Part Three: Boomerslang's Village

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(Doing Character guide tomorrow) It was 10 years ago, a beautiful day, the sun was rising. Roland might have enjoyed it if he wasn’t running for his life. He had just engaged an enemy village, and things had not gone as planned. The enemy was far more powerful than they had imagined and although they had more men, they were quickly defeated by the enemy. Suddenly Roland was hit from behind by a throwing knife and fell to the ground, unmoving. “Roland!” His companion, B-Ball, cried. B-Ball leaned down, inspecting Roland. He appeared unmoving so B-Ball took his companion for dead and kept running. What B-Ball didn’t know, was that Roland had two hearts, and that he would never forgive B-Ball for leaving him behind. Roland was taken back to the enemy, and tortured considerably. The first device that they used was simply making Roland a slave and wear stone sandals, exhausting him. He had been trained not to give in to torture, but the next torturing devices they used were horrendous. They made him wear a large, iron boot with a crank to the side. When they turned the crank the boot became tighter and tighter, eventually crushing his foot. He was forced to work in that condition for a while. After the enemy realized that he would give them no information about the powers of his city, they sentenced him to death by electrocution. What they didn’t know, however, was that his strongest power was electricity. He had been practicing. He used the electricity from the cell to kill his captors, frying them; he then had revenge on the other warriors in the city. He was not merciful, assassinating them in horrible ways. But he didn’t stop after he had finished his attack, he seemed to go crazy with anger and kill the entire village. Starting fires, killing ones who fled, even women and children, and he didn’t stop even after that. He became one of the most deadly assassins on the market; the way of the warrior was behind him. In fact, he took pleasure in killing his own kind for “betraying” him. This was his way, and continued to be his way ten years into the future…

“Where are we?” The member of team eagle said. Team eagle, after hearing that Boomerslang had abandoned them, were searching for their village, hoping to find a new captain. The fog was dense, almost zero visibility. “Where is Boomerslang?” A voice said. “Who are you?” A team member said back. “I am Roland,” he was saying, “the most dangerous assassin in the world, and there is a price on Boomerslang’s head from the black market. Anyone who kills him will get a considerable award.” “We’ll never tell you!” A team member said, “We aren’t afraid!” “Liver,” a voice was saying, “spleen, kidney, wrist, heart, or my personal favorite, the neck. Six points on which I could slice you open in an instant.” The other eagle team member was not so brave. “If we tell you, will you let us go,” He said in a trembling voice. “Yes,” Roland said. “Shut up!” The other team member said. “He’s with another team!” He shouted, “They’re heading towards his village!” “I guess I had better hurry then,” Roland was saying, “after I kill you two I will head right over.” “You said you would let us go!” The scared team member said. He looked around, he couldn’t see a thing. He called for his other team member, but suddenly tripped over his dead body in the fog. He screamed, but it was stopped short by a swift death.

Character Guide

Hi! Welcome to the adventures of RTSplayer! I recently added this handy character guide that will let you jump right in without having to read this "off topic" nonsense. Part one and up till Part 2: Chapter 3 were originally intended as a joke, the real story line will start with Part 2: chapter four. I made this character guide so you wouldn't have to read the other stuff, so you can jump right in too part 2: chapter 4. Or, just go ahead and skip to part 3, there is an updated character guide on every part. Thanks for reading! Character (and other) descriptions Yes I know, Carabou, Boomerslang, Carl and future characters like B-Ball, Zega, Michel, and others will be hard to remember. I didn't want a returning side character to be forgotten as the might (and will) appear in later episodes. So refer to this when you don't remember, it will be updated as there future/past actions are revealed. New characters will be added here as well. (For instance, I won't add B-Ball until he appears.)

For future note: This is an explanation of how "power" came to people. This is going to be explained over several chapters, but so you aren't confused about this the entire time, here is the explanation. Back in history, briefly after the Egyptian Era, people began to notice if they exerted their energy right, it would grant them certain individual powers. Only some were gifted with these powers, and others were not. Eventually, those that learned they had powers, learned that they could exert their energy to have more of them. As they learned that others had them, they formed tribes. There are five tribes based in different locations. Eventually, they had competitions to show and practice their power, they used Nerf like products. The public somehow found out this sport, and the tribes were forced to let them participate, not wanting to reveal their secrets. The Nerf Championship is a period that gives these individuals filled with power to use them without fear of the public knowing. The Nerf Championship is really a hoax to the public because the officials make sure that they never "make it" to the Championship. (The officials were not aware that VIPER was not aware of their powers) Time went on and soon tribes had disagreements, splitting into separate tribes. Some want to get as much power as possible, and are truly evil, others want to live in peace, and the rest seem to have different reasons for their actions. There: If you got through that and understood it reward yourself with a big mac. If you still don't understand, find out about it over the next several chapters like VIPER will.


Used to date GMO, but betrayed him searching for a golden artifact in a cavern. She admits later that she was forced to do it, but in the same instance, grabbed an object that was about to explode and ran off. She is presumed dead.


