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Curt has been added to the conversation.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx has been added to the conversation.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Hi.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Hi.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: West is guest starring with us on this fourth edition of NSI.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Let's get moving!

Curt says: my story is going to be about a NAB computer game

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: ........

Curt says: this one is going to be a challenge

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: A NAB computer game..

Devon says: (cough, sad slam, kinda like a no life thing going on. no offense)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: NAB IS A COMPUTER GAME.

Devon says: lol

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: LOL

Curt says: i knwo

Curt says: im making a story

Curt says: about a computer game

Curt says: its gonna be called NAB

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Okay.

Curt says: Nerf ArenaBlast

Curt says: i just made that up

WestSieydder loves Echo says: wha

Curt says: sounds good?

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Okay, let's get started .

WestSieydder loves Echo says: k

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: I told you having him wasn't good idea....

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Hi, everyone, back once again and this is how it sounds! This is the fourtth edition of NSI.

WestSieydder loves Echo says: ANYWAYS

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: We're having Curt and West as guest stars, or at least a friendly audience.

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (who said I have to be friendly?)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: FRIENDLY?!?!?! ROFL!!!

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL Quiet, j00.)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Curt's got a good idea up his brain first off, so we'll lt him kick the show off.

Curt says: ok

Curt says: Hm....i need a date

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Don't we all.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says:


Curt says: how bout 1999

Curt says: ok

Curt says: that sounds good

Curt says: once upon a time

Curt says: there was this company called Hatari

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (COUGH how original COUGH)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (quiet j00)

Curt says: they decided that they wanted to make a game for all the (hindu) little boys and girls who liked the FPS but not the gore

Curt says: hence the name "hatari"

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Have to do extra penance that day...)

Curt says: Hatari, The gaming console for the hindu in you

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (hindu, lol curts getting his slave worker mind going)

Curt says: ah

Curt says: racist

Curt says: Hatari wanted a game

Curt says: a FPS game

Curt says: but without the gore

Curt says: so

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (why do they call it first person. I mean were we the first people to shoot?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (They tried three companies. The first one was too hard, the second one was to soft...)

Curt says: all the Hatari reps sat around with their turbin on top their heads

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Curt says: and came up with a game called

Curt says: Hindu Fighting Tournament

Curt says: but they then changed it

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Guys, peps is coming in to watch.

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (HINDU-MON)

Or was it ...... has been added to the conversation.

Curt says: cause of the "fighting" invloved

WestSieydder loves Echo says: lol

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (lol)

Curt says: so

Or was it ...... says: WHAT

Curt says: They came up with

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (Curt is having his daily mental block)

Curt says: Scarf WhiplashBlast

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (.....)

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (......)

Curt says: this Scarf game wasnt just a game

Curt says: a demo was released in october of 1999

Curt says: ....

Curt says: ok

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (lol)\

Curt says: this wasnt just agame

Or was it ...... says: (lol)

Curt says: it was THE game

Curt says: the game of scarves

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (k go ahead with your already weird story curt)

Curt says: after the demo was released

Or was it ...... says: (lol whats this all ab00t )

Or was it ...... says: (damn , no slip and slides?)

Or was it ...... says: (shucks(

Curt says: all the starving children wanted to get it

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (curt and his hindus) (always with the hindus eh curt?)

Curt says: lol

Curt says: and

Curt says: i personally got to get the download

Curt says: the download was great

Curt says: a nice brown HUD

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (lol)

Curt says: there were 8 weapons

Curt says: one was

Or was it ...... says: (ne purple ones )

Curt says: Hindu Magic

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (the turbana)

Curt says: The other

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (YAY HINDU MAGIC RULES)

Curt says: Was Hindu Towel

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Yep, 1, 2, yep that's eight weapons.)

