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G-MO opened his eyes, still clenching his fists in shock. He looked at his bizarre surroundings, noting the swirling purple torrents of energy around him.

RTSPlayer saw him and called out. "Hey! G-MO! You're here!"

G-MO glanced around, not fully comprehending. "Where are we?" he asked. "At the beginning!" RTSPlayer replied. "Uhhh, what?" G-MO said. "I've always been here you know." RTSPlayer continued. "But you, you only come here every so often, its quite odd, you never seem to be able to stay in the same place for very long." G-MO stared at him a moment. "Oh, you're leaving again," RTSPlayer said as he began to fade away. "Don't sweat it! It happens to the best of us! And remind me to do that thing when you get back!" G-MO reached out to grasp RTSPlayer, but he lost his footing and fell up, into the inner negative envelope of the outside's threshold...