15 years old and was thought of as the groups leader; until RTSplayer and Boomerslang took over due to GMO's fear. He had his hands on a special artifact (when he could have offered them to RTSplayer so he would be safe) for a significant amount of time (IMPORTANT!) but fell to his death before climbing to safety. After RTSplayer found a way to resurrect him, he seems to be endlessly pursued for his power, and he doesn't know what it is. GMO became fearful, stunned in fear, when he saw that others had power. He remains fearful at this moment.


15 years old and another member of VIPER. He isn't afraid to take action, and is always willing to quickly do what is necessary. He has no strategy, however; and will keep fighting not knowing when to stop of even caring about his opponent’s abilities. This is one lesson he will quickly learn. RTSplayer first finds out that he has incredible speed. Quick to learn, he soon finds out how to clone himself. He is the most powerful member of the group as of yet.


16 years old, Rajada's personality was usually hanging off to the side and not taking too much action. Since he found he was gifted with an incredible memory and knowledge, he has expressed his opinions more. He often alters his weapons and invents gadgets to help them. He can quickly sense the powers of his opponent and learn how to counter attack, but he is not gifted with brawn, and though he can see an attack, he can't stop it all the time. He soon learns how to move objects and communicate with his mind.


The fourth and last member of VIPER who died, (for good) his powers were never revealed, if he had any.


A mysterious young women of 15 years who RTSplayer meets in a forest. She seems to have a great control over the wind. She also spends a great amount of time with RTSplayer and his team, and rarely spends time with hers.


16 years old, was the leader of team eagle and GMO's fiercest rival. Boomerslang soon puts that aside considering of the close friendship they both had, before they both tried to compete for the heart of YAAMAAHAA. He shrugged off his team to join VIPER at the end of part 2, but some think that it is because he wanted protection due to the fact that Carabou temporarily took away Boomerslang's powers at the end of part two.


Boomerslang's little seven-year-old brother; takes after Boomerslang and isn't afraid of anything.


Another member of team eagle who was terminated by Roland.


Member of the same team YAAMAAHAA was, his purpose was to capture GMO.


An evil minion with hundreds of powers mainly uses teleportation. He has several elite members of his own "traveling tribe" in his quest to grow his power and eliminate everyone else. He wants to control the world, but not until he can eventually destroy all the "powered" people that oppose him. He has a never-ending life, as he has a special power that allows him, when close to death, to switch bodies. Although he switches, he keeps all the powers and knowledge of his previous bodies.


Leader of an elite assassin squad that uses disease infused darts to sicken their opponent.


Works under Zega and has never missed hitting a target, has deadly accuracy.


Lesser known and weaker member of the assassin squad led by Zega.


Was once a member of the same village as B-Ball; but was captured ten years ago due to a war. His allies didn't know he was still alive, and abandoned him. He didn't forgive them, and enjoys hunting them down as he is now one of the most fiercest assassins in history. His primary power is electricity. He has never not killed his target.

Chapter 1: The Journey begins.

“Just stick with me.” Boomerslang said. RTSplayer was following him to a supply store. “So,” RTSplayer was saying, “Do you really think that there’s going to be trainers at your village?” “Yes,” Boomerslang said, “Stop asking so many questions.” They were at an outlaying village gathering supplies before their visit to Quizacella, Boomerslang’s village. “So what keeps the villages hidden from the public?” RTSplayer said. “I told you I’m tired of your questions!” Boomerslang said. They rounded a corner and shops were before them. RTSplayer saw a really huge and nice shop, but Boomerslang went into the smallest one. They went inside what looked like a small hut. Boomerslang started picking up a lot of packages that where brown. “What are those?” RTSplayer asked. “Hard biscuits, or what some call hardtack. At a penny a pound you can’t go wrong, great for emergency provisions.” He also picked up a lot of dried jerky. “Why the dry food?” RTSplayer asked. “You think I’m going to carry a refrigerator!” Boomerslang shouted. “Now stop asking so many questions!” He also bought some jerky, a pan, fire starters, some meat like sausage and bacon to fry on the pan, bottled water, and a pot for boiling their water, because Boomerslag mentioned something about poison. “What,” RTSplayer said, “You think someone is going to try and poison you?” “You can never be too careful,” Boomerslang said.

After they had gone out of the village, they went to their campsite which had a few tents. Raja yawned. “About time you got back,” He said. “Let’s go.” Boomerslang said. “We can’t waste any time.” “But it will be dark in four hours,” Raja said, “Why can’t we camp now?” Boomerslang glared at him, “We cannot afford to lose time, we sleep when it’s dark.” The companions looked at each other, they knew something was wrong, but what?

They hiked for another four hours; it seemed that Boomerslang was leading them across a grassy plain. It became dark, and the braked to eat supper. “I’m going to the top of that hill to get a view of the valley,” RTSplayer said. “Don’t answer any questions for anyone!” Boomerslang shouted, but RTSplayer was already gone.

