Part Two: The Nerf Championship

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Chapter 1: GMO vs. Boomerslang, Sniper vs. Sniper

GMO was pleased to hear that during his absence (Well, his DEATH) that his team had made it to the Nerf Championship. The Nerf Championship was not for the faint of heart, unlike the peaceful regular season, the Nerf Championship usually involved harsh weather or bad conditions. Many teams that advanced to the Nerf Championship had never come back. Most of them dying, and the rest were never found. Indeed, the Nerf Championship tested endurance, skill, and survival to its greatest extent.

This year, 80 teams were “lucky” enough to advance. Team VIPER had just advanced into their first arena, the underwater Barracuda city. The Barracudas hadn’t advanced this year, so they volunteered their city. Because of the vast amounts of teams, doing individual matches would take to long. So they were all at once thrown into a first round, and the winners fought it out separately for the Championship. The official was about to begin. The official came out and addressed the teams. “Listen up,” he was saying. “I’m here to tell you the details of the first round for the Nerf Championship. (Light applause happened here) We’ve decided that the best way to eliminate the weak teams was pointblast competition. (GMO applauded here, along with everyone else who was a pointblast freak) But, there is a twist.” The crowd grew silent. The official continued, “This year, each team will carry their team flag. To advance, you must keep it safe. If you lose your flag to another team, or if your members are eliminated, you will be disqualified. But that is the least of you worries.” The crowd murmured amongst themselves, pondering a plan for this new rule. “The teams that advance will have to come to the tower at the end of the city, and, if you meet the requirements, will be able to leave.” One of the audience members said, “So it’s like a race then?” The official continued, “Yes, but there is more. Not only must you protect your flag, but you must capture two other team’s flags as well.” If the crowd wasn’t nervous enough, they were sweating bullets now. This meant that only a third of the teams would make it to the next round, not counting ones that die. The crowd was calmed; however, because the official didn’t mention anything dangerous. Then they realized how wrong they were as the official continued, “Also, I bet your wondering why the city was evacuated. If you don’t know the history of the underwater city, then know that all their buildings are made with a special material that can be cleaned with only water. Once every year, they evacuate the city, and let the water from the ocean in to clean it. They then have special machines that pump the water out. Do you know what this means? It means, that water will be coming in as you compete.” The crowd was worried now that their lives were on the line. “It comes out in sections,” he was saying, “when a section is ready to be filled, it is closed off from the rest of the city, and it is filled with water. Any competitors still there; will drown.” And when that section is closed off, another section opens. So you’ll have to be in each of the six separate sections, until it starts to fill with water.” Some teams couldn’t take the possibility of losing their life, and they ran from the arena. Only 66 teams remained, which meant that 33 would make it to the championship. Not counting those who lost their lives of course. “All right.” The official said. “Let me start the clock.” He reached over to a big clock and pressed it, signaling they had two minutes two get into position.

VIPER thought of their plan as they went, and GMO volunteered to snip teams from a top a building. RTSplayer with Reaper would protect the flag, while GMO would snipe competitors, and Raja would be below, ready to take flags or bonus points. The clock wound down, and the round began. GMO had his hyperstrike, and was in position.

Meanwhile, it was starting to be a walk in the park for the Eagle team. Boomerslang, their leader, was thought of to be the best Nerf player in the world. Right now, he was proving it. They had already destroyed two players they had come upon, with secret strikes. They had triplestrikes, but the Eagle team still bested them. They already had one flag and they were advancing to the next area; a courtyard with several buildings surrounding it. One of the team members stepped forward, but Boomerslang stopped him. “Wait,” he said, “I know someone that would use this to his advantage. Someone I’ve been trying to finish off for years. He always makes you think that you’re safe, until you are in an opening, or even a place you think is safe. Then he fires upon you, catching you off guard. Then one of his teammates comes and takes your points.” One of the other members said, “Who? Who has such tactical advantages?” Boomerslang said, “Someone by the name of, GMO.” He shouted orders to his teammates. He told one teammate to CAREFULLY see if he could find GMO’s position, while the other two sought to kill the team member on the ground. When they questioned Boomerslang as to what he would do, he replied: “Well, GMO isn’t the only sniper in this competition.” He pulled out a hyperstrike, and started to find a place to snip.