Curt says: and so on

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (lol)

Or was it ...... says: (slam lives in florida dont trust him as a cashier )

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

Curt says: and....i met up with a few people on the online gaming comunity

Curt says: and had a battle with some kid named

Or was it ...... says: (LOL)

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (george)

Curt says: SharpTux

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (Pablo, latin lover)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Apu nahasitimatipetalin)

Curt says: this SharpTux kid was a mean one

Curt says: then, another person entered the server, his name was Teeps

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (Cheaps is more like it(

Or was it ...... says:


SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (lol)

Curt says: sharp started going on about how he was a "newdu"

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (so very right)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (lol)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (quiet newbies)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (I sense a very good parable here .)

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (du the du, the NEW du. mountain du)

Curt says: a kid named Thruster made a website....this site became the #1 SWB site around

Curt says: Thruster always stayed in one place

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (thats nice now go away)

Curt says: its kind of odd

Or was it ...... says: ( i will go away_)

Curt says: (hm....this seems really familiar)

Or was it ...... says: bye guys

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Bye.)

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (cough lot of editting for slam. and sharp is none too pleased with us I bet. lot of nasty comments he gunna make about us to slam)

Curt says: and another one named

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (bye)

Curt says: Tike made a clan called Clans Hinduism

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (This is GOOD, Curt!)

Curt says: others started to join and make clans of their own

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (wow curt. you got a mental block or something?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (No, his imagination valve is stuck open.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (slam you should have never let them in on this)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (:-p)

Or was it ...... says: (who me?)

Curt says: Then, came the fiercest battle of them all

Curt says: the Clan wars

Curt says: The only one to survive was CH

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh heh)

Curt says: and one called Buddah Clan

Curt says: BC

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (CLAN HINDU RULES)

Curt says: the other one was Blue Turbin

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (OOOOO RASTAFARIAN CLAN)

Or was it ...... says: (Sleepy)

Curt says: so many clans died

Curt says: as other "newdu" s entered the game

Curt says: they started making clans

Curt says: like

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (Dumbie Lamer)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Royal Hindus?)

Curt says: Ultimate Scarf Clan

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (Dali Lama)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Hehe)

Or was it ...... says: (lol)

Or was it ...... says: (USC)

Curt says: or Unkind Sorry Children

Curt says: as Thruster would put it

Or was it ...... says:

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Curt says:

   flash forward to present day - a year and a half later* 

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Kool!)

Curt says: its that dang old kid again

Curt says: SharpTux

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (WOO!)

Curt says: trying to hindu over SWB

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (:-))

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (where does he get his suit cleaned)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Curt says: another clan.... CH

Curt says: stepped in

Or was it ...... says: ( his dog washes it)

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (he looks so sharp)

Curt says: and made a new "religious"division

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Made by SKAM.)

Curt says: CH-R would be the name

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (SPAM)

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (SWAMY)


Curt says: So, the leader, SWAMY

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (K .)

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (l0l)

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (Westa Lama)

Curt says: had plans to well, use his powers in a online whiplash contest

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (went power mad and tried to take over Tike's clan, CH)

Curt says: defeating them

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (!?!)

Curt says: while another kid named

Curt says: (need a name for me)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Hurt)

Curt says: HurtBuddah

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Curt says: now, this HurtBuddah, was a spy

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (omg hurt? how hurtin is that name. come on ppl)

Curt says: spying on Huo, Tike, and SharpTux

Curt says: eventually SharpTux gave up and listened to what Hurt had told him

Or was it ...... says: (west)

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (Huo...... ok this has entered a new level of ..... hurtinosity)

Or was it ...... says: (maybe Sharp)

Curt says: "you cant do it" he said

Curt says: Sharp backed down

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (as always. cough)

Curt says: in an online IM to SWAMY

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (mmmmmmm glad you think that....)

Curt says: saying

Curt says: he quites

Curt says: quits

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (ummm. shouldnt that be like my realm there?)

Curt says: CH-R roars in a celebration

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (I say that more then anyone else)

Curt says: and then, this SWAMY guy and this SharpTux kid make a new thing called SLI

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (omg side note. a stupid person on my messenger is named "one tequila, two tequila,three tequila, floor"

Or was it ...... says: lol

Or was it ...... says: (:-))

Curt says: Scarf Legent Iimpromtu

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Or was it ...... says:

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (curt seriously. get a grip on your sanity)

Curt says: Hurt decided that it should be held on Huesdays, Hursdays, and Hundays

Curt says: they all agreed

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Curt says: then we go to Huly 17th

Or was it ...... says: (lol)

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (hop hsing h's)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (remind me again what this has to do with Nerf?)

