The Battle of Medway

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I. Preparations for War

"Hello, Grant," said General Duncan Matthews as G-MO entered the room. "Sir," was all G-MO said in response to the spry general's greeting. "You have been showing yourself to be a most valuable tool, Grant," said Matthews while more obviously pleased than normal, then, in a more reproving tone, he added, "It's to bad you weren't always this good at getting your job done." "I am sorry if I ever disappointed you, Sir," was all Grant said in his defense. Matthews started back up on a more positive note, "Your recent exploits, successfully opening communication and setting the stage for an alliance with a corporation we were at war with, has set you apart from most of our Yamam operatives. Because of this we have selected you to be an important part of the Special Operations side of Zdon's next mission." "I am honored by the complement, Sir," was G-MO's short reply.

General Matthews went on to tell G-MO about the coming battle. Abnores was being strongly fortified. It should be able to hold out till the Zdon-Galaxy counter attack will begin. "That is where you come into action. Both Galaxy and Zdon are going to insert SpecialOps teams into Medway. You have been chosen to lead Zdon's team. 1st Lieutenant Ace will coordinate both teams, that way they can act as a unit. Now, once you have completed your mission you are to get Ace with your squad. Then proceed to destroy Galaxy's group. They will be putting their best soldiers into that squad, so you will have to be careful about how you take them out." G-MO was so surprised that it actually brought a large question from him, "So what your saying is that as soon as I finish my mission, which you haven't told me what that is yet, I am to double cross the very people that I helped ally ourselves with?" "Yes, that is what I am saying," spoke Matthews to the shocked Grant, "We know this alliance won't last long, so we might as well end it ourselves. This presents a perfect opportunity, we will have them help us, then kill their best soldiers." "Sir, I must ask, if we kill them, wouldn't the Albanians have a good chance at victory?" G-MO asked. "No, by the time both group's missions are done the Albanians will have no hope of victory. All that will be left is the infantry attack to force them away. After we force them back on their ships, then we can destroy those with our attack helicopters. They will have no survivors." That last portion of his speech was said with a kind of glee at the thought of such an utter destruction of his enemies. "So, Grant, do you understand what I have told you?" "Yes Sir, I understand. What are your next orders for me?" "Report to Lieutenant Ace and get your squad lined up, and your orders straight. Good day, G-MO."

"Reporting as ordered, Sir," said G-MO as he stood at attention in front of Ace. "At ease Sergeant. Your mission is simple, kill as many Albanian leaders as possible. You know the quickest way to cause discord in an army is to destroy its leaders. If their leaders are dead they will, in the least, hesitate, if not stop entirely. You understand this correct?" "Yes, Sir," was Grant's stiff reply. "Good, I will give you the ability to choose your own team out of the ranks of Yamam. Remember, this mission will require a lot of sniping. Understand?" G-MO answered in the affirmative and headed for the door as Ace called out one last instruction, "You need to have the names of four people that are currently available with you when you come back here at 1300 hours, I have confidence that I can trust your choice of squad members." "Thank you, Sir, for the confidence, I will try my best not to let you down." As G-MO exited the room Ace sighed, "Well that is one less responsibility off my shoulders, strange, I have a bad feeling about this operation. I've never had a feeling quite like this..." said Ace as his voice trailed off.

G-MO pondered on who he would choose to be his squad in this mission, he definitely wasn't planning on having this much freedom in choosing who was to be a part of his squad. He would need snipers, and at least one man that was skilled in CQB to cover any emergencies that might arise. A person skilled in demolitions would also be useful, if he has other skills that can be used, like CQB or sniper skills. G-MO started talking to himself as soon as he had closed the door on his room, which was closer in size to a cubical, "Boomslang can snipe, RTSplayer can take care of most close combat, I can snipe, Rajada can take care of demolitions and some CQB action, and Ryan can help snipe. That might work. I had better check the lists to make sure they are available for action." G-MO stepped over to his computer and, after typing in a ridiculously long password, accessed the list of Yamam operatives that didn't have a mission at that time. Amazingly, all the people Grant had thought of were available. Since he had some extra time before having to prepare for his next meeting with Lieutenant Ace he decided to take a nap, their was no guessing when he might have another chance this good to take a fifteen minute nap.