RTSplayer was to the top in a matter of seconds when he used his speed. He looked around, and all he could see that Boomerslang was heading for was to, well, the sea. RTSplayer turned around to look at the other side; he was halfway there when he was hit with a great wind. He tried to go faster, but it blew him back. “AH!” He screamed as the wind carried him away. Suddenly it stopped. He got tangled in some trees. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” A feminine voice said. “You need any help?” “No I’m fine,” RTSplayer lied, “This happens all the time.” He tried to get himself untangled and fell onto the ground. The girl laughed. RTSplayer could see that she was the same age as he. “Sorry,” she said again, “I was practicing with my wind power; sometimes I have to check who’s there.” “Yeah,” RTSplayer said, “You should keep checking.” “Hi,” she said, “I’m Alex.” “I’m RTSplayer,” he said back. “So,” Alex said, “Why are you here?” RTSplayer said, “I’m traveling somewhere over there,” he said, pointing to the sea. “To Quizacella?”

Raja was almost done with his supper when he decided to go over to Boomerslang to talk. “Hey,” Raja said, “what is your plan?” “My plan?” Boomerslang said. “Yes,” Raja was saying, “I think you owe us an explanation.” GMO walked over. “Fine,” Boomerslang said, “We are lighting a signal.” “What do you mean?” GMO said. “Well,” Boomerslang was saying, “When a village is ready to begin training they light a special signal, one that is visible for thousands of miles. Trainers that see this signal, go to the village to begin training the lighter and any one else who wants to train. The problem is that it has to be built by special materials, ones that are hard to find. My village has them, though we haven’t used them.” “Why haven’t they done it already?” Raja asked. “Enough questions,” Boomerslang said, “You’ll see when we get there.”

B-Ball was in the middle of a line for an information booth. After all, he didn’t know how to get to Quizacella, but he desperately needed too. “Number 56!” A voice said. B-Ball looked at his number, 104. “Well,” he thought, “At least it’s a nice day.” He waited until his number was called and stepped forward. “Over there.” The man said, pointing to a sign. “Go to line number two.” B-Ball went to the next line and got another number, 509. “This could take a while,” he thought.

“So,” Alex was saying, “What is your power?” “My power?” RTSplayer said. “I guess its speed. I’m trying to learn solid cloning.” Alex laughed. “I’m sorry,” she said, “Its just that solid cloning is impossible.” “How so?” RTSplayer said. “Well,” Alex was saying, “To create a clone that is fake, an image is easy. You can even learn how to create one that is sort of solid but disappears when it ‘dies.’ To create one that is another living breathing human is all but impossible.” “Oh,” RTSplayer said. “Carabou’s were solid.” He thought. “I have to go,” RTSplayer said. “See you later.” Alex said. RTSplayer left to find his companions.

The next day dawned. Boomerslang, RTSplayer, GMO, and Raja packed up their stuff and continued their journey. The companions came to a dirt road and Boomerslang led them onward. Finally, they saw what Boomerslang was looking for. They were in front of a large train. “What is this?” RTSplayer said. “This,” Boomerslang was saying, “Is how to get to my village.” They had to climb on top of the strange train to get in it. Everyone started to lower themselves inside with Boomerslang being the last. “You aren’t going anywhere.” A voice said. Another figure had stepped to the top of the train. Boomerslang’s eyes widened. “You!” He said. “Yes,” Roland said, taking out a knife. “It’s good to see you again, but I’m afraid this is the last time.”

Chapter 2: The train

Roland was about to throw the knife at Boomerslang, but Raja saw what was going to happen and hit something on the control panel. Roland would have hit Boomerslang, but the train starting threw him off. “How fast does this train go?” RTSplayer shouted from below. “Faster than you!” Boomerslang shouted back. The train was going at a blinding speed as Roland and Boomerslang had to grab to something to hold on.

“Stop the train!” GMO shouted. Raja was about to reach over to stop it when an electrical current came out of it and zapped him backwards. Roland must have been using his electrical powers from above. Electricity was all around the train now. GMO was closest to the control panel, but he was too scared to touch it. RTSplayer climbed back through the entrance. “There’s one way to settle this!” He said. He used his speed and grabbed on to Roland. “Get off of me!” Roland shouted. RTSplayer grabbed his hands and pulled. “Don’t worry!” RTSplayer said. “I will!” Suddenly RTSplayer managed to release Roland’s grip on the train, and both went flying off into the forest. “No!” GMO shouted. “We have to keep going,” Boomerslang said, climbing below. “That’s going to be hard,” GMO was saying, “He fried the control panel.” “What do you mean?” Boomerslang said. “I mean to hold on!” Raja said. Suddenly the train derailed and went flying off the tracks.

