Update 11/15/2022 3:15 AM v3.5.11

1 year 2 weeks ago #674 by Rajada
Revision 3.5.11: 11/15/2022 3:15 AM:


Multiple maps:
  • Updated friendly name.
  • Improved bot pathing.

  • Fixed the map not spawning bots.

  • Fixed a BSP issue that made the ramp unpassable.

KOTH-Catacombs and PM-Catacombs:
  • Added a ramp to an area that couldn't be reached.

  • Fixed a few areas that were too small for players to navigate.
  • Removed some player starts that were too close to eachother.

  • Smoothed out the transition from the ramps to the middle floor.

  • Further reduced the speed of the spinning skybox.

  • Added an extra room and hallway between the Sidewinder and Scattershot rooms to alleviate a dead end.

  • Fixed a few bad playerstarts.

  • Fixed a BSP issue that also broke bot pathing.

  • Fixed a BSP issue.

  • Added the lava crossings missing from the original version.

  • Added some trees missing from the original version.

  • Added an extra hallway and ramp to alleviate some dead ends.


Debug.u and Debug.ini:
  • Added a map-debugging helper mutator.

  • Fixed a typo.

  • Fixed bottom two Triple Strike rockets having incorrect rotation values when alt fired, causing them to cross.
  • Triple Strike now loads as full of a clip as it can on pickup rather than assuming it will have enough ammo to fill a clip.
  • Triple Strike now checks when it is brought up if it needs to be reloaded and plays the reload animation if so filling the clip as much as possible.
  • Triple Strike can no longer jam due to trying to fire a rocket while none are loaded. The reload animation will be played if any ammo is picked up between running out of ammo and the game deciding whether or not to switch weapons based on ammo reserve.
  • Upon firing your last loaded rocket, the Triple Strike no longer assumes it has three more rockets in ammo reserves, and does the math instead.
  • Fixed Triple Strike not playing most of its animations online.
  • Fixed an accessed none error in Triple Strike rockets.
  • Fixed Triple Strike not properly tweening to the still state after pumping after an alternate fire shot.
  • Triple Strike primary fire rockets are now spawned with appropriate offsets rather than from the middle of the gun for all three shots.
  • Triple Strike rockets now do reduced damage and increased momentum on hits to the foot region to improve the survivability of rocket jumping and reward direct hits more.
  • Reduced Triple Strike fire rate by 30%.
  • Triple Strike alternate fire priming pumps now take 15% longer to complete.
  • Fixed color correction not applying to Pulsator bolos.


  • Updated Pulsator bolo textures to the correct base color.

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