His alarm was beeping fanatically before Grant rolled of his cot, he was always amazed at how a nap which could make him more relaxed when he woke up could also make him so incredibly grouchy. He got his clothes on and went over the names he had chosen, some of those people probably wouldn't be coming back from a mission as hazardous as this was. He stepped into the hall just in time to crash into a passing cart filled with food. He picked himself, and one roll, up off the ground and stalked off leaving the unfortunate baker to clean up the mess, and cook new food. G-MO took a breath and knocked on the door of the room that was housing the organization of this operation and stepped in, right after he remembered that this wasn't a social call and thus there was no reason to knock.

Ace was sitting at the end of the table signing some papers as Grant entered, "Ah, welcome Sergeant, I was just signing some, uh..." he looked down at the paper he had been signing, "paperwork. Anyway, you have thought of the people you want to be in your squad?" G-MO nodded yes and handed the sheet with the names on it to Ace. "Ah, this looks very good G-MO, you have definitely chosen able people to assist you in this mission. Now, lets go over the details again." G-MO stopped himself from groaning and leaned over the map that was spread on the table, soon, however, Grant was happily caught up in tactics and planning.

Ace took a breath and stepped into the room that G-MO's squad was waiting to be briefed on their mission. Grant called the men to attention as the lieutenant the entered the room, "At ease gentlemen, you have heard the basics of this mission from Grant, I will tell you more information." Ace started to warm up to his topic and addressed the men in a clear, orderly fashion, "The bulk of Zdon's infantry is being fortified at Abnores, you know that we have been building fortifications there but that is just a ploy to give the enemy a false sense of security. You are going to be the front line of our assault against their troops. Your job is to sow confusion in the Albanian military, you will achieve this goal by assassinating Albanian leaders. I don't want to see any officers alive when we begin the infantry assault against their troops. You will be deployed just outside the Albanian stronghold of Medway, you will need to infiltrate the city and begin your mission. Close co-operation with the Galaxy Corporation's Orbiteers is imperative, they will also be operating in the city, their duty is to carry out demolitions of critical elements of the Albanian defense. You will both be needing to share intelligence with the other party, understand?" The men nodded their comprehension, "Good, this briefing is over, Sergeant G-MO will tell you your individual duties" Ace walked out of the room after saying just one work, "Dismissed!"

Grant started speaking as soon as Lieutenant Ace had left, "Now that you know your mission I am going to assign you your positions. Boomslang, you get a Beretta 32b and, Ryan, you get the Beretta 32a; The reason I chose to give Boomslang the bolt-action rifle and you the semi-auto is simple, Ryan. The 32b has better accuracy, while the 32a is still accurate, but is more useful in providing long-range rife to pin down a group of soldiers, with the two of you shooting at the same targets you can get a kill every 1.5 seconds, if you hit your target every time. RTSplayer, you will be our CQB specialist, you will have a H&K SuperNerf 120, that sub machine gun will be very useful if they do find out where the snipers are hiding. Rajada, you are in charge of any demolitions we might need to carry out, you will also be a grenadier. I want you to have a AR-97 Carbine with under-barrel grenade launcher. You know enough about the mission to understand how much C4 and HE grenades you will need. I will be carrying a AR-32 with marksman barrel and 6x scope. We will all have ten hand-grenades and Z-12 Bayonets, I know those won't work on your sniper rifles, but you should still be prepared if some one gets in your face. I will make sure you are all issued handguns as well. With those armaments we can cover short and medium range attacks, or defense, while still providing plenty of long range capability. Any questions?"

"I have one," Boomslang started, "Do we have any air cover or the ability to call some helicopters to cover us?"

"We do not have any air cover waiting to be used and attack helicopters can only be called in by Lieutenant Ace, any more questions?"

"Will my explosives be used on hard or soft targets?" was what Rajada asked.

G-MO answered, "I am sure some of your explosives will be used against soft targets, so I advise that you bring some frag grenades for your launcher. However, I do recommend a good variety of grenade types."

RTSplayer started his question with a mischievous grin on his face, "How long till we get a chance to kill the Orbiteers that are going out with us?"

The men erupted with laughter that calmed rather quickly after they saw the look on Grant's face.