GMO woke up with a start. He didn’t know how long he had been out. It was nighttime. He looked around and saw all the debris from the train, lying around him. He heard a voice shout his name from the rubble. He went towards the voice and started digging, it was Boomerslang. “It took you long enough,” Boomerslang said, climbing out. “It’s hard to do when you’re unconscious!” He said back. “Well we wouldn’t have been here if you didn’t get scared!” He said back. GMO sat down. “You think I was brave when my father died!” He said. “No one to protect me anymore! It was the hardest thing in the world for me, to see my father die, my father was my hero. The whole village was encouraged by him, they were brave. He was going to build the signal, but then he got killed by Carabou, who wanted to shut him up. Then the village became fearful, and they haven’t done a thing. That is the real reason I’m going back, to show them that I’m not going to take Carabou’s threats, I’m going to build that signal. I’m going to prove that there can be heroes. To have someone like that, someone who seems so powerful to you just die, is one of the hardest things in the world. But I did something you aren’t. I found out how to protect myself! I was tired of crying!” Boomerslang turned his back on him. “You’re no hero,” he said, “You make me sick.” Boomerslang laid Raja, who was unconscious after the electrical shock, on a tree, and then lied down to rest.

“Wake up,” a voice said. Roland awoke. “There you are,” he said, “I thought I told you to stay close.” “I was,” the voice said, “but I thought you could take them.” Roland frowned. “He has three friends with powers.” “Not anymore,” the person said. “One of them and Boomerslang are alone.” Roland grinned. “Perfect,” he said.

It was still night time; Boomerslang woke up, his tried to adjust his eyes to the dark but it was too thick, and he saw Roland staring at him. “Just in time,” Roland said. Boomerslang sat up. “You remember the last time we fought!” Boomerslang said. Roland laughed. “I figured it out,” he said, “You don’t have powers right now.” GMO had woken up and his eyes widened. “You have no protection now,” Roland said. GMO stepped in front of him. “Now he does.” He said. Roland laughed, “Then let’s begin.” He said. “You have one weakness right now,” Roland continued, “it’s pitch black, you can’t see a thing. But these are perfect conditions for me.” Roland’s voice faded away. GMO kept alert, keeping Boomerslang behind him. “What is he going to do?” Boomerslang thought. “Cry him to death?” “This darkness,” GMO thought, “Not being able to see and knowing that I can’t make one sound, it’s suffocating.” GMO heard a whishing sound and looked towards it, Roland was summoning some powers. “I’ll get you!” GMO shouted. “Too late,” Roland said. Suddenly he landed in between GMO and Boomerslang, knocking them both to the ground. Boomerslang’s eyes widened as Roland brought a knife down forward towards him, but he was stopped. GMO had run up and thrust a knife into his back. Roland suddenly disappeared into static, it had been a clone! “It’s over!” Roland said, appearing behind GMO. He thrust another knife across GMO’s neck and he fell to the ground, but disappeared into static. “What!” Roland screamed. GMO was appeared behind Roland and thrust a knife to his neck. “He saw me!” Roland thought. “Even through the dark he saw me create a clone, and he copied it in an instant!” “Don’t move,” GMO said, “Now it’s over.” Next time: GMO’s battle, courage rekindled. GMO just fell for Roland’s trap, can he get out?

Chapter 3: GMO’s battle, courage rekindled

“Don’t move a muscle,” GMO said. Roland laughed, “You didn’t expect me to fall that easily did you?” Suddenly Roland appeared behind GMO and did an upward kick that sent him into the air, and then Roland unleashed a lightning attack on him that blew him into the forest. “No!” Boomerslang shouted. Roland laughed. “Your turn,” he said. Suddenly a voice behind Roland said, “You didn’t expect me to fall that easily did you?” Suddenly GMO unleashed a round kick to his hand and the knife came loose and fell to the ground. “Every time I do something,” Roland thought, “he just copies it and sends it back to me, what’s the catch?” “You’ll pay for that,” Roland said, he held up his hands which caught on fire with a blinding electrical surge, lighting up the night, but GMO did the same. Roland punched his fists at GMO who blocked them, then GMO counter-attacked by aiming an unsuccessful punch to his ribs. Roland ran towards GMO and slammed against him as GMO blocked again with his fists, and they held that position. They both struggled to mass more energy, “You know what the problem is?” Roland said. “You don’t know what I’m going to do next!” Roland’s whole body seemed to glow as he unleashed a huge energy short that lit up the entire forest and blew GMO back. GMO was thrown back against a tree, when suddenly it started to rain. GMO struggled to get up. “Ah,” Roland said, “Music to my ears.” Roland closed his eyes. “What are you doing?” GMO shouted, but suddenly he had his answer. Instead of drops, the rain seemed to be falling in large sheets, almost waves. “I’m getting Raja to higher ground!” Boomerslang screamed through the rain, as he lifted Raja up. “You know how electricity can travel through water?” Roland said. “Well, so can I.” Roland seemed to disappear, but suddenly he appeared in a “wave” behind GMO and he did a hammer slam to his back which brought him to his knees. Roland grabbed him by the head and slammed his head downward. The water had started to rise. “What’s wrong?” Roland said, “Afraid to drown too?” The water that had risen was drowning GMO as he struggled to get air. Suddenly, electricity surged through the water and zapped Roland back. Roland stepped back and unleashed an energy attack the same time GMO did. They struggled for power at first, Roland’s beam came so close to GMO that his face almost burned, but he fought back. Both men’s energy vanished at the same time and they were both blown back as a result. Roland stood up, the water was waist deep. But Roland lifted his feet up, and stood on it. “You better find higher ground,” Roland said. But GMO struggled and did the same, standing on the water. “But how?” Roland thought. Roland charged at GMO, but GMO let himself sink into the water. “What?” Roland thought. He looked around. He must be trying to get me from underneath. Roland looked around, and saw a movement. “It’s over now,” He thought, closing his eyes to concentrate. He was about to unleash an attack when the water rose up and a vortex of water lifted him into the air. “What!” He thought, “I was about to unleash a vortex!” Roland flew high into the air, and GMO appeared above him on a controlled vortex of his own and slammed him downward. The water disappeared completely, and both men went sailing downward. GMO landed on his feet, but because of his position, Roland landed on his back, right on top of the knife he had dropped earlier. The knife sank into his heart. “Can-,” Roland said, “Could you see into the future?” Roland struggled to breath. “Yes,” GMO said, “You are about to die.” Suddenly, Roland seemed to take his last breath. Then Boomerslang came down from a tree he had been in, and congratulated GMO. Next time: The truth behind Boomerslang’s village, why is he hunted?