Curt says: where they are telling legends on this HSN

Curt says: some kid named Hurt is telling the story

Or was it ...... says: (it doesnt sharp)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (HSN???)

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (then WestSieydder steps to the plate and smacks everyone,)

Curt says: about kids in a game called Nerf Arena Blast

Curt says: and then.....Hurt and Curt have a crazy dream the next night

Curt says: meeting each other in the desert

Curt says: or should i say india?

Curt says: same thing

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (K.)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Curt says: this dream was unbelieveable

Curt says: really, it was

Curt says: and then.....everyones computer crashed

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (models and suntan lotion and desert. you think up the rest)

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (the end)

Curt says: and all games were lost

Curt says: the end

WestSieydder loves Echo says: (GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (That was abrupt...)

Or was it ...... says: (west dont trust Slam for your cash register)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: But

SLAM(CD-CoS) says:


Curt says: thank you for joining me in this Lengent

Curt says: legend

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: uh

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says:

   clap clap* 

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Okay, that will take more editing than I like, but it was fun.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: ok ok I'll start

Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx would like to send you the file "Sharp.jpg" (42 Kb). Transfer time is less than 1 minute with a 28.8 modem. Do you want to Accept (Alt+T) or Decline (Alt+D) the invitation?

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: ?

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: thats my pic

Transfer of file "Sharp.jpg" from [TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx has been accepted. Starting transfer...

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: for your gallery

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Thx.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Kool! Thx.

You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\Matthew\My Documents\Messenger Service Received Files\Sharp.jpg from [TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx. Before opening this file, you may want to scan it with a virus-scanning program.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Did.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: ok

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: see it?

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Yah...

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Only a coupla problems...

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: thats me

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: ?

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: It's not you, and it's the wrong size .

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: yes it is me

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: and thats only size pic of me I have

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: !?!

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: thats me

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: ..

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Man...

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: That was annoying.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: what?

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: yeah it was

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Two people NOT to have on NSI again together.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Anyway, Sharp, please begin your story .

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: thats bad thing about young kids these days.. I like you though, your one of the good ones

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Okay, starting now.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Once upon a time, there was a group of nerfers.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Again? lol)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: They were Xunkprahs

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Oud

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: and Ekips

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: They were evil ones, them..

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Always trying to destroy things

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Hehe)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Well one time, they found a great building to nerf blow up..

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Sorry if I forget some parts but at this age I'm loosing my memory...)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (lol)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Come on, Sharp, don't do the old man thing .)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Don't call me an old man, I'm only 86 years young!)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Okay whipper snapper don't interupt us grown ups)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Anyway

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: They went to a great nerf store to buy nerf supplies

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: They got great nerf bombs, cycles, and the new, Ballstorm!

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Ballstorm? Yay!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: After supplying on ammo and guns, they got ready

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: They put on their Nerf Clothes, opened up their Nerf portal that they stole from the nerf time police (which is another story) and opened a little thingamabob that teleported them to the building

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: They climbed in the Air duct, but stupidly, Oud had forgotten his nerf bomb

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: So he quickly ran out to nerf look for it

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Ekips and Xunkprahs went on without him, because they didn't like young whippersnappers like Oud

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: They quickly nerf found the three nerf computers they had to Nerf beat.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Ekips had to nerf beat the Nerf Counter-Strike computer

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Oud had to beat the Nerf NAB computer

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: and Xunkprahs had to nerf beat the Nerf BFP computer

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Hehe)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: now, they were all cussing up a storm, those youngins, but soon, they won all of them!