Grant, following Ace's orders not to tell the squad about the planned double crossing till it was time to attack the Orbiteers, answered the question in a very angry tone, "The Orbiteers are our allies, I will not have my men speaking about killing allies. Does any one else have a legitimate question?"

"When do we get started?" was all Ryan said.

"Tomorrow at 0130 get on the choppers. I recommend you all get some rest, cause I can guarantee you won't have time to rest once we get in there."

There were no more questions and G-MO, after telling them to get some rest, allowed them to disperse.

It was 0125 hours and G-MO was looking over his squad for the last time. All the men had their black BDUs, Z-18 bullet resistant vests, ten hand grenades, and their respective weapons in good order. "All right men, time to load up." was all G-MO said before he followed that simple order with a brief hand signal telling them to get in the helicopter.

II. Penetration


The men were crouching behind the little bushes that surrounded the city. Ace had made sure that there would be no shooting until they reached the middle of the city, then they would be allowed to carry out the search-and-destroy mission. Grant checked to make sure that he wouldn't be silhouetted against the sky as he slowly stood up on the top of a mound, he had to see over this fence before he could order his men to go over it.

Just as he could see over the top he dropped down and started talking into his radio. "There are five officers just over that fence, if we toss a hand grenade over it will cause a lot of damage. A single rifle is all that would be needed to clean up any of the wounded." He smiled and used some hand signals to get RTSplayer in position, he then ordered Rajada to be ready to stand on the knoll and open fire, after the hand grenade went off.

RTSplayer was right against the fence and awaiting the final order to throw the grenade. Grant hoped he wouldn't have a reason to regret the excitement that his order was about to cause. Grant lead the everyone, but RTSplayer and Rajada, away from the scene of action to a position where they could cover the retreat of their teammate.

Grant thought he could hear the pin being pulled just before RTSplayer stood up and tossed the grenade over the wall. He started running towards his hidden squad as, after an explosion, foam splattered everyone in that little opening.

Rajada stood up and made good use of his assault rifle. His accurate and rapid fire made Grant sure that he could count on him in any situation.

Grant lead his men up to a different portion of that same wall and climbed over. BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG Ryan climbed up and used his semi-auto well. By the time RTSplayer and Rajada showed up G-MO and Ryan had finished clearing that area. G-MO stated in the near quiet "Next time, grenades first, people second." He waved for them to follow him as he stepped into a side alley.

In the dark alley he let his rifle hang by its sling while he used his pistol. If some one where to step right in front of him it would be to close range for the pistol, how much more the AR with its larger marksman barrel.

Grant nodded to his soldier as he swung out to cover and alley that joined the one he was in to the larger road. The squad ran behind him across the open space and were ready to continue when Grant saw his target, an active Non-Commissioned Officer. The Sergeant was directing a group of sixteen men towards where the grenade had gone off. His confidence and sensible orders made it obvious just how good of a leader he was.


The sergeant dropped to the ground, just before he warped out. The soldiers didn't move, they were too shocked about their leader. RTSplayer came around the corner to G-MO's right and opened fire, five men had dropped before the enemy squad started moving again. The started shooting wildly down the alley in an attempt to keep the elusive enemies trapped.

Unfortunately for them G-MO had already crossed the opening under RTSplayer's covering fire and lead his men away. The other squad fruitlessly attempted to trap its enemies and, after using thousands of rounds of ammunition, go in for the kill.

G-MO lead his men to the rooftops. He knew from experience that you could travel quite well without touching the ground, anyway, his snipers would be able to use their weapons to destroy any enemies that attempted to follow him. After dropping a hand grenade on the remnants of the squad below, which had made the foolish mistake to group together, he led his men away from that area.


They were several blocks away from the point they where they had infiltrated the city when G-MO decided to contact Ace and the Orbiteers that he was with. "Sir, from our view we have seen a lot of vehicles and people go towards out insertion point, if a bomb could be planted there it might cause massive amount of damage to personnel and equipment." "I understand G-MO" Ace replied, "but we can't make it." "Sir, if you can not plant a bomb I ask for permission to shoot the officers." "Granted, open fire when ever you want."

Grant signaled for Rajada to come to him. "We have permission to open fire on the officers down there" Grant said while pointing to the congregation of enemy troops, "I want to start our little assault with a bang. Fire an HE grenade a vulnerable vehicle that is likely to make a big explosion, the snipers will take care of the rest." Rajada nodded and loaded his under-barrel launcher.


