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"We need guns! Let's grab whatever we can find in the test labs," RTSPlayer quickly blurted. "What?" G-MO responded, "Are you nuts? The last weapon we saw in there liquified the guy firing it!" But RTSPlayer was already gone. G-MO took one last glance into the room then ran off to find RTSPlayer. Reaching a dead end, he spun around and backtracked. As he passed by the room Rajada was being held captive in, a Hyperstrike slid through the doorway. G-MO stopped short and watched in amazement as Rajada flipped one of the thugs onto the ground with a spinning body-slam. He then cut another down with a sweeping kick, his skull bouncing off the head of the other recently disposed villain. G-MO, being a bit of a martial arts buff, recognized some of the moves. He watched, silently as Rajada pulled off forbidden Ultimate Fighting moves, stances known only to obscure monk cults, at one point he was pretty sure Rajada pulled the whole room quickly to the left with a sickening wobble, knocking several thugs onto the ground. Then G-MO noticed something odd; Rajada was performing the moves, but he didn't seem to know them. As the last thug fell to his knees, clutching his dislocated spinal disc, RTSPlayer approached the doorway. "I found a really big gun! I'm sure we can take them out, but... I guess... you don't... need... it..." RTSPlayer lowered the over-sized, re-colored Triplestrike, staring at Rajada, still in a battle ready stance over the pile of incapacitated goons. Rajada pushed the back of the head of the last, kneeling thug with one finger, causing RTSPlayer to jump a little as the thug's face impacted on the tile flooring with a wet slap.

G-MO entered the room, delivering a decent kick to the chest of a still groaning thug. "What in the heck was that?" he asked, puzzled. "What was what?" Rajada quickly replied. "That!" G-MO shot back, pointing at a now fading body on the floor. "Oh that?" Rajada asked before taking a deep breath. "That was nothing, just a little tiff I was having with a rival institution." "What, a mental institution?" RTSPlayer chuckled, "Because, you're looking a little insane right now." "No!" Rajada said, insulted. "It was a munitions company, they wanted to steal my weapons!" RTSPlayer held up the large gun he had found. "Well, I could have told them they were looking in the wrong place." Rajada glared for a moment before snapping the gun from his hands. "Give me that! This is highly sensitive!" "Geniuses..." RTSPlayer whispered under his breath.

G-MO looked at the empty room. "Hey," he started, "didn't the lab go into lock down during the attack?" He paused for a moment and before Rajada could respond he continued. "I may have only been your chief of security for the last forty-five minutes, but I'm pretty sure it should have prevented him..." He pointed to RTSPlayer, then to Rajada's gun. "...from getting that." Rajada looked from one side of the room to the other. "What exactly were they looking for?" G-MO asked. Rajada began to walk right through the pair. "Hey!" G-MO raised his voice, "What exactly were they looking for?" Rajada just walked straight ahead.


1. Inquire further into the subject.

2. Drop it, it is his business anyway.