Chapter 4: Arrival to Quizicalla

Boomerslang, Raja, (he had woken up earlier) and GMO continued towards the village by following the railroad tracks. “Shouldn’t we look for RTSplayer?” GMO asked. “No,” Boomerslang said, “That would slow us down. Besides, he will know to look for us there.” They continued walking along the tracks. “You know,” Boomerslang said, “That stunt you pulled back there,” Boomerslang paused. “That took guts.” They continued walking forward towards the sea line. “Boomerslang,” Raja said, “We’re almost to the village, and can’t you give us some answers? I know that Roland was after you, and that he knew you, so it’s time to start answering some questions. Why can’t your village light the signal?” Boomerslang started talking, “I’ve already told you about the signal we have to light to get a trainer to come, but the reason why they won’t, is because of fear.” “I thought that your village was the best, that your fighters are elite,” GMO said. “They are,” Boomerslang was saying, “that is why our enemies use fear against us. Boomerslang thought carefully before continuing, “Carabou, and others like him, are behind it. My village is too great a threat to be training warriors, and thus it is attacked more often. But, that doesn’t compare to what happened, I was seven when Carabou struck the village, and killed all of our parents. We all hid in shelters, but our parents tried to fight the strike off. Carabou and his minions were too powerful, and killed them all. Now, there are only a handful of teens left inside my village, and they are still driven mad by fear. That is why they can’t light the signal, but now, I’m going too, with or without their help. But Carabou and others have me marked on the black market, which is why Roland is trying to kill me. If they do, my village will be hopeless.” Boomerslang continued, “Somehow Carabou knew about my plan, and he used a special power to deprive me of my energy, and I can’t use it.” GMO and Raja looked at him. “You will both have to protect me,” Boomerslang said.

“Wake up,” a voice said, “You need to eat something.” RTSplayer woke up with a start. He looked around; he was on top of a building of some kind. “Wh-where am I?” He asked. “In Quizacalla,” the voice said, “I carried you here.” RTSplayer looked around and saw the source of the voice, a young boy, not too much older than him, sitting on the edge of the rooftop. “I found you in the jungle,” he said, “you looked pretty beat up.” “Thanks,” RTSplayer said. RTSplayer looked around and saw the village, but it wasn’t what he thought it was. The town was dirty and filthy, homeless young men seemed to litter the streets, all crying that they were willing to work for a day’s meal. “Wow,” RTSplayer said, “This place is worse off then I thought. How can it be this way?” He asked the boy. “When all our parents died,” he was saying, “we were too young to learn a trade. We could only hope that someone would come, but they didn’t. Meanwhile, men with powers and ones with riches stood by and did nothing.” A phone rang beside the boy. He picked it up and answered, “Really?” He said into the phone. “That’s not possible-yes-I know-I’m on my way.” He put the phone down. “It seems a little strange that you would have a cell phone in this city,” RTSplayer said. “How did you get it?” The boy got up to leave. “Because someone cared about me.” The boy left, but this was not the last time that RTSplayer would see him.