The sound of launching the grenade was nothing compared to the sound of it detonating. Rajada had taken care while he aimed it and had managed to destroy two enemy vehicles with his one shot. "Open fire!" was all G-MO said as he used his gun's attached bipod to steady his shooting.

To anyone on the ground level it would not have been a pretty thing to watch. Two vehicles had exploded eliminating several squads in one fatal swoop. To make matters worse for those below, all the officers were getting shot. Some one was shooting a lot of darts, and not missing any targets.

Whenever Grant saw by the light of the burning vehicles when anyone started telling the other men what to do, Grant would then open fire. Soon all the soldiers were in constant fear of being shot, so much so that officers were hiding behind their men while their men were hiding behind vehicles, hoping they wouldn't be seen. G-MO realized that the two other snipers would be better at picking of any stragglers that happened to show themselves, so he hustled over to Rajada. "I'll cover this side. I want you to drop a couple more grenades on the group down there, wherever you see a clump of soldiers behind a vehicle either blow up the vehicle or knock out the people, got it?" Rajada nodded his head and got into position to launch his grenades at the scattered groups below.

As the sniper's fire slowed Grant decided it was time to move. His squad was on the roof of a neighboring building when the roof of the building they had sniped from exploded. Directly after the explosion a group of troops rushed onto the roof, they seemed disappointed when they declared that everything was clear.

Ryan was about to open fire when Grant stopped him, they needed to get out of this area, not draw more attention to themselves. After laying low they moved on, getting clear of the volatile area.


Grant contacted Ace due to his sighting of the Albanian field headquarters. "Yes, Sir, we have them under surveillance. Do you want us to open fire? Over. OK, Sir, we won't attack until you give the orders. You want us to stay in this position correct? 10-4, out." Grant told his men to sit tight, they would probably be here a while.

III. Close Quarters Battle


An explosion ripped through the building! It was followed by flash bangs, and lots of loud orders. The Yamam troops knew what was happening instantly, an assault on their building by Albanian forces. G-MO shouted into his radio, "Our position has been discovered! We are pulling out of the building!" Ace replied in voice that left no questions, although it wasn't as loud, "No! DO NOT LEAVE THE BUILDING Defend that building to your last man!"

Grant was mad, he didn't want to die now, he hadn't killed the Orbiteers yet. "Get in position! they will come through that door with a flash bang, so be ready!"

Suddenly an inspiration hit Grant, "The don't know where we are! We can use the same tactics they are using! Snipers! Get out your pistols we are going to clear them out of the building they're clearing!"

Grant unhooked his scope and tossed it in a corner, as heard the glass break he thought of how that piece of equipment was ruined. "RTSplayer, you take point, I'll take second, Rajada, you get third, Ryan you get fourth, and Boom, you cover out backs!" Ryan threw open the first door while RTSplayer and G-MO made sure it was clear. "CLEAR!" was all they said as they rushed through that first hallway.

A flash bang went off in a room to their right. RTSplayer pulled a frag grenade from his vest and tossed it in the room. The grenade exploded, causing the attacking squad lose its first and second men. RTSplayer and G-MO spun around the corner and opened fire at the confused troops.

That one group of enemy troops was eliminated, but it was obvious from the sounds that there were several more. RTSplayer lead the group in clearing a nearby room while Boomslang, as rear guard, covered the hall.

Gunfire sounded in the hall! Ryan spun around and started to head out of the room; as he ran towards the doorway Boomslang dropped on the ground. Ryan grabbed a grenade and tossed it down the passage way. He then grabbed Boomslang and dragged him into the room they had just cleared.

The hand grenade stopped the enemy fire for a couple seconds. Although the hand grenade helped, it also hurt. The enemies threw a couple grenades down the hall, hoping they would get inside the room where the Zdon operatives were located.

Grant slammed the door shut and stepped back, just as a grenade went off in the hallway and blew the door open again. "We have to get out of here, NOW! I'm going to toss a grenade down the hall, RTSplayer you take advantage of the break in the firing and get in that door frame across from us, then cover the hallway with your SMG! Ryan, you get in position to cover our escape as well! I'll take Boom on my back!" Grant shouted as he prepared to toss his grenade, "Now get ready!"