GMO was in position. “Something’s wrong.” He thought. “A competitor hasn’t come for what seems like hours. There isn’t too much time left, only 38 minutes. Then we have to get out of this section as it fills with water.” On top of that GMO was worrying about RTSplayer and Reaper. (They will be in the next chapter of course; while this is going on they are in a pretty tough spot) Then he saw out of the corner of his eye something he was hoping he wouldn’t see in this round, an eagle player. “Wait.” He told himself. “This might be a trap to find my position. Or is it?” His mind was racing, trying to grasp all of his thoughts on this expert team. He knew that Boomerslang was sniping; after all, it was his game. He offered GMO pointers on how to snipe. They used to be friends. Until they suddenly both liked YAAMAAHAA. Boomerslang had never forgiven GMO for “winning.” He tried but to no avail, Boomerslang wasn’t revealing his position in the least bit. Suddenly he heard shots ring out, it was Reaper. He couldn’t shout to him because it would give away his position, but he hoped he was okay.

Boomerslang was unnerved. “Why can’t I find him?” he thought. GMO was in a good position. “I taught him how to snipe after all, until that stupid girl got in the way.” Half an hour had passed, only eight minutes left. Suddenly Boomerslang saw a competitor, one with another flag. He was out in the open, almost asking to be shot. “If we get that flag,” he was thinking, “we will already be guaranteed to advance. But is GMO watching?” He thought, “Of course he is, so he won’t see me shoot this man.” He grinned. “Nothing like a little temptation.” GMO was watching the competitor, when suddenly he was shot by a hyperstrike. GMO gasped. He thought, “Why wasn’t I watching! What a dumb mistake I made! I could have found him!” Then GMO saw that no one was taking the flag. He knew that Reaper wasn’t stupid; this either meant he was out, or staying in a covered position. For all he knew, Reaper was waiting to advance to the next area with RTSplayer. He could take the flag; there was only 6 minutes left. He couldn’t stay here forever. But if he ran, he might get sniped. Or should he try to eliminate Boomerslang?

What should he do?

1. Take the flag and run

2. Try to kill Boomerslang and his crew; commando style

3. Just get to the next area and ignore the situation.

4. Wait till the last second, as water is coming in, to make his move.

Chapter 2: The truth revealed

RTSplayer and Reaper’s job was protecting the flag, so they started toward the next area. They encountered a few weakling players along the way, but it was nothing a triplestrike couldn’t handle. RTSplayer and Reaper were heading towards the exit, when they encountered one of the more dangerous senior players: Thighbone. They knew they were outmatched. Thighbone even sent away his other team members-Neckbone, Kneebone, and Armbone, because he knew that he would probably win. “Take a break guys.” He said. “I’ll handle this.” Thighbone was a man of 40 with vast experience, and he had never lost a match. Not even to the notorious Boomerslang. Reaper stepped forward, letting RTSplayer protect the flag. Then it began. They started to fire their guns. Thighbone seemed to have the upper hand, coming closer and closer to hitting Reaper. Reaper was surprisingly agile against Thighbone, until Thighbone finally hit him square in the side. Reaper reeled over in pain. “Now,” Thighbone said. “For RTSplayer.” RTSplayer said, “You’ve heard of me?” “Yes,” Thighbone said, “Many years ago.” Thighbone raised his gun to fire at RTSplayer, but he was out of ammo. RTSplayer said, “I don’t think that this can be settled with our knowledge of weapons, but our skills with a sword.” Thighbone pulled out his Nerf sword, and RTSplayer did the same. RTSplayer was losing badly, every slice getting closer and closer. RTSplayer said, “You’re pretty good.” Smiling while he was fighting. “Why are you smiling?” Thighbone said. “Because I know something you don’t know.” RTSplayer said. “And what is that?” Thighbone said. “I’m left handed.” RTSplayer switched to his left hand a then started to gain the upper hand, until a stranger came out of the shadows. “Who are you?” Thighbone said. The stranger had on a ninja suit, and his face was covered with an ancient mask. The stranger suddenly drew a Nerf sword, and cut Thighbone’s head off. He then turned on RTSplayer. RTSplayer said, “Why are you doing this?” The stranger said, “You must join me RTSplayer, join me or die.” “NEVER!” RTSplayer said. Suddenly Reaper jumped back in the fight, hacking and slashing at the stranger. “Reaper NO!” RTSplayer said. But it was too late. The stranger delivered a killing blow to Reaper, chopping his head off. “NOOO!!!” RTSplayer said. “Who are you?” The stranger mumbled something, it sounded like he said that he killed his father. “You killed my father?” RTSplayer said. “No,” the stranger said, “I AM YOUR FATHER!” “NNNNOOOOO!” RTSplayer said. Suddenly Thighbones other teammates came back, and they weren’t happy. They started to shoot at the stranger, and RTSplayer took this as an opportunity to escape. Reaper was dead. (But who cares? Like they are going to resurrect him) RTSplayer’s mind was swirling with emotions. He didn’t know what to do. He was cut off. Alone.

What should he do?

