The Adventures of Rajada

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It should be noted that the following story was never really intended as anything other than a joke. A funny poke at RTSPlayer's strangely addicting adventure of a Nerf tournament gone awry, fallen into chaos instigated by the rise of individuals with ridiculously stereotyped helpful superpowers. His story lays unfinished to this day, as did mine for the longest time. But when I created the in-game campaign "Infiltration" I decided to come back and write one last page, an ending, proving that all the events in this story were in fact what lead to the events of "Infiltration". What you see before you has been edited dramatically, and strewn with secrets, just like any number of my maps. Hopefully, by reading this story, you will understand what lead to the rise of this odd universe in which G-MO always lets evil know, that there is a new sheriff in town.

Rajada, G-MO, and RTSPlayer were standing in an area of the lab without a ceiling. Rajada pulled out a red and black Ballzooka. "I call it... the Deathzooka, for obvious reasons. It was fairly easy to make. All I had to do was increase the pressure capacitance in the nozzle and..." G-MO and RTSPlayer looked at each other a little puzzled. "...then I just carved out a larger opening for the modified ball. Watch." A secret passage in the wall opened and Todd stepped through. "The trail of bonus points ends here." he said aloud. Rajada took aim. Todd stuttered "I- I know what I said about you being a bozo was totally inappropriate, but I actually believe that-" There was a loud click as Rajada pushed the handle in and released a huge luminescent Ballzooka ball surrounded by a bizarre collection of metallic orbs, energy arcing between them. The impact launched Todd into the air as he cried "Woah!". "Hmmmm... how disappointing, I was expecting better results... oh well. I guess I can always amp up the energy output by a few hundred joules." "Why stop there?" mumbled RTSPlayer sarcastically. G-MO gave him a cock-eyed glare. "I'll tell you why," said Rajada, his voice intensifying in preparation for one of his trademarked diatribes, "politics!" Rajada guided the pair down another hallway. "League officials say they don't want more powerful weapons in the junior leagues. They say the power suits aren't meant to handle the kind of energy output the guns would demand of them. If they'd just use my upgraded batteries they wouldn't have an issue. Of course, the moron running the place tells me that if I'm so upset about it, why not start my own tournament?" The three rounded a corner and walked past a large window made of shatter-proof glass. RTSPlayer let his gaze wander to the scene behind the glass. "I think he was trying to insult me, honestly, so I took this large temple I won in a poker game... funny story actually. I had a pair of twos in my hand and had been bluffing this rich Texan who thought he knew exactly..." RTSPlayer stopped walking to observe what seemed to be two identical men wheeling a stripped down Whomper on a cart to a large machine at the other end of the room. G-MO stopped and turned to see where his friend had gone off to. The Whomper's exposed guts were meticulously linked up to several cables by the men; it seemed some kind of test was about to occur. G-MO wandered over to RTSPlayer. When the cables were properly hooked up, the men retreated into a built-in cement bunker in the room where they flipped a large switch. The Whomper shook for a moment before violently exploding, filling the room with white smoke. G-MO and RTSPlayer turned to stare at each other, a little bewildered. The room began venting the smoke and Rajada suddenly called to them "You coming? I’ve got more to show you." RTSPlayer and G-MO broke their stare and walked towards the open door to the test labs.


Rajada, RTSPlayer, and G-MO emerged from the testing labs. RTSPlayer had a wide-eyed look on his face as he turned in time to see G-MO shudder a little. "Okay, that’s why I test weapons before using them. Had that been a competitor, we’d have big trouble on our hands, even with the improved suits. Don’t worry, I can always get more scientists, they re-spawn rather quickly." "I... think I’m gonna be sick," G-MO said. Rajada nodded to a guard by a large security door. The group entered a room with a large machine in it. Pipes extended out of the main body of the device and stretched down tight hallways for what seemed like eternity. "Being a genius and all, I have a little insurance policy I'd like to let you in on as my newest hires. This machine generates enough energy to create a small rip in the time space continuum. Enough to go back in time about sixty minutes." "That’s it?" RTSPlayer said, laughing a little. Rajada stared at him uncertain what the joke was. "Sorry, continue." RTSPlayer said. "Anyway," Rajada continued "I implore you to only use this machine if it becomes absolutely necessary. We're talking life or death. Of course I have secure locks on everything in the lab, so I’ll have to program the computers to recognize you, which may take a while. So in the mean time, I’ll just give you the pass-” He was cut off by a loud, screeching siren accompanied by bright, green flashing lights.

G-MO pulled a quick glance at Rajada and noticed that he looked nervous. This was the first time G-MO had seen Rajada not smugly self-assured. Distracted, Rajada quickly ran off. "Wait here!" he called back to them. G-MO and RTSPlayer attempted to follow him, but lost him in the vast, maze-like corridors. As they walked towards an open doorway, they heard voices in the other direction. G-MO turned around and peered around the corner. He saw Rajada on his knees with a Hyper Strike at his head. The thug holding it yelled “Where is it?” Rajada sat in the middle of a ring of thugs, hands behind his head and said nothing. The thug yelled again “Where is it!?”


1. Run for the time machine.

2. Try to find a weapon in the lab.

3. Stay and watch hoping Rajada has some ace up his sleeve.

4. Try to take on the thugs Kung-Fu style.