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Hehe)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Ekips jumped up and hit his head on the air duct

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Oud was nerf smakced by a cat fish that had nerf swam its way from the pacific ocean just to smack Oud

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: and Xunkprahs was bonked with a frying pan by SPAM, their annoying sidekick

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: He was always repeatedly doing stuff

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (MALS)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: aahh yes

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: scratch that out it was MALS who was there

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (K.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Anynerfwho, after beating the nerf computers, they got into the main part of the arena

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: IT WAS A NERF ARENA!!

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: They thought, psht, this will be easy to beat!

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: But then, Nerf mist (a lot of foam) appeared and 3 figures nerf appeared

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: IT WAS CHAOS VOID AND ABYSS!! THE 3 BEST NERFERS EVER!!!!

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Chaos simply said "Surrender, or we will make you"

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: "NERF NEVER!!!!!!!!" Xunkprahs replied

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: With those few nerf words, the people started to fight

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Hee hee)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: They dodged behind the Nerf dead cat and pulled out their Ballstorms, while our heros dove behind a giant fish who was being nerf cooked by chefs (but thats another story) and pulled out their wild clips

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (I'll have to do a story next.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: The nerf battle begun, but for some reason, they were moving in nerf slowmo

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (? I dunno if I have time tonight )

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: They jumped out from behind their barricades, and yelled "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" in slow motion, shooting each other

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (And then what happened?)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: erm

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: my nerf computer nerf crashed

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (lol)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (K.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Anyway

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Go on.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (AAHHHHHH!! WTF!!!! WHY HOTMAIL CHANGE LAYOUT?!?!)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Nerfanyway)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Oud and Xunkprahs

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: ran towards our heros in slow mo blasting away

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: They were nerf shot in the legs while going, but easily nerf killed our heros when they tried to nerf matrix dodge

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: they all ended up falling because they can't limbo that good, but thats another story

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: anyway

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh heh)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Oud and Xunkprahs ran to pick up Ekips and take him with them

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: because he had the nerf bombs

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: They found the nerf main control support

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Hehe)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: in the air ducts

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: They set the nerf bombs in Ekips nerf pack, so that the whole place would nerf blow up and nerf explode

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: They were running out of the building, but then.. WHAT WAS THAT?!?!

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: IT WAS CHAOS!!

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Hehe)


SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: he pulled out his wild clip and blasted the two with it, then nerf went into them and nerf exploded them

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: he soon hopped on his nerf cycle and sped out of the parking lot, but unfortunately

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: he got pulled over by a nerf cop because he was exceeding the nerf speed limit

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: he tried to explain, but the nerf cop wouldn't listen, so Chaos pulled out his SSII and said "Dodge this" then nerf killed the nerf cop

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: some spectators asked

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (lol)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: "How much speed could a chaos make if a chaos could make speed?"

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: The narrarator simply said

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: "A chaos could make as much speed as a chaos could make speed, if a chaos could make speed"

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: As Chaos showed for us as he sped out just in time

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: The whole nerf building nerf exploded, and Chaos was sent flying into the air (which he nerf prepared for, those things always happen) and flew safely onto some nice hard concrete

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Chaos was soon sent to the emergency room, but thats another story


SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (And our three heroes?)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (I'm getting to that)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (K.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Ekips had died and went to Destination Clan

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Oud and Xunkprahs had failed in nerf taking over the building

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (except they blew it up and nerf killed all the people in it, but thats another story)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (But they tried to blow it up.)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Our two friends who had been to stupid to dodge, died and went to nerf heaven, where they could nerf until.. *sniff* until they *cry* I'm sorry this is too emotional

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says:

   sniff* they went to nerf heaven and they nerfed until their hearts were nerf filled of nerf joy *BAWL* 

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: The End

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says:


[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says:


Dr.Jekyll has been added to the conversation.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Okay, next up is the professional Dr.Jekyll!

SLAM(CD-CoS) says:


[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Yay!

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says:


Dr.Jekyll says: lol

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Now is this impromptu or what?

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: mine was completly impromptu

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Yep, you did good .

