The Problem With NerfED

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William looked at his watch. It was almost time for the party to start, and he was still stuck in his Tycoons uniform. "Any luck?" he asked Frazier.

"I looked in every place I thought a logical location," he replied,"and yet I can not find Nerf/System."

"No offence meant," said Sarge,"but I think those fancy-schmancy Flexilenses are out of focus."

Then Wes yelled,"Found it!" He grabbed his Scattershot and switched to Alt Fire, blowing the file open.

"Nice job!" said Lori. She jumped in.

The five players soon found NerfEd, where they would plaster themselves with dressy material. Frazier began to say, "I think I should warn everyone-," but was cut off by Lori. "Yes, we know, it might not work! Give us a break, will ya?" She selected NerfKids.

What happened next was like a freak of nature. Their arms and legs started peeling on the back. Their uniforms ripped at the spine. Their hair rolled forward. Then, the skins just popped off.

"So far so good," said Wes.

"ROFL,"Sarge replied. She kicked the Export button, but nothing happened.Taking out her Mighty Mo, she enterd "AllAmmo" into the console and fired. All she managed was a little dent. Frustrated, she kicked William's skin off the board. It was immediately zapped to SkinEd. "Figures," she grumbled. William went in for it.

Piling the rest of the skins, Wes and Lori went through Export. Frazier and Sarge followed, only to find a minefield of 999 multi-colored Mighty Mo balls.

-tribe-orbiteers-barracudas-rockheads-tycoons-lunas-twisters-gators-tribe-orbiteers-barracu After picking through with darts, the Magnificent Five changed costume. Lori came out with robins-egg camouflage and clean flesh. Sarge got a pair of frayed jeans and an N*Sync T-shirt. Frazier took a burgundy tuxedo, and William slapped glow-in-the-dark stuff onto his motor cross attire.

Everyone was ready. Except, that is, for-

"Wes, hurry up!" Sarge shouted. "We're late as it is!"

"Uh, I can't come."

Lori answered."Wes, I don't care if you're in a cowboy suit; get out here!" Then she wished she hadn't said that. For Wes had somehow wound up with a hockey mask and a sumo outfit, covered completely in silver.

"Um, don't worry about it, Wes. It looks very, um, uh, casual," William managed to stammer out.

"Yeah, right," said Wes.

Frazier said,"Well, the program is a bit buggy, and-"

"Shut up!" said the other four. They all imported back to NAB.


Back inside, they stuck on their brand-new skins and headed for multiplayer. Frazier refocused his glasses and found the "Arty's Party" connection. They entered the jazzed-up-for-a-party Skyscraper Remix, only to discover there was nothing there but a bunch of thrust-about food. The only thing left intact was a German chocolate Rockheads cake, with the extra message of "See Ya, Whomper's Gonna Beatcha!" They looked up just in time to see the blazing blue megaprotonic ball fizz out all their energy.

"Maybe we should've tried the Refresh function," said William.