Grant tossed his grenade and ducked back into the room. After the grenade went off, RTSplayer leapt across the hallway and ducked behind the door frame. Suddenly a though struck him, what if the Albanian's sent a couple guys through this room, they could easily lob some grenades into the room where the his squad had been trapped.

RTSplayer pulled the pin on a grenade and, after opening the door, tossed it in. He then leapt back across to the room he had started in, a move that put him not only under enemy fire, but under the wrath of his leader.

As he charged into the room that he had just left he grabbed Ryan and G-MO and yanked them out of the doorway. Suddenly the earth shook with a tremendous explosion, the building sounded as if it would collapse as they heard another smaller explosion just a little ways away. G-MO started yelling at RTSplayer, "WHAT IN THE WORLD DID YOU DO! What was in that room!" RTSplayer replied, "All I did was throw a frag grenade into it, I don't know what happened!"

Immediately Ace contacted G-MO, "Are you all right?" "well we're alive, though Boom got taken down." "OK, we just detonated the Albanian field HQ and a couple other buildings in the area, just needed to make sure you weren't dead." G-MO was obviously mad as he shot back his answer, "Well thanks for warning us, you..." Ace cut him off, "Just get out of that building, it might not survive the next blast." "10-4, Out."

G-MO shouted at the remaining members of his team, "We have to get out of here! They are planning on detonating some more buildings and the Orbiteers think this might not last. I'll throw another grenade down the passage way, as soon as it detonates I want you all to go into the room across the hall." The team signaled that they understood the plan and prepared to move.

Grant threw the grenade down the hall as his squad prepared for the short run into their new room, and the clearing of that room. The grenade went off and the Zdon troops rushed across the hall, Grant, who was providing cover fire was the last one to the door. He had just reached it when a grenade dropped on the floor next to him.

He dove to the side as the grenade scattered foam everywhere. That one had almost gotten him, he had to be more careful.

Grant looked around, there was window in this room! He guessed it would be covered by a machine gun, but defenses might have become disorganized due to the recent explosion; what he needed was a hostage, some one he could push through the window to see if they shoot.

"Ryan, I want you to bring me back an Albanian, ALIVE. RTSplayer can help you. You can kill every Albanian you see except one able bodied soldier." They looked surprised but hustled off to obey his order.

After exiting a door on the far side of the room they looked down the looked to the right, apparently the Albanians didn't realize that G-MO and his men had changed position, they had kept a steady fire on the door of the deserted room. Ryan opened fire on the group with his semi-auto, quickly shooting all but one man. RTSplayer ran forward and grabbed the stunned Albanian and carried him over his shoulder to where Grant was waiting.

Grant congratulated his men while he smashed the window with the butt of his rifle. "Throw that Albanian through the window and get ready to follow him if he isn't shot." Grant's order stunned the members of his squad, but they weren't going to question the morality of his orders, at least not now.

After threatening the poor hostage with certain death they pushed him out the window. He wasn't shot, even after he started running away from the window.

"Let's go, men" said G-MO as he leapt through the broken window. He landed on the ground just before the Albanian they had tossed out reached a machine gun nest. Before Grant could raise his rifle a shot was fired out of the window. The dart, which was aimed at his chest, made contact with the target as he was partially inside the position. It hit the Albanian in the back of the head, knocking him instantly.

Thanks to the confusion of the explosion the members of Yamas were able to run down the street without being shot at. They found a truck being used as a personnel carrier that had enough seats available for G-MO's three men, but not one for himself. Grant ordered them to climb in as he stepped for the passenger side door of the cab.

Grant opened the door and climbed inside the cab. The driver who, although he was distracted, recognized that he was not an Albanian tried to pull a gun on him. Unfortunately for the driver G-MO had his pistol in his hands by the time the driver had given away his intentions, one quick shot stopped all the drivers plans immediately.

All the men, both Zdon and Albanian, heard the shot. They Albanians wanted to get moving, and they did. But as the truck started forward they noticed there was a body in the road, the body of their driver. As looks of recognition crossed their faces the Zdon operatives opened fire. Within two seconds the only people that hadn't been knocked in that Albanian vehicle were Zdon troops.