“Here it is,” Boomerslang said as they arrived to the village, “My humble abode.” GMO and Raja stepped out of the way of a broken wagon cart. “Are you sure this is the right place?” Raja said. “I think that I would know,” Boomerslang said. They continued down the road until they came to a row of houses. Boomerslang continued down the line. Suddenly a knife whizzed towards Booomerslang. “Look out!” Raja shouted. Boomerslang held his hand up and caught it. “Nice try,” he said, “But you’ll never tag me.” “Aw,” a voice said, “you had help.” A boy stepped out behind a row of houses. “You better get home to your family,” Boomerslang said, “I bet they miss you.” The boy laughed, “I missed you too,” he said. They ran forward and hugged each other. “Meet my little brother, Austin,” Boomerslang said. “So,” Raja said, “Is hitting people with knives a custom here?” Raja looked around. Boomerslang laughed, “Only by a few,” he said. They continued down the line. “Did the others take care of you?” Boomerslang asked. “Yeah, I guess so.” They continued down the street and saw a group of boys. They continued but the companions could still here them whispering. “Boomerslang is back,” they said amongst themselves. Soon a crowd of people ended up following him. Boomerslang arrived at his house and turned around. “I bet you’re all wondering why I’m here,” he said. The crowd became silent. “I’m tired of listening how my village is in fear,” Boomerslang was saying, “I’m tired of hearing about how we, some of the most powerful warriors in the world, have to take orders from scum like Carabou. Well,” he continued, “I don’t care about Carabou anymore; he isn’t the boss of me. So tomorrow, I, and anyone that wants to come with me, am going to build that ray.” The crowd murmured amongst themselves. “I’m not going to give in to Carabou,” Boomerslang said, “I’m not going to let him win. After all, he’s the one that killed our parents! I’m not going to live in fear any longer! Instead, I’m going to build that ray, and shove that same fear back into Carabou’s face! Who’s with me?” Some of the crowd cheered, but some were still undecided. “Tonight,” Boomerslang said, “We get some rest, and tomorrow, I’m going to go to the across that bridge,” he pointed to the bridge, “and I’m going to build that ray.” NEXT TIME: The ray starts to get built, but soon there will be blood in the water. In chapter 5: The Return

Chapter 5: The Return

An evil voice laughed. “Who’s there?” Boomerslang said. “You know who is talking, my young trainee.” “Carabou?” Boomerslang said. “Yes,” he said, “I haven’t forgotten you in a long while.” Boomerslang opened his eyes, black was all around him. “This is a dream,” Boomerslang said, “just a nightmare.” “You know my type of dreams,” Carabou said, “I control them.” “Listen,” Boomerslang said, “There is nothing you can do from stopping me to build that ray!” “I know,” Carabou was saying, “I’m just letting you know the punishment for betraying my cause.” “No!” Boomerslang shouted. “You betrayed me! You were going to make me your new host!” “Not anymore,” Carabou said, “I have found one much more promising.” “What?” Boomerslang thought. Carabou said, “Tomorrow, someone important to you will die, you had better keep a close watch on your friends.” “I won’t let anyone kill them,” Boomerslang said, “You can try, but I will stop you.” Carabou laughed. “We shall see Boomerslang, we shall see…” “Wake up man,” RTSplayer (he had arrived the night before) was saying, “You’re having a bad dream!” Boomerslang bolted up in bed, everyone was looking at him. “You were screaming,” Raja said. “That’s all it was,” Boomerslang said, “a bad dream. Go back to bed.” Boomerslang lied back down, but he wasn’t satisfied.

It was the next day, Boomerslang and his younger brother woke up to watch the sun rise, as was the custom of the Quizicella village. “That dream,” Austin said, “I know what it was. You always dream about Carabou.” “Yes,” Boomerslang said, “he said that one of my friends shall die tomorrow.” “Just keep a close watch on them,” Austin said, “If you make sure you are never separated, then you’ll do great. Carabou won’t be able to slip by.” “You’re right,” Boomerslang said, “I’ll just have to keep them on a tight leash.”

The day had almost begun, the sun was rising. “Wake up;” Boomerslang said to RTSplayer, “I need to get some things from the village for meals.” “Why are you waking me up? Am I your shopping companion all the sudden?” “You woke me up earlier didn’t you?” Boomerslang said, walking out the door. The companions had exchanged their old cloths for a typical jean and gray t-shirt that was common for the village. Boomerslang wanted RTSplayer to “blend in” today, whatever that meant. Of course, RTSplayer was always a confused person and let it go unquestioned. Boomerslang went to a common shop and stepped inside. It wasn’t a very big shop, only a few small things. Some of the shelves looked like they had goon untouched for years, most of the shelves were empty. Besides the low selection, RTSplayer noticed the prices were outrageously cheap, probably because the workers were just trying to survive on such low income. It had been this way sense everyone’s parents had perished. Boomerslang picked out what he needed and headed to the cashier, who, as expected, was a young teenage boy not to much older than Boomerslang. Boomerslang and RTSplayer walked back towards the house, but they noticed someone following him. “Hold this,” Boomerslang said. RTSplayer held onto some of the food they had gotten. Suddenly, a dark silhouette jumped out and swiped the food. “Hey!” RTSplayer shouted. He ran towards the figure and grabbed the food back, but then he noticed that a young boy was the one who had taken it. “Can I please have some?” The young boy asked. “Uh, okay,” RTSplayer said, handing the bag back to him. RTSplayer walked back to Boomerslang. “That,” Boomerslang said, “Is what I am going to stop. Soon, there will be enough food to go around for everyone.” “But,” RTSplayer said, “What about your jobs, why aren’t they doing anything?” “Well,” Boomerslang was saying, “Jobs in our world aren’t like you would think. The way a village gets economy, is from their warriors. You see,” he continued, “After the signal is lit, and trainers start to visit, because they now know that it has warriors, a village’s economy starts. Each village has a station designed for using the warriors as sort of a hired thug. Each warrior can go on missions for other villages, or maybe certain people from the real world, and earn money by doing so. It can be anything from protecting someone from thieves on a trip, gathering special medicinal herbs, or even assassinating the leader of a rival village. Not only does each village earn money by doing so, but the warriors and their village get more and more recognized. This also helps the stores and shops economy boom as well. For instance, the forest village, Charrya, is known for having some of the best warrior assassins.” “Ah,” RTSplayer said, “I see. So by building the ray, you can start that?” “Yes,” Boomerslang said, “I will.” He thought back to his dream. “And nothing, not even an enemy carrying out his threat, could stop me.”