1. Try to make it to the next section in hopes that he will make it to the next round, alone if need be.

2. Go back to try and help GMO. (Note that he doesn’t know what is happening to him)

3. Follow the mysterious stranger that called himself his father.

4. Go to a corner and weep over Reaper’s death and then decide.

Chapter 3: Making it to the next section.

GMO was still waiting for Boomerslang. He had decided he would wait as long as possible. Meanwhile, Raja had actually killed his attackers. GMO looked closer at the person who had had the flag.

“No way.” Boomerslang thought. The person who had been carrying the flag was one of his own teammates, the teammate actually protecting the flag. “NO!” Boomerslang thought. “I kill GMO if it’s the last thing I do!” GMO smiled, that was one mistake Boomerslang would regret. An alarm sounded; water was starting to come in. It wasn’t coming in very fast, but the wait was painful. GMO knew that any second, water would be up to his neck. Considering that he wasn’t even three feet tall, it could be deadly. Even though Boomerslang was giving away his position, he had to see if his partner was okay. He ran into the courtyard to see him. But it was too late. His partner was dead. “Come back Wayne!” He said. “Come back!” GMO saw Boomerslang, but he felt sorry for him. He turned away, thinking of the times they had been friends. Boomerslang didn’t used to hate him. Then he looked below again, and Boomerslang was being held at gunpoint. He started to go below, he knew this would be trouble.

“Hold it right there!” Raja said. “I don’t think so,” Boomerslang said, turning around. “I-I’m not afraid to use this.” Raja stuttered. “Go ahead.” Boomerslang said. “Go ahead punk, make my day.” Raja fired, but missed. Boomerslang fired back, but his shot was off its mark. He fired several more shots, but Raja blocked them with the butt of his gun. Raja was out of ammo, and in trouble. Suddenly a voice from behind Boomerslang said something, “Drop it.” It was GMO. Boomerslang turned around. He had his secret shot at his side. GMO knew he was a quick draw, but he had a triplestrike. Time seemed to slow down, and tumbleweeds were splashing across the water. (Don’t ask how they got there) (Insert western theme) GMO said, “You got to ask yourself a question.” “What do you mean?” Boomerslang said. “Have you fired five bullets, or six? You know, in all this excitement I think I forgot. Right now, you’re staring down the barrel of a triplestrike, so you got to ask yourself a question. Do you feel lucky?” Boomerslang stopped for a moment. But then started to draw his gun, but GMO was too fast and blew his body in half. GMO helped Raja up from the ground, and they rode off into the next section, looking for RTSplayer. (I mean, walked off) (Stop Western Theme)

What should they do?

1. Make it to the next section.

2. Look for that flag that was on the ground before they go.

3. Stay and practice swimming.

Chapter 4: Enter caribou.

GMO and Raja picked up the flag and rushed onward. Water was rising all around them. Suddenly an alarm started ringing. “WARNING!” “WARNING!” The section was about to close off. “We’re not going to make it!” Raja said. A wall in front of them was closing. “That has to be the next section!” GMO shouted over the alarm. They rushed forward and barely made it through before it closed. “That was close.” GMO said. “If we had stayed a few more seconds we would have died.” “2.1 seconds to be exact.” Raja said. GMO was silent. Something was wrong with Raja. He felt it too. Like something deep inside of him had taken root.

RTSplayer sped forward; speed was all he was doing right now. “Speed.” He told himself. “I need speed.” RTSplayer was trying to reconnect with his teammates. For he had just overheard a team talking amongst themselves, and what he had learned, made his head swell with emotions. “Did you hear about that rookie team?” One of the members had said. “Yeah,” Another one answered, “I hear that they don’t even have their powers yet.” “Yet,” the other member answered, “I heard two of them were the last survivors of one special group. They could be dangerous. We had better keep a look out.” Then they walked ahead.

