1. Excessive swearing is not allowed on the site. If you slip up once or accidentally post something including a vulgar word you may be asked kindly to edit it and there will be no harm done.

2. Don't be spammy. Spam is annoying, and unless you're advertising Nerf guns I doubt anyone will even be interested. If you want to promote something, consider talking to an admin about a banner ad.

3. Don't make multiple accounts without admin approval first. If you have forgotten account details, consider asking an admin or using the 'I forgot my password' link instead.

4. Keep specific thread posts on-topic. All I ask is that you don't hi-jack a thread. For example:

User1: In NerfEd, how do I add a brush?

User2: My clan IS SO AWESOME OMG, check it out I AM SO COOL!

Admin: *Initiates BAN HAMMER*

5. Don't flame. Seems simple enough, but some people forget that this is just a forum about a video game. If you want to flame, flame somewhere else more worthwhile.

6. If in doubt, ask. Our admins will always be happy to answer any questions you have.