"If you see any groups of soldiers drive towards them, if we shoot allow us enough time to make the shots; if we don't shoot keep going!" was all G-MO said as he switched positions with RTSplayer.

IV. Hit and Run

RTSplayer was surprisingly calm in his driving of the truck, no sudden turns and no going over ten mph over the speed limit. He drove fast enough to not give people much of a chance to look at the occupants of the truck while still giving his friends enough time to spot any good targets.

Rajada was the first one to see a group worth that was worth blowing their cover. It was a group of about fifteen soldiers, at least five had some gold on their uniforms. He yelled for G-MO to check the target, Grant didn't have to look twice. He opened fire on the group, immediately forcing two of the soldiers to drop. Rajada saw what G-MO did and followed suit, he launched one of his anti-personnel grenades. The immediate effects were obvious, there was no longer anyone within twenty feet of where they group had stood.

RTSplayer slowed down when he had heard the shooting, but when he looked in his side mirror and saw an area with no people standing in it, yet covered with foam, he gunned it. The shocked Albanians were just coming out of their stupor when RTSplayer started driving the way he normally did. A couple troopers fired darts towards the exposed occupants in the back of the truck but, due to the wild swerving of the vehicle, only managed to hit only friendly vehicles, and troops.

The driving of the truck grew, gradually, less wild. RTSplayer was obviously trying to "blend in" with the other traffic, thus making it easier next time they wanted to strike a group. RTSplayer had just stopped at a stop light when Ryan spotted his target, a single colonel was just starting to cross the street.

BANG! The colonel dropped to the ground in agony. G-MO finished him off, just as RTSplayer started driving like a maniac again. Rajada launched a HE grenade into a car whose passenger had just jumped out while brandishing an automatic weapon. The explosion moved the light car, which was probably stolen from some former citizen of Medway, between two lanes. Effectively blocking most attempts to pursue the truck.

G-MO's radio went off, "G-MO, I need you to pick me up, we have a job to do. Inform your men of the secret orders." "10-4" was all Grant replied to his order.

V. Double Cross

"Listen up," shouted G-MO over the noise of the truck, "We have been given orders to attack the Orbiteers, our first step is to get Lieutenant Ace with our group, as soon as that is done we can destroy the Orbiteers."

Their eyes were practically bulging out of their head as G-MO continued, "We need to pick Ace up at the corner of 3rd and 7th. RTS, get us there. No shooting until I give the order, that is for both Orbiteers and Albanians."

They understood and shifted their weapons and seating to appear more 'innocent' as RTSplayer drove towards the pickup point.


The truck pulled up to the curb and a figure came sprinting out of the shadows of a small alley. "G-MO, get ready to move, this place is going to blow any minute!"

"Yes, Sir, Lieutenant! RTS, Get us out of here!" As the truck pulled away everyone was thinking about how ironic it would be that after all these fights they should be killed in a building demolition. "Sir," asked G-MO once they had started, "How much explosives are in that building?" "I don't know, I set all the Orbiteers explosives to go off, so it is a lot, but I don't know exactly how much."

They were just out of sight of the building when the ground rumbled. When they looked back and saw large pieces of concrete flying into the air, and plummeting back to earth. "Sir, where are the Orbiteers now?" G-MO asked. "They destroyed all their targets so I sent them out on the same mission I sent you." was Ace's reply. "Do you know their exact location?" "No," was all Ace said. G-MO said all they needed to hear in one sentence, "Keep a watch against snipers, men."

As they cruised through the streets Ace's radio started squawking, all he said in reply was, "Yes Sir." After ending communication he turned and addressed G-MO, "We are getting picked up at 0700, we need to be at the intersection of 37th and 19th by that time." Grant turned and related the orders to RTSplayer. Before G-MO had finished speaking they were headed towards their new destination.

Just another Albanian APC, they had already driven by a lot of those today. The problem with this one was that the Albanians inside knew who the people in the truck were. A couple soldiers were seated on the outside of the vehicle, as they drew near to the truck that the Zdon troops were in the Albanians sneered. A sneer that left no doubt in Grant's mind that they knew what he was. "Ace, I think those soldiers are onto us," G-MO whispered. "I'll take them out," said Ace as he looked at his rifle.

Ace swung around in his seat, BAMBAMBAMBAM! The three Albanians smashed into the pavement before they were warped out.