GMO and Raja were advancing through the next few sections with little difficulty. All they were trying to do was find RTSplayer, for he had their flag. All they needed was he to finalize getting to the next level of competition. GMO had noticed Raja making changes. GMO and Raja decided to rest in the fifth section before going to the last one; after all, they would be in the last section for a total of three days. GMO came upon Raja working with some wires. “What are you doing?” GMO said. “Just making some changes to this ballzooka.” He said. He continued his work. From what GMO had gathered, Raja had modified his ballzooka to create a flamethrower, used some sort of metal disc for sticky mines, and also made some sort of grappling hook that wrapped around a target at the push of a button. “Okay,” GMO said, “What’s going on?” Raja sat in silence before he answered. “It’s strange,” He said, “It’s like my brain is seeing different things and thinking different things all at once, like I’m seeing the world more clearly.” “Maybe you have a cold,” GMO said. “No,” Raja was saying, “Pathogen levels aren’t high enough for that.” A few minutes later they advanced to the next section. Section six was more wide open in some areas, so they had to be careful. Suddenly another person came across them. “There you are,” he said, “I’ve been looking for you two.” GMO sat stunned, “Those eyes!” He thought, “They’re pure evil!” GMO was paralyzed with fear. “Allow me to introduce myself,” he said, “My name, is Caribou, and GMO is coming with me.” “I don’t think so,” Raja said. “Just try and stop me,” he said, “I heard that you two don’t know that you had powers yet. A shame that they still let you in with us after that.” “What do you mean?” Raja said.” “Well,” Caribou said, “The Nerf championship is the only time we can use our powers without fear of anyone seeing, so I find it strange that a rookie team got in that doesn’t even have powers. “Now,” he said, looking at GMO, “This won’t hurt a bit.” He took out an electronic device and threw it at him. “Can’t move!” GMO thought. “I can’t dodge it!” It kept moving at GMO at a speed-increasing rate. “It’s going incredibly fast,” Raja thought. The disc was inches away from GMO’s face, but suddenly, Raja reached out and caught it. “Nice toss,” he said, “If it had been going 1.24 miles more per hour, I might not have caught it.” “Well,” Caribou said, “It appears someone does know about his powers after all, this will prove to be interesting.”

Next time: Chapter 5, Raja arises. Raja’s about to fight with a teleporting minion, and things are going to get messy.

Chapter 5: Raja arises

Gadget terminology:


A metal horseshoe-shaped gadget that pinpoints a heat source and fires ultra-tight rope onto it. A button at the users waist must activate it.


Small round shaped mines that mildly shock the enemy, mostly used for surprise tactics, but they can be modified to do higher damage.


A gadget created later by Raja that lets him disguises himself into an object of his choice.

“Well,” Caribou said, “I think I can determine your power now, but you still won’t be able to keep up with me.” “We’ll see about that!” Raja said. Suddenly a blow from behind knocked him to the ground. “What was that?” Raja asked. “Teleportation,” Caribou said, “it has many uses.” Raja stood up, a plan had already formulated in his rapidly growing memory sells. Caribou kept up to his promises, he teleported to his side and did a side kick to his face, knocking him down once more. Raja stood up. “That last teleportation,” he thought, “I could see it! It was fast, but I think I could counter attack it in time.” Caribou teleported hitting Raja in the legs from his back, and teleporting to his front side and hitting him in his face, knocking him down once more. “Well, well,” Caribou was saying, “Can’t keep up with that speed can you? I wonder how much longer you can fight, bloody and bruised like you already are.” Caribou teleported again, but this time Raja was already punching in one direction, and Caribou teleported right to it. The blow connected with enough force to make Caribou stutter backwards. “Looks like I can.” Raja said. “I’m surprised,” Caribou said, “But can you keep up with three of me?” Suddenly, Caribou seemed to split into three copies of himself. “I thought your only use was teleportation!” Raja said. “Other powers can be mastered with time,” Caribou said, “And I have had plenty. I now have hundreds of powers. I could destroy you in the blink of an eye if I wanted to.” “You’re bluffing!” Raja said. Caribou charged forward with his three clones, Raja saw them coming, but he couldn’t do anything. They all grabbed onto him. “Now what are you going to do?” Caribou said. “I’ve used three of my clones to block your movements.” Caribou got out a strange little object and threw it at the still stunned GMO. “I can’t move any part of my body!” Raja thought. “I-I can’t get to him!” The object hit GMO and zapped him into an unconscious state. “No!” Raja said. “You won’t take him with me around!” “Take him?” Caribou said. “You obviously don’t know about the object I just threw, but don’t worry, you will sooner or later.” Then Caribou made his clones back away and disappear. Raja slumped to the ground. “Look at you!” Caribou shouted, kicking him in the ribs. “You’re weak! On all fours like a dog! You’re no threat to me!” Caribou started to walk off. “I wouldn’t say that.” Raja got up and reaching down to his waste, pressed a button. Suddenly two zappers that were attached to Caribou’s waste (Raja attached them when he hit him) activated, knocking him back. Then, Raja pressed a second button on his waste, and a clamp fired (Raja had attached it on one of the many times he was knocked to the ground): wrapping Caribou in rope.

“Almost there,” RTSplayer said, he was moving much faster, than before; a lot faster.