When they had arrived home, GMO and Raja were already ready, but they had to change into the same cloths that Boomerslang and RTSplayer were now wearing. They went across the bridge that Boomerslang mentioned, and came to an island just big enough for the ray to sit on. A platform was already built, which meant that that was where they would build the ray. “It will be about… 45 feet tall and 13 feet wide,” Boomerslang said. “It should take us two days if we are lucky, and then we’ll fire it off.” Some people had arrived to join them, all together there were about 40 of the villagers, compared to the other 78, about 24 of who worked in the shops. First they worked together to get all the material, which was stored in houses all around the village. Boomerslang kept making sure that GMO, RTSplayer, and Raja were all with him. They made great progress, and by time the dinner bell sounded, they were about three fourth of the way done building the ray. They ate behind the ray because the wind was fierce, as it was always being so close to the sea, and it offered some protection.

“Hey Boomerslang,” someone said as they were walking home for the night, “some of the boards are coming loose on the bridge, they need to be fixed.” “All right,” Boomerslang said, “We’ll do it tomorrow.” “Hey,” someone else said, “That guy uh… Raja, he’s already doing it.” Boomerslang stood up with a start and turned around; there was no one on the bridge. “I need some help!” Boomerslang shouted, “Everyone find Raja!” Everyone started running off in different directions to look for him, it was strange that Boomerslang wanted to find him so badly, but they knew it was something serious. “I can’t believe I let him slip away!” Boomerslang thought. Boomerslang still insisted that RTSplayer and GMO stick with him as they searched the village, calling his name. “Raja!” They shouted. “Where are you?” It was only about fifteen minutes later when they spotted him rounding a corner. “Where were you?” Boomerslang shouted. “You could have been killed!” “What do you mean?” Raja said, “I was just getting some supplies to fix some rotted boards on the bridge.” “Stick with me,” Boomerslang said, “You could be in-“he stopped in mid sentence, before him a house door had been kicked down, and objects were thrown everywhere. “It looks like a break in,” GMO said. “No,” Boomerslang said, “It can’t be, this-this is my house.” The companions stepped inside to investigate, the damage was worse than they thought. The house looked completely demolished, objects were thrown against walls, and the windows were broken. When they turned the corner, there was what Boomerslang regretted to see, blood on the wall. “Austin!” Boomerslang shouted. “Where are you?” Boomerslang ran to Austin’s room, and on the door, written in red, was “failure.” Boomerslang tried the door and it was locked. The companions managed to kick it down with enough force. But on the floor, was Austin’s dead body, completely drained of blood, there were several slices from a knife across his neck. Boomerslang grabbed GMO and slammed him against the wall. “How many of his hearts did you stab?” He shouted. He slammed him against the wall again. “Tell me!” “I don’t, I,” GMO was stuttering, “I just stabbed one.” Boomerslang grabbed GMO by his hair and slammed him against the wall again. “He’s still alive you idiot!” He said. He slammed his head against the wall four more times and stamped out the door. RTSplayer stood in his way, but Boomerslang threw him aside. Boomerslang held out a knife and started pacing, muttering with words of anger to himself. “Don’t do this!” GMO shouted. “This isn’t the time for that!” “You don’t know!” Boomerslang shouted, cutting a deep gash in his arm. “Stop!” RTSplayer said. Boomerslang said, “I couldn’t- I didn’t,” “I know,” Raja said, walking up to him. “I couldn’t save-,” Boomerslang continued. “I know,” Raja said. “I didn’t even see-“ “I know,” Raja said again. Then, Boomerslang fainted, falling onto the ground.