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: I made up everyword of it lol

Dr.Jekyll says: yeah

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: thanky

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says:


Dr.Jekyll says: did good

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: er

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: thanks

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: I guess lol

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Okay, DJ, get started .

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: didn't know you saw it

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: He didn't .

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: oh

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says:

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: it doesn't have a very nerf happy *sniff* ending.. *CRY*

Dr.Jekyll says: are you guys talking about yesterdays or somehting else?:

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: no I just did one

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: No, the one he just did.

Dr.Jekyll says: oh lol n/m

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: And now it's your turn!

Dr.Jekyll says:

   mocking tone* oh boy 

Dr.Jekyll says: ummmmm

Dr.Jekyll says: hmmmmm

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Ooh, Aah.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: don't plan

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: make

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says:

Dr.Jekyll says: k Sharp was playing some newbies online(owning them)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh heh)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (WOO!)

Dr.Jekyll says: and the evil Slam teleported him to a prison map using nerf ed

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (ROFL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Dr.Jekyll says: You will never escape MWAHAHAHA

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (That's five CD-S demerits, DJ :-).)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (:-))

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (lol)

Dr.Jekyll says: (lol)

Dr.Jekyll says: and then Slam saw Curt, Cus, Spike, and DJ online 2

Dr.Jekyll says: so he put them in prison 2

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (WHAT?!?!?!?)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (lol)

Dr.Jekyll says: he was planning to take over NAB

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (EVIL SLAM!!!!!!)

Dr.Jekyll says: Slam had amassed an army of newbies...

Dr.Jekyll says: (oh NO)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Dr.Jekyll says: with whompers and WCs

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Yayheuu...)

Dr.Jekyll says: they tied up the prisoners and were preparing to nerf execute them

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Hehe)

Dr.Jekyll says: When BD, and Duo flew in on Nerf airlines and rescued them

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Dr.Jekyll says: they went to a hideout to plan the fall of Slam

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (SLAM doesn't fall :-).)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Or hasn't yet anyway?)

Dr.Jekyll says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (we see about that )

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Okay.)

Dr.Jekyll says: the good guys started manufacturing whompers, to destroy Slam's army

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Hehe)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (woo!)

Dr.Jekyll says: they learned through nerf inteligence that Slam was staying in a hide out called CD Base

Dr.Jekyll says: (hehe)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Which wasn't yet finished lol.)

Dr.Jekyll says: which was under construction making it vunerable to attack(good idea thx )

Dr.Jekyll says: cuz when finished it would be indestructable

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Hehe)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (It IS in the right places.)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (You don't know what I've finished .)

Dr.Jekyll says: they also learned through a traitor, of Slams, they had paid off that there was a last resort base that had a route to the main 1 via a.....

Dr.Jekyll says: Spaceship?

Dr.Jekyll says: ( )

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (lol)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Hovercraft)

Dr.Jekyll says: (yeah, my mistake)

Dr.Jekyll says: but Slam had put in a hovercraft cuz the Spaceship made him throw up

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Dr.Jekyll says: so the heros planned a diversionary attack headed by BD, Duo, Dr.Jekyll, and Cus

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Custer's good at that .)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (I thought they were captive)

Dr.Jekyll says: (BD and Duo go them out )

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (what about me? )

Dr.Jekyll says: (you too )

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (But then SLAM redirected the dam and flooded the base out!)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (yay!)

Dr.Jekyll says: while this was happening Spike Sharp and Curt got HSs and would go in through the hovercraft

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (But Yogurt used the Shwartz to fix the dam)

Dr.Jekyll says: the attack was to be comensed the next day

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (which never took place because of CD's unorginized members)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL. Quiet j00!)

Dr.Jekyll says: (lol)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (*coughmainlyslamcough*)

Dr.Jekyll says: the Diverinary attack force all had dd whopmers anything else wouldn't have any effect on the newbie army

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (They hit Custer, who looked like a newbie just standing there in one place.)