“Who’s weak now!” Raja said, as he was pulling out a modified ballzooka he was working on. “A ballzooka?” Caribou said. “Don’t make me laugh.” “Don’t worry,” Raja said, “it won’t.” He fired it, and instead of it firing a regular ball, fired pure liquid flame. “NO!” Caribou said. It dissolved him. “I’m only sorry that I couldn’t reach my waste when you fired that weapon. Suddenly, a sharp pain filled his head. “Wh-what’s happening?” He thought. His brain was moving much faster than before. He looked back and realized that Caribou’s body was gone. “What?” He said. “Down here,” a voice said. Suddenly Caribou came up from the ground, giving Raja an uppercut that knocked him out cold. Caribou turned around to leave. “I was using clones the entire fight,” he said, “I felt like doing a humorous fight to warm me up.” Suddenly something hit him hard in the side and sent him falling to the ground, it was RTSplayer. “What did you do to my friends?” RTSplayer said, rushing over to Raja. “Well,” Caribou said, “It looks like someone has the power of speed. It doesn’t matter though, but let me give you a warning.” Caribou continued. “First, don’t let the officials cancel the competition, I want it to continue. Secondly, I would recommend that you keep Raja out for a while.” “Why?” RTSplayer said. “His brain cells are growing too fast,” Caribou was saying, “If you don’t keep him unconscious, then they will keep growing until his brain can hold no more. Then, his brain will explode, and I’m sure you don’t want that.” Caribou turned to walk away. “By the way,” he said. “I’ll be back.” Caribou left the scene.

Next time: Chapter Six: RTSplayer’s protection, will it last? RTSplayer finds himself alone, watching over his friends and not daring to attempt to move them. Tired and exhausted from a sleepless night, can he protect them enough so that one of them will regain consciousness?

Chapter Six: RTSplayer’s protection

RTSplayer dared not move the bodies, for fear that either Raja, who was broken and bloodied, would regain consciousness or that the object on GMO might activate. RTSplayer sat down; it would be a long two days. RTSplayer reached up to his neck. “Oh no!” He thought. “Where is it?” He frantically searched for it, retracing his path until he found it. “That was close.” He thought. He picked up an amulet, and put it around his neck, it was one that he had had ever since he was born. RTSplayer’s amulet was all he had left of his parents; everything else had disappeared within his memory. Somehow he knew it was from them, and that it would one day lead him back to them. RTSplayer looked at the amulet and it glowed brightly. It did that some times.

RTSplayer thought back to his arrival, he had seen from a distance caribou using some sort of cloning technology. “I wonder how he learned that.” RTSplayer thought. “He must have used his energy in the perfect way for that to happen. “Well,” he thought, “Like there’s anything else I can do.”

Boomerslang was traveling along with his group, who were whining and complaining of the level. “I can’t stand these freaks.” He thought. “I can’t wait to be rid of them. Someday I’ll just leave them; I’d probably do better without them anyway.” His thoughts wandered to GMO, “I wonder if I helped him any,” He thought, “I wonder if my little deception made him realize that he had power.” “What is that?” One of his teammates exclaimed. He pointed to a figure on the ground. Boomerslang looked over at him; it was a man who was horribly disfigured. “Looks like this guy got sick or something.” Another team mate said. “More than that,” Boomerslang said, “this man must have at least 30 deadly diseases.” “Should we be worried?” Another team mate said. “No,” Boomerslang said, “This man was somehow injected with it, he died slowly.” Boomerslang’s thoughts wandered. This looked like the work of an assassin. “Let’s follow these tracks,” He said, “and see where they lead.”

RTSplayer woke up in a cold sweat. He hadn’t fallen asleep; he was only practicing and trying to make clones. “Why can’t I do it?” He thought. His first and only “clone” didn’t even look like him. It was horribly disfigured and clearly didn’t look real. RTSplayer changed the bandages off Raja and got back to practicing. He practiced for many more hours, until he finally thought that he had created a clone. “I did it!” He thought. He reached out to touch it, it was just an illusion. He sighed. “I’ve only created one and it’s not even real!” He thought. “I’ll take a break for the night,” he thought.

The team moved forward. “That’s him,” one of its members, named Roger said. The other member, named John, started to walk forward. But the team leader stopped him, “No,” he said. “Not yet, we need to wait.” “What do you mean Zega?” John said. “He’s right there!” “I have a feeling that we need to analyze our opponent.

