on my ideas for a single-player campaign? Is it worthy of being a reality? Feel free to share you're ideas and suggestions for a single-player campaign as well? I would love to hear you're ideas.
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5 years 3 months ago #562 by Rajada
I had no idea this game existed, and all I can think is why? Why is this a Nerf game? Why not brand it with Super Soaker? Maybe this was before they were owned by the same company. Given this and the Ballzooka alt-fire Nerf sure seemed to want to make kids love their foam guns by making them shoot disgusting glop.

But on a serious note, you're not really going to be able to replicate this game's look and feel or even gameplay in NAB's engine. If you wanted custom models, you'd have to know someone willing to make and animate them (which is a very hard job). And that goes for weapons and enemies. You could certainly re-skin some existing weapons and make them fire differently, and you could certainly make some sort of objective based campaign. But honestly, the problem is you've put a bunch of thought into weaponry without actually figuring out the framework first.

What do you want the player to do? What is the goal and what kind of gameplay do you expect to use? Would it be some sort of linear objective based thing or are you actually trying to create a rail-shooter? You need a more complete vision, and you'll need to understand the limitations you have. If you have the CP, check out some of the maps in the "Adventure Mode" gametype. Those get about as far from NAB's core gameplay as possible, including a "horror" map, several training courses, and a recreation of the Atari 2600 game "Adventure" in 3D.

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5 years 3 months ago - 5 years 3 months ago #565 by nimmoisa000
Thanks for looking into this game I really appreciate it.

As for the weaponry I has no idea there would be limitations (I could look into it, and see if there's someone who is willing to undertake this task) but for now I've edited out the blasters.

As for the campaign itself, it's going to be an objective based single player campaign, where the player has to compete certain tasks in order to progress to the next level.

I kinda understand what you're saying, I had a lot of ambition for this idea, but I let that get the best of me.

If you want you can share some of you're ideas.
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5 years 3 months ago - 5 years 3 months ago #566 by Rajada
Well, the biggest real limitation is certainly not having someone who can 3D model / animate. I can do just about everything but 3D models right now. Technically I can make some basic "static" models, but I certainly can't make things like enemies or weapons. If you were dead set on making characters, weapons and enemies from the original game recognizable in some NAB mod, you might be able to re-skin some appropriate character models for the humans but the Kleptons... I don't see it happening. You could invent some plot reason to use more humanoid shaped robots, but that does feel a little weird. Overall, it's a tough call without a modeller.

If you did go ahead with the idea, and took that limitation (or heck, if you found someone willing to model), the aspect that I do think would work out would be the setting. You could easily with the textures in NAB create some very bright and colorful robotic facilities and the like. Make weird science labs with minor puzzle elements and little "ambushes" that turn the game into a rail shooter momentarily. The whole thing could be rather tongue-in-cheek, and that works to its advantage.

You could definitely make it funny with the right level of abruptness. If it was up to me I would NOT make it violent but rather overly friendly. Robots exploding into gears and springs, yelling cliche robot quotes, and jumping all over the place setting-wise. One moment you're in a typical evil science lab with giant tubes of bubbling ooze and the next you're on a robotic assembly line on the moon. Maybe make it more like a horde shooter in pacing (IE Serious Sam) and with innate multiplayer support, playing it co-op would be easy to set up and probably a lot of fun if balanced right.

Seriously check out some of those adventure mode games. They give you an idea of what I could do back when I was just starting out as a coder. Nowadays I can do way more complex things within the engine.

I'm not sure that there's any more of a following for that obscure game than there is for NAB, but if there are others who fondly remember the game and you can find some who have game development skills, you might be able to convince some others to help. A shot in the dark for sure since I doubt there's a community website for it like ours, but what do I know? I mean, even ToonTown had enough of a following that some people got together and re-launched it.
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5 years 3 months ago - 5 years 1 week ago #567 by nimmoisa000
Ok thanks for some of the ideas.

If it was up to me, I would say in paceing be more dynamic, in big open areas i would lean more of a big wave or a small hord of enemies but in mores enclosed spaces or indoor fighting, I would go more smaller waves or face them in squads.

Overall the campaign is going to modled after Quake 2's campaign with the violence neutered and subsuted with more frendly elements, but leave it's complexity of objectives completely intact.

The levels would also be more in order since the corse of the game will be divided in a series of complex missions and objectives but there'll be sudden changes with some abruptness here and there.

Also can I also give you some insight to the Nerf blasters that would be used in the campaign
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5 years 3 months ago #568 by Rajada
Are you saying you already re-thought the weapons?

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