Dr.Jekyll says: mewhile Slam was in the CC inside surrounded by his personal gaurd(Boom,Ryan,Sk8er,Pimp)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (llä ººj zñvvº xüñ|‹pråh§)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (lol)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (didn't he fire pimp..?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Not yet. Gotta talk to him.)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Dr.Jekyll says: (sry bout that)

Dr.Jekyll says: but Pimp cought the Flu and had to stay in the sick bay

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Good idea, I better add one of those.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (lol)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (:-))

Dr.Jekyll says: Spike,Sharp, and Curt went in throught the back while the attack was on

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (There isn't a back yet.)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Or is there now?)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (QUIET J00)

Dr.Jekyll says: they blasted throught the walls to the CC

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (K )

Dr.Jekyll says: (by back I mean the hovercraft )

Dr.Jekyll says: where they were met by the gaurds

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Okay.)

Dr.Jekyll says: Slam grabbed up his dd Scatt and blasted Sharp

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (HA!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Disrupted!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (WHAT?!?! SHARP IS SCAT MASTA!!!!!)

Dr.Jekyll says: but it only go thim in the arm

Dr.Jekyll says:


SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (!!!)

Dr.Jekyll says: Curt and Spike were taking on Ryan,Sk8er and boom

Dr.Jekyll says: Boom and Ryan nerf killed Curt

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (=\)

Dr.Jekyll says: but Spike got a whomper and and blasted them

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Poor Curt.)

Dr.Jekyll says: (Curt is avenged )

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Ow.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (lol)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (is that good thing?)

Dr.Jekyll says: Sharp launched a barage at Slam

Dr.Jekyll says: Slam and Ryan had to retreat to the back

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (barge or barage?)

Dr.Jekyll says: (barage)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (k lol)

Dr.Jekyll says: Ryan shot Sharp in the leg and Spike had to drag him to cover


Dr.Jekyll says: he patched the nerf wound up

Dr.Jekyll says: (Cuz Spike had a whomper and yall were scaied )

Dr.Jekyll says: (*scaird)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (K.)

Dr.Jekyll says: (lol)

Dr.Jekyll says: Slam shouted "give it up I have a whole newbie army coming to destroy you right NOW!!!!"

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (And there was a thundering down the hall...)

Dr.Jekyll says: Sharp shouted back "you had a army.... by now they are decimated to smoldering nerf ashes by our whomper diversinary team"

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Already?)

Dr.Jekyll says: they heard a thundering down the hall(lol)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (woo!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

Dr.Jekyll says: the good guys had arrived!!!!!

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Good . ABout time.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (yay!)

Dr.Jekyll says: Slam pulled out the modified whomper he bought from West

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Dr.Jekyll says: STOP NOW OR WE ALL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Dr.Jekyll says: Ryan and Slam made it to their armored car and escaped......

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Oh no...)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (I hope I tuned it up...)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (THE LIMO?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Yah. The armored car.)

Dr.Jekyll says: Slam yelled back "YOU WILL NERF KILL YOU ALL, I AM UNSTOPABLE!!!!"

Dr.Jekyll says: oops

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (But he was really just going bananas.)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (:-))

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (lol)

Dr.Jekyll says: "I WILL NERF KILL YOU ALL"

Dr.Jekyll says: Ryan thought to himself this guys gone phyco!!

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Not Ryan!!!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (We've fought for years!)

Dr.Jekyll says: and he blasted Slam

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (ROFL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (dangit)

Dr.Jekyll says: the terror was destroyed by his faithful bodygaurd

Dr.Jekyll says: and Ryan was never heard from again

Dr.Jekyll says: the end

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (awwww... WOOHOO!)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: GOOD STORY!!!!

SLAM(CD-CoS) says:

   opposite of applause* 

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says:


SLAM(CD-CoS) says: j/k

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: lol

SLAM(CD-CoS) says:


Dr.Jekyll says: lol'

Dr.Jekyll says: thx

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Much better than last one .

Dr.Jekyll says:

Dr.Jekyll says: yeah

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: And now, I'd like to stay and make a sequel to my last story, but I have to go to bed.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: So, until our next episode of NSI, GG!

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: GG!

Dr.Jekyll says: gg