Through the night RTSplayer stayed up and looked around. “When will they wake up?” He thought. He stayed awake until the day dawned, and spent another boring day sitting around watching and waiting until nightfall. His companions showed no sign of waking and he started wondering if he should try to move them. He spent another night awake and the third and last day began. It was the morning. RTSplayer stood up, “Maybe I should try to move them,” he thought. He stopped. He had thought he heard someone. Suddenly three members from another team came and approached him. “Give us that man with the object on him.” Their leader, Zega, said. “Not another one,” RTSplayer thought. “What do you want?” He said. “Let’s just say that we are working for a special person, and we want to kill that man.” Zega replied. “You won’t get him while I’m around!” RTSplayer said, getting into a fighting stance. “You obviously don’t know who you are dealing with, another foolish man acted much like you are, and he died.” They started to walk forward towards the area where RTSplayer was. Suddenly, they sprang and trap. Twenty rockets fired at them simultaneously. “He laid a trap!” Zega thought. The members of the team managed to jump over them with amazing speed and proceeded towards the area RTSplayer was. “You aren’t the only one with speed.” Zega said. “You know about me?” RTSplayer asked. “Yes, we watched you for two days analyzing your movements, he said.” He pulled out a wildfire and alt fired it, sending ten darts heading for RTSplayer. “Too easy,” RTSplayer thought. He focused his energy and easily dodged the darts. Suddenly he got a sudden pain in his head and became dizzy for a second. He fell to the ground and started writhing in agony, but he stood back up to face his opponents. His vision was getting blurry. “What was that?” He asked. Zega smiled, “A special sort of dart, you see, we lace our darts with special pathogens that activate and lock onto a human as soon as they are fired, so it doesn’t matter if it hits you or not, you’re still going to feel pain. And the more you fight,” he said, putting his gun away, “the sicker and sicker you will become, until you’re eventually dead. Your vision will get blurry until you can’t see, your hearing will be affected, and you won’t be able to walk or talk or even think for yourself. You’ll be consumed. And,” he continued, “We have three key advantages. One, you’re already mentally and physically exhausted from two sleepless days. Two, you’re cornered with no way to escape. And three, your vastly outnumbered.”

Chapter Seven: Hard decisions

“Why are you doing this?” RTSplayer said. “GMO must die,” Zega said, “He must parish before Carabou can accomplish his plan. That is our duty to our tribe, and we have come to finish the job.” “But we can figure out a way!” RTSplayer said. “Whatever the problem is Raja could fix it!” “I doubt he could before his brain exploded,” Zega was saying, “he appears to be suffering signs of his brain cells growing to fast. So step out of the way.” “No,” RTSplayer said, “I won’t allow you to kill him.” “Then you die!” John, another member of the squad said. He took out some long, thin needles from a shoulder pack on his shoulder. “Try to hit me with that!” RTSplayer said, charging forward. He was using his speed to run in unorganized directions so he could deliver a blow to John, but he still got hit with a needle and a fell, skidding across the pavement. Zega laughed. “John can hit any target; he has never missed a shot in his life.”

Boomerslang and his team were watching the whole thing from their hiding spot. “Hmmmm…” He thought. “They appear to have attracted some assassins.” “So,” another member of his team said, “What are you going to do?” “What do you mean?” Boomerslang said. “Well,” the member continued, “GMO was your best friend.” “Go on to the next section,” Bommerslang said, “I’ll make my decision alone.” “But if you go in there you die! Didn’t you see their power! It’s unreal! Even if we all went in there we would die!” He said. “Go!” Boomerslang said. “I at least want to see what happens, we might meet this team later on!” His members left him. Boomerslang thought back to the time they were friends, he had no greater bond then he had with GMO. They were like brothers. He remembered all the time of what they did together, but he also remembered the time when he took YAAMAAHAA away from him. And when his father died, he never showed up. He was never there for him. How then, was he expected to help him?

RTSplayer screamed in pain. His vision was still blurry and he was sure that his senses weren’t very good. Suddenly Roger grabbed him from behind by holding onto his amulet, “Nice necklace,” he said. “It precious to you? We couldn’t help noticing you stroking it all the time, in thought.” “It was given to me by my parents,” RTSplayer said, “And someday it’s going to lead me to them.” Roger laughed. “Go ahead and finish him off John,” Zega said. John got out another needle. “Want to get even sicker?” He said. “This one will make your vision disappear permanently.” RTSplayer thought, “This is it. All the times I thought I could protect them were false. All the times I rescued GMO, gave encouragement; it was false belief.” John threw the needle just as an idea, one which he was hesitant to do, formed in RTSplayer’s mind. He gathered all his energy and smashed backwards with his elbow. His shot broke the amulet, freeing him of Rogers grip, and it went in shattered pieces to the ground. Its light was no more, just a pile of glass now. RTSplayer stared ahead with a fire in his eyes. “What good did that do him?” John thought. The needle didn’t hit RTSplayer, it went through him. “What?” John thought. “It’s a clone! Just an illusion though. RTSplayer charged him from the right and John threw another needle and it went sailing through another false body. “I could play this game all day,” John said, taking out more needles. RTSplayer charged from John’s left again and he threw another needle that went through another clone. He charged from his right and another needle hit its target. “This is fun,” John thought. RTSplayer charged from a forward position and John eliminated another clone with another need. RTSplayer jumped into the air this time and starting falling towards John about to hit him in the face. John fired a needle at it that hit it in the shoulder. John looked around, “Where’s he coming from next?” He thought. John looked up, “Oh no!” He thought, “That one’s real!” RTSplayer hit him with startling impact, knocking him into the cement and grabbing his shirt. “Got to get some power in this…” RTSplayer thought. He started twirling around fast still holding onto John, he eventually was spinning around at blinding speed. Suddenly, he released his grip and John’s body hit Rodger like a bullet, and they both collapsed unconscious. But a poison dart whizzed by RTSplayer’s ear and he was sick once more. He could no longer see and he could barely hear. He cried out in pain. “Nice try,” Zega said. “You’re going to pay for that.” RTSplayer was brought to his knees in pain. Zega took out a large needle. “After I’m through injecting GMO with this poison, I’ll inject you with it. Then,” he continued, “Your sickness will be permanent.” Zega started walking towards GMO. “I don’t think so,” a person said, walking in front of GMO. It was Boomerslang. “If you want to kill him you’ll have to go through me, and that’s a thing you don’t want to do.” “Be careful,” was all RTSplayer could say as he slipped into an unconscious state.