Backstory: The boy from the village

Roland ran onward; he had just destroyed his enemies, after years of torture. Something seemed to hatch inside of him, not only did he kill them, but he had enjoyed doing it. Sometimes even using the same tactics on them that they had tried to use on him, but he didn’t know if they had called reinforcements. He ran through a village, one that seemed dark and ominous. It was practically deserted; it looked to Roland like a slum. Quizicella was its name. Roland ran across a bridge, but suddenly stopped. There was a young boy, crying on the ground. Roland stood there for a second. “Well?” He said. “What’s your problem?” “I-my friends left me behind.” The boy said. “Then they aren’t really your friends are they?” He said, “I know exactly how you feel.” Roland thought of the time when he thought he “had friends,” but that was before they left him behind. Roland sighed. “Here,” he said mockingly, taking out a bag of food, “Take this.” He threw the bag over his head, meaning to let it hit the water. But the boy did something that surprised him, and with amazing speed, he jumped up and grabbed the bag before it hit the water. “Nice catch,” Roland said, “Tell me, what your name is.”

Chapter Six: Zero Visibility; powers shatter

“Ugh,” RTSplayer said, grunting over the weight. He struggled to left up the beam. “Come on,” someone said, “this is the last one.” Everyone struggled to lift it up, and finally, they let it down. The ray was finished, everyone cheered. Someone, gesturing towards RTSplayer, GMO, and Raja, said that they should go get Boomerslang. “Yeah,” Raja said, “he should be here to see this.” The companions walked off. Clouds of thunder started to form in the sky. “Looks like a storm is coming,” someone said. A storm was coming; in more ways than one.

RTSplayer, GMO, and Raja arrived at Boomerslang’s house. He was right where he was when they had left, sitting on the ground outside of the door. “You feel like coming now?” Raja asked. “They are about to start the ray.” Boomerslang looked up, “Sure,” he said, “why not?” RTSplayer, Raja, GMO, and Boomerslang left to start walking towards the bridge.

They were halfway across the bridge, when they saw a horrible sight ahead. Bodies were strewn, bloodied and broken on the ground. All were dead, all 40 volunteers. Standing, blocking their way was Roland. He laughed. “You thought it was over,” he said, “about to fire your precious ray huh? Well, not anymore, soon there will be no one left to fire it.” But, also standing with him was a boy from the village. “You?” RTSplayer said. “You’re that boy from the village!” “Well,” Roland said, “It looks like you have a rival now,” he said to the thirteen year old boy. Roland looked back up at Boomerslang. “You know, it your brother died a painful death.” Boomerslang charged forward. “I’m going to kill you!” He shouted. RTSplayer, GMO, and Raja held him back. “You still don’t have powers!” Raja shouted. Roland laughed. “It was funny, he begged for his life. I’ve not known the “brave” village of Quizcella to beg. He died slowly as well, the poor boy.” It took all they had to hold Boomerslang back, as he was screaming death threats. “And you know what else?” Roland continued. “He squealed, like a pig.” Roland laughed. “And he didn’t even put up a fight.” Suddenly, Boomerslang broke free of his companions and charged forward, having every intention to kill Roland. But Roland was already ready; he hammered a fist into Boomerslang’s stomach which brought Boomerslang to his knees. Then he aimed another punch at his head that knocked him out. “K.O.” he said. He looked at his companion, “go ahead, and attack the others.” With amazing speed, the boy charged forward and almost got a knife through GMO’s chest when RTSplayer blocked his hand. This all happened in the blink of an eye. “What?” Roland said. “That’s impossible! No one can keep up with his speed!” “You were right,” RTSplayer said, “He does have a rival.” “Eliminate Boomerslang!” Roland said. “I’ll deal with the others!” The boy grabbed Boomerslang by his shirt, and despite the weight, ran onto the water. But he was running so fast, that he was walking on it. RTSplayer had followed suit, chasing him. “While they are having fun,” Roland was saying, “I’ll kill you.” “Yeah right,” GMO said, “You know what happened last time.” “And I can analyze any of your attacks,” Raja said. “Yes,” Roland said, “but let me give you the reasons why you will die. First of all, I thought I was dealing with a group of children, not just misguided, weak teenagers. Second of all, all of your powers require complete sight, and mine do not. Third of all, I can also remove your sight completely, rendering you helpless.” GMO gasped. “That’s not possible!” Raja said. “GMO can still see through the dark!” Darkness?” Roland said. “Who needs that?” Roland closed his eyes to concentrate, and suddenly a deep fog fell over them. But it didn’t stop; it just got thicker, and thicker, until they couldn’t even see their hand in front of them; let alone Roland. “Now,” Roland said, “there is zero visibility. So ask yourself a question; how long can you last?” “I can’t even hear where the voice came from!” Raja said. “This fog is too thick!” “I can’t even see his powers,” GMO said, “and that is how I get mine!” Raja stepped forward; but tripped. He felt around on the ground, there was something there. “Wait a second…” he thought. “GMO!” He shouted. “Grenade!” Raja managed to dodge the blast, but GMO was blown off the bridge, down to the water below. Next time: Chapter Seven: Speed Vs. Speed