Solid_Snake1998 - 10/27/2022 - 04:05

We need a mobile version of this game, it's long overdue

Solid_Snake1998 - 10/27/2022 - 04:03

Old account thats been dead for nearly 10 years, who dis?

Dalister - 07/10/2022 - 19:39

Is the master server for the community pack down? i am asking because it keeps timing out when trying to view populated servers, yet the weird stats on the news page and the MOTD still show.

supermobix - 07/06/2022 - 00:27

super fun game i'll install the community pack eventually, any active online players?

Graphik - 06/08/2022 - 04:59

My sister and I just loaded up the game for the first time in years and played a few rounds, thanks a ton for keeping the master server running!

Rajada - 05/05/2022 - 01:15

This was a decision made to support updates to the renderer. Older PCs don't like the new D3D rendering tricks, but Nerf 300 will have another version altogether.

jay - 04/26/2022 - 12:58

FYI, on classic PCs the upgraded Direct3D driver crashes with an out-of-memory error. I had to copy the original D3D driver to get it to run.

AzazelT4C0 - 04/20/2022 - 21:24

really enjoying the additions to the game, especially the extra maps. Only recently discovered this game but I'd been playing Unreal Tournament for years and this was a breath of fresh air.

AzazelT4C0 - 04/20/2022 - 21:11

Working good now! Thanks again. Sorry for the slow reply.

jay - 04/20/2022 - 12:11

@Rajada You'll want to update the download links to point to the HTTPS URLs.

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RPGStats Old Suggestions

7 years 1 week ago #74 by Deep Freeze
-Sticky Gun

Type: NerfCannon

A NerfCannon that fires a blob of purple goo that sticks to the first player it touches. Any player the stickied player touches shall get stuck to the stickied player. Stickiness expires after 30 seconds. Slow fire rate. Alternate fire causes the goo to explode remotely, similar to the normal NerfCannon.

-The Hive

Type: NerfCannon

Fires miniature seeking bees at a rapid rate that have a 20% chance each to cause poison damage. Alternate fire produces a small hive that will slowly release bees until it expires. Slow alternate fire rate.

-Involuntary Launcher and Glued Boots

Types: MegaJump and MegaSpeed

"Bad" versions of the MegaJump and MegaSpeed. The first one causes players to randomly jump, the second slows players down.

-Material Ray

Type: HyperStrike

Killed players transform into statues made of the selected material. Randomly switches between materials (different materials have different amounts of points when shot) like the SwitchShot. Materials and points awarded when shot:





-Area Weaken

Type: BallZooka

When fired, damages all players in area (excluding the player who shot it). Alternate fire produces a special ball that does the same if it hits a player, but less damage.

-Automatic Bubble Gun

Type: Pulsator

Normal and alternate fire rates are the same. Fires transparent bubbles that are unaffected by gravity until they hit a wall or player. Alternate fire produces bubbled gum that sticks to players or walls.


Type: WildFire

Fires darts that can knock out in one shot; however, spread is greatly increased.

SuperBall Ray

Type: Whomper

Fires a large, bouncy ball that does not stop bouncing until it hits somebody. Damage is great enough to knock out in one shot.

Sticky Rocket Launcher

Type: TripleStrike

Slow fire rate. Fires rockets that, when they hit a player, attach to the player and produce thrust in the direction they are stuck to the player in, propelling the player until it expires.


Type: SideWinder

Fires high-damage seeking discs (normal fire rate) that have a chance to seek the player that fired them.

Invisible Ray

Type: WildFire

Fires invisible darts. Also cloaks player that is holding it.

Virus Launcher

Type: Whomper

Fires a transparent, seeking cloud or ball that seeks players, gives them poison damage over time, then seeks another player. Expires when either one minute has passed or it has damaged four players, whichever comes first.

-Antimatter Reactor

Type: BallZooka

Fires blobs of matter and antimatter (does not trap players like BallZooka Goo). Antimatter is alternate fire. Directly fired, they do not do very much damage, but creates an explosion when brought together.

-Critical Mass

Type: WildFire

Fires uranium bars that stick to players and walls. If a certain number of uranium bars is stuck to a player or an area of a wall, an explosion is created. Uranium bars decay after 10 seconds.

-Radioactive Materials Cannon

Type: NerfCannon

Fires large bars of a radioactive substance that do moderate damage (with 20% chance for radiation damage over time) if they hit a player. Unlike NerfCannon balls, bars have high mass and will quickly stop moving if they hit a wall (but not immediately). Bars on the ground do not explode when touched by a player, but, over time, "decay" into tiny particles that have physics similar to that of SideWinder disks, very low damage, and a 50% chance for radiation damage over time. Alternate fire detonates the last fired bar. The detonated bar releases 50% of the particles it would have released over time since it had been detonated.

-Atomic Ray

Type: WildFire, looks like HyperStrike (for AI reasons and for fast fire rate)

Fires one of three particles (alt fire changes particle type). All particles have physics similar to Graviton balls, except they decay after 10-20 seconds.

Particle types (attract/repel has no effect on particles already inside atoms):

-Electron. 2 damage. 30% chance to cause electric damage over time. Is attracted to Protons, repelled by other Electrons.

-Proton. 5 damage. Is attracted to Electrons, repelled by other Protons.

-Neutrons. 5 damage. Is attracted to Protons.

Due to the particle behaviour, they can form Atoms. Atoms either stay in one place or slowly move around. Enemies who touch an Atom are damaged depending on the particles within. Atoms have a 30% chance to split when hit by a projectile other than Atomic Particles. Otherwise, atoms are invulnerable and can only be destroyed by decay. Particles decay after 10 seconds. Atoms are not actually the particles put together, but are either sprites or meshes showing the amount of particles within. Atom decay depends on how stable the atom is; stable atoms decay slowly, unstable decays quickly, and very unstable decays almost instantly with an explosion.

-Time Travel Ray

Type: Whomper

Can only be refilled with the same weapon. Fires a special projectile that, upon hitting an enemy, shall cause the enemy to disappear in a swirl of light. The enemy will be out of the game for 10-20 seconds, then will reappear in the same position the player was in when he/she was hit by the projectile.

-Peace Shooter

Type: BallZooka

Fires flowers that do low damage and have a 10% chance to disable the enemy's weapons for 10 seconds. While enemy's weapons are disabled, "peace" symbol sprites are displayed around the player. Alternate fire produces smiley faces that do medium damage and have a 15% chance to tranqilize the enemy (the effect the Tranquilizer gun has on players).

-Tsunami Launcher

Type: Whomper

Fires large waves that do heavy damage (but not quite enough to knock out a player) and pushes whatever object it hits until it reaches the opposite wall or 10 seconds have passed, whichever comes first.

-Teddy Bear Cannon

Type: Pulsator

Produces large teddy bears that explode into chunks of stuffing upon hitting a wall. Stuffing chunks bounce like BallZooka Balls and do low damage. Alternate fire produces seeking teddy bears that do somewhat low damage and stick to players.


Type: WildFire

Fires special projectiles that are the size of NerfCannon balls and do no damage on their own. However, any other projectiles stick to them on contact, and upon hitting a player, they release any projectiles stuck to them. Projectiles disappear and delete stuck projectiles (not releasing them) when they stop moving.

-Morph Gun

Type: BallZooka

Alternate fire produces a projectile that, upon hitting an enemy, sets the primary fire's projectile type to that of the enemy's weapon. Example: Alternate fire projectile hits a player with a Detonator, so primary fire now fires explosive pellets.

Discovered the UT99 Assault THAT'S why there's a bunch of weird movers that don't do anything in some NAB levels. o.O

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