Chapter Eight: Boomerslang’s strength

“Out of my way!” Zega said, “This has gone on long enough!” “You’re not touching him,” Boomerslang said, “or I’ll kill you.” “So be it.” Zega said, taking out his gun. Zega fired some darts toward Boomerslang who easily side stepped them, they were slow moving because of the pathogens they carried. Zega laughed. “Let’s see if you still want to fight!” He said. “You really think that’s going to stop me?” Boomerslang said, “I’m from the Quizacella village.” He said. “Home of some of the most powerful people you will ever face.” “So what?” Zega said, “So far I have you beaten.” “I’m not worried. No one seems to know about my village, so I always have to explain it.” He said with a sigh. “Over the last century my village suffered more diseases from an unknown source than you could ever dream. Someone tried to eliminate the village using sickness, but it didn’t work. There were no casualties. Our village is immune to sickness.” “You’re not immune to death!” Zega said, pulling out two wildfires. He used two wildfire alt fires and sent twenty darts sailing through the air at Boomerslang. Boomerslang punched his hand into the ground and picked up a slab of concrete, he then used it as a shield to block the darts. “Such strength,” Zega thought, “how can I counter it?” Suddenly Zega turned to look at GMO, black mists was rising from him. “Look what you have done!” Zega shouted. “It’s beginning!” Zega looked back at Boomerslang and froze, froze in fear. “What?” Zega thought, “He’s using some sort of paralyzing power! I can see it in his eyes!” Zega said, “Those eyes! Only one person I’ve heard of can use a paralyzing power from his eyes!” “Yes,” Boomerslang said, “Carabou can as well; I guess you know two people now.” Boomerslang reached down to the ground to rip out two large pieces of concrete, without taking his eyes off of Zega. Boomerslang suddenly threw both pieces at Zega. “Can’t move!” Zega thought. His gun was at his side. “If I could only pull the trigger…” He thought. “I might make it.” Zega managed to pull the trigger and hit himself with darts, his body reacted to pain and he dodged the slabs of concrete as the crashed into the building behind him. “Clever.” Boomerslang said. “Don’t move!” A voice said, “You know I don’t miss.” John had regained consciousness and instead of a needle, had pulled out a throwing knife and was ready to throw it at Boomerslang. “Worried now?” Zega said. “You should be,” Boomerslang was saying, “your target seems to have disappeared.” Zega looked behind Boomerslang and GMO was gone. “What!” Zega shouted. “Where is he?” “He disappeared.” Boomerslang said. “Explain yourself!” John said. “Well, even though RTSplayer couldn’t manage to defeat you all, he did one right thing.” Boomerslang was saying, “When he was fighting you using an “image” of himself, what you might call a clone, he made another “image” to disguise itself as GMO, while he used his speed to take him somewhere. The energy of the clone has just worn out and it has disappeared. Judging from where RTSplayer used his real body to hit you from the air, he most likely laid him on top of one of these buildings. The black mists wasn’t anything dangerous, it was just the clone running out of energy.” “How-how did you see it?” Zega said. “That’s something I won’t tell you,” Boomerslang was saying, “But I can tell you that GMO probably woke up by now and has moved on. Probably out of fear again.” “You won’t be so lucky!” John said firing a projectile. Boomerslang closed his eyes and focused his energy. Boomerslang cupped both of his hands toward the device and wind started coming from his hands. “What is that?” Zega exclaimed. Enough wind came out that it managed to stop the knife before it hit him. “That,” Boomerslang was saying, “was a very week version of a wind power.” Before Zega had time to react Boomerslang used his paralyzing power on John and ran up to him. “You like those accurate hands of yours?” He said. He grabbed John’s arms and started pulling. “What’s wrong?” Boomerslang said. “You seem to be under a tremendous amount of pressure!” John’s arms were suddenly and horribly dislocated and he screamed. He fainted from the pain. “Enough!” Zega said. He walked over and slung John and Rodger’s bodies over his shoulder. He started walking away. “If we ever meet again,” Zega was saying, “I’ll kill you.” Boomerslang walked over to Raja’s body and started shaking him. “Wake up!” He said. Raja woke up but held his head in pain. “Take this.” Boomerslang was saying, “You’re brain cells are growing to fast, this is a shot from a rare herb. I’m sure you’ll be able to study and duplicate it. This shot works for four weeks, which should be plenty of time.” Raja injected the shot. “Why did you save me?” Raja said. Boomerslang threw a bag at him. “I needed someone to carry my stuff.” He said. Boomerslang reached down and picked up RTSplayer’s body with one hand and started walking towards the exit, they had plenty of time to arrive.