After hearing the shooting RTSplayer acted upon a guess that we should get out of the area. While RTSplayer's wild driving was striking fear into the hearts of every pedestrian the Zdon Operatives were hanging on for their lives, all but one.

Rajada was loading a HE grenade into his launcher while he, barely, supported himself by jamming his feet under one of the benches on the side of the truck and pushing his back against the back of the cab. He finished loading and took as much aim as he could in the wildly moving vehicle.

The grenade flew towards its target immediately a hollow thud had sounded as the propellant exploded. BOOM! It was hard to tell if the grenade had hit its target till the foam dust had cleared away. When the wind cleared it away the destruction was obvious. The APC had ceased moving and there was a foam covered hole where the driver used to be.

"Good job, Rajada! Now get a seat and hang on!" shouted G-MO as flew over a particularly rough patch of road.

Five men who were manning an Albanian machine gun nest suddenly opened fire on the truck as it careened down the road. Their black uniforms had no badges, thus pointing to the fact that they were a Special Ops team, probably the Orbiteers.

RTSplayer saw them and turned the truck so it would run straight into the gun placement. All the warning he gave his vulnerable passengers was a brief sentence, "Get ready to jump!" G-MO poked his head out and looked forward, this simple act of intelligence gathering was almost rewarded with a dart in the face. Although he didn't have much time to look he could see what was going on, and his orders showed that knowledge, "NOW, GO, JUMP!" The imparitive order was obeyed immediately, each member of the team, and Ace, dropped out of the moving vehicle. They rolled for a little bit before they had dissipated enough energy to attempt to stop their movement. Ace was the first one up, his rifle providing cover fire for the other soldiers. He had already shot one man before the truck collided with the machine gun, causing it to cease its fire.

Ryan was the second one to get up, pistol in hand. While Ace and Ryan were providing cover fire G-MO led Rajada to a covered position where they, in turn, covered Ace and Ryan's movements.

Ace shouted an order over the gun fire, "Rajada, get a grenade over their position!" Rajada didn't wast time answering, he merely loaded a grenade, aimed, and fired. The effects were immediately obvious. Before he had shot it was a pretty even battle, five highly trained men on both sides. However, after the grenade detonated the number of rifles being used was cut down to two.

Ace showed how good of a leader he was as he continued to take control of the situation, "G-MO! Have your team provide cover fire, I am going to flank them!" "Yes Sir!" was all Grant had a chance to reply before Ace moved off to the right. "You heard the order, men, keep them from looking around! RTS! Keep the Albanians out of the area!"

Ace was in position along side part of the small trench system the Albanians had constructed before he got higher than a crouch. As he stood he opened fire at the exposed soldiers inside the trench, finishing their defense. He was about to put the wounded Orbiteers out of their pain when a bullet struck him. An Albanian squad had just stepped out of an APC, they were quick to shoot at the exposed leader. Unfortunately for them they didn't see the larger group of soldiers on their flank, a little bit of action of Ryan's semi-auto stopped any more plans they might have had.

G-MO shouted for his men to cover him while he raced across the open space between him and Ace. As he reached Ace he gripped his arms and drug him into the very area that Ace had just cleared. After G-MO used his knife to make sure that the two wounded Orbiteers weren't going to try anything we put his attention on Ace. The dart had hit him in the chest and he was not far from being knocked.

As Grant was giving as much aid to Ace as possible G-MO's squad saw the helicopter get in position and lower some harnesses. They systematically retreated from the gathering Albanians as they worked their way towards the helicopter.

RTSplayer dropped beside G-MO and shouted into his ear that the chopper was here. As Grant prepared to move Ace he shouted, "OK, provide cover fire while I get Ace in the chopper!"

A short run brought G-MO, and his Lieutenant, below the helicopter. He, with the help of Rajada who saw that he would have difficulty, got Ace into a harness and signaled that he was ready to be brought up.

The Albanian fire was growing more serious as G-MO and his squad slipped into their harnesses. Between shots, G-MO shouted into his radio that they were ready to go. As the helicopter lifted off the ground it brought its hanging cargo of troops with it. As they were getting away G-MO pulled the last grenade from his vest and threw it into the very center of a foolish group of soldiers. The decimated group of soldiers watched with impotent rage as they watched the Zdon troops fly away.