The Zombie Teddy Bears

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It was a quiet night. In fact, the scientist might have enjoyed it if it wasn’t for what he was doing. “Escape.” The scientist thought. “I have to escape.” The scientist ran throughout the building, looking for an exit. The scientist stopped. He thought he heard a sound. He turned around, and staring him in the face, were the zombie teddy bears. “NO!” He cried. “NNNNNOOOOO!!!!” “NN-” But that was all he managed to scream, because one teddy bear had already torn his face off, and started eating his brain. “BRRAAINNNSS!” They cried. “WE MUST HAVE BBRRAIINNSSS!” The scientist had made the creatures, and now they had destroyed him.

Nearby, GMO was playing a match with RTSplayer, Reaper, and Raja in the Tycoon city. RTSplayer was winning of course. He was winning by 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 points. But that didn’t stop GMO. He kept fight till the end.

But then they saw something that horrified them all; ZOMBIE TEDDY BEARS. Then they all talked it out, and decided that they needed to stop them from reaching the town. They treaded carefully, sneaking up as quietly as they could. But then from behind them, one of them bit Reaper and tore his leg off, splattering blood everywhere. This made the zombies lust for brains even more desirable. “BRAINS!” They cried. Raja, GMO, and RTSplayer ran inside a building. There was nothing they could do for Reaper. (But anyway, who cares?) Reaper screamed until the end, as they ate his entire body, piece by piece. GMO, Raja, and RTSplayer barricaded themselves in the building. That’s when Boomerslang appeared.

“I was watching you guys compete when I saw the teddy bears.” He said. “I’ll hold them off!” He said. “Go! Run for your lives!” Boomerslang took out his hyperstrike, but as we all know, the firing rate is really slow. The teddy bears quickly jumped on him, eating his arm holding the hyperstrike. Then they tore his body in half, splattering blood everywhere.

The blood was so thick, that it slowed them down on the way to the door; buying RTSplayer, GMO, and Raja more time. The zombies made their way to the door and busted it down. GMO, RTSplayer, and Raja tried to climb the buildings stairs as quick as possible, but the zombie teddy bears were fast. They shot some of them, but they didn’t seem to die. They soon caught up and were about to start killing the group. “GO!” Raja shouted. “I’ll hold them off!” He took out a Nerf grenade and pulled out the pin. “I’m going out in style.” He said.

GMO and RTSplayer got to the roof and ran outside, as foam filled up the stairwell behind them. There was nothing they could do, the zombies busted the doors down. GMO stood in front of them, ready to die first. The zombie teddy bears latched onto his head, but soon threw themselves off in disgust. “I don’t get it.” GMO said. “Why didn’t they kill me?” RTSplayer gave the answer. “You have no brains!”

They heard RTSplayer and jumped onto him, and some of the zombie teddy bears and RTSplayer, went falling to the ground. Then, GMO was forced to wander the world, as the last man on earth.