When they arrived there were a few other teams, not as much as the officials had predicted. Boomerslang took RTSplayer and Raja to a doctor, doctors at this tournament were ones that had significant healing power, and it wasn’t long before they were patched up. GMO came in later, it turned out that after he woke up he was lost and looking for them. GMO felt that he had changed, but didn’t know what. The next thing they did was find an official, GMO needed to tell them about Carabou. When GMO mentioned the name the official told them to speak in hushed tones. Boomerslang noticed an official listening from across the room. The official told them what they had already known: Carabou was a dangerous criminal who needed to be stopped, he would have a meeting as soon as possible with the others and they would discuss what they were going to do. The official listening went to walk off to another room and Boomerslang followed him.

The official went into his own little private office and it wasn’t long before Boomerslang entered and locked the door behind him. “I know what you did!” He said, “That object you placed on GMO drained him of his power, he can’t use it!” “Well,” the person said, I guess there is no need hiding it from you.” The “official” seemed to fade away and the person’s true form was revealed, Carabou. “Funny that you should recognize me after all these years.” Carabou said. “GMO coming into contact with that artifact before his death would have accelerated his power ten fold, and that was something I couldn’t have.” “You’ll never get away with this!” Boomerslang said, “Somehow I’ll figure out how to pin this on you.” “First of all,” Carabou said, “I already have gotten away with it. Second of all, just because he can’t use his power doesn’t mean I can, I will get that power.” “I’ll kill you first!” Boomerslang said. Carabou put a hand on Boomerslang’s shoulder in mock pity. “Aw,” he said, “You just can’t forgive me for using you for all those years and then tossing you aside can you? Are you afraid of death?” Carabou asked. “Because you know that I won’t let you live long enough to protect him. Soon I will trap him and his friends and kill them off one by one.” “I have nothing to lose.” Boomerslang said. “You don’t?” Carabou was saying, “You haven’t thought it through. You obviously care about GMO enough to save him from death, even though those assassins were weak. Your brother in your village, have you thought of him?” Boomerslang widened his eyes in horror. “I know all about you and your village,” Carabou was saying, “As soon as you start building that signal, to attract those powerful trainers to your village, I’ll destroy it. You know as well as I do that your village has potential for great and powerful warriors. You know what is worse than dying?” Carabou suddenly grabbed Boomerslang and started running an electrical surge through his body. “Not being able to protect those that you fight for!” He said. Boomerslang was electrocuted by Carabou’s power. “That means that you won’t be able to use your powers for a small amount of time. And I want you to think every minute of when you are powerless the things I can be doing to the ones around you.”

Boomerslang stumbled out of the room and went back to RTSplayer, Raja, and GMO. The officials had finished saying to GMO that they had a plan to delay the tournament so they could set a trap for Carabou. One official went on stage to award the teams that had completed the challenge. “Congratulations to all of you!” He said, “But I’m afraid that the next arena will be delayed due to technical failure, you all have 8 months to train yourselves.” The audience gasped and some even thought it was a joke. “Go home and continue training until that time.” The official said, leaving the stage. One official came up to GMO, RTSplayer, and Raja afterwards. “We have a problem,” he said. “You must have all four of your team members to advance to the second round, so unless someone wants to volunteer, you will have to quit.” “I’ll volunteer,” Boomerslang said, “I couldn’t wait to get rid of those chumps on my team anyway.” Boomerslang rapidly started thinking of an excuse to visit his village as they started heading for the exit doors…

NEXT TIME: Part Three: Boomerslang's Village.