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[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx has been added to the conversation.

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SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Hi, everyone, welcome to the third edition of NSI. With us today, we have of course, Sharpknux and myself, and we also have Curt, and Dr. Jekyll.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Sharp is hard at work on a parody he's going to perform for us tonight rather than a story.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: and curt

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: don't get mad

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: -)

Curt says: .....

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: His taste tends to lean towards rap, so he's parodying an Eminem song with his own material.

Curt says: dont get mad?

Curt says: how would i get mad?

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: erm

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: you'll see

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: or maybe I didn't put that part.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: hehe

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Hehe

Curt says: hm

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Okay, well, let's get started.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Since Sharp isn't ready just yet, and I'm kind of giving half attention to this now, let's get Curt to kick the show off.

Curt says: if its at all has material against me, speaking against me.....be prepared

Curt says: that goes out to sharp

Dr.Jekyll says: the band went suicidally to the techs looking for reinforcements

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (lol)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (The tech's can't shoot .)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (That IS suicide.)

Dr.Jekyll says: (lol)

Curt has left the conversation.

Dr.Jekyll says: The techs got mad(but the band had lied to them)

Curt has been added to the conversation.

Dr.Jekyll says: they got so mad they attacked

Dr.Jekyll says: immediately

Curt says: em

Curt says: why so many windows?

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (quiet j00)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Just this one...)

Curt says: ....hm

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (It said you left.)

Curt says: odd

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Yah.)

Dr.Jekyll says: all of them died(cuz they couldn't shoot) but it didn't matter becuz of the divesion the band was

able to get West's modified Whomper

Dr.Jekyll says: and blow up the tribe

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Where did the Tribe come from?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Not that I'm complaining.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (lol)

Dr.Jekyll says: (they were Wests allies)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Tribal 0wnage is fun .)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Okay.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (stupid pesky tribes men.. just when you think you nerf blow them all up, they nerf come back to nerf real life and they nerf attack you but you THINK you nerf blew up their nerf base and nerf killed them all.. nerf tsk tsk tsk..)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Hehe)

Dr.Jekyll has left the conversation.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (what the)

Curt says: .....

Dr.Jekyll has been added to the conversation.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Musta crashed.

Dr.Jekyll says: (sry again)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (quiet j00)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: ( please nerf go on, nerf jekyll)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (lol)

Dr.Jekyll says: West and Sk8er asked for a temporay ceace fire to negotiate

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL, West?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Well, maybe.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (nerf lol and nerf try to nerf flame nerf everybody?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Quiet, j00 .)

Dr.Jekyll says: West and Sk8er demanded the M whomper back

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh heh)

Dr.Jekyll says: (am I inadvertatly flaming some1?)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx has left the conversation.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (No, n/m)

Dr.Jekyll says: [kiss symbol]

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx has been added to the conversation.

Dr.Jekyll says: ?!?!?!

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (I WILL!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Good idea!)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (YES YOU WILL!! *coughandminetoocough*)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (erm hurry with the story please, I was supposed to be gone an hour ago)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: "Did any of you see anything behind us as we left?" Katie asked tiredly but resolved.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Custer, who had brought up the rear by standing in one place but moving said he saw nothing.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (lol)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: "Well, I didn't either," she continued, "But Ezra is no doubt following us. I know him, and he probably has already found out about what happened and is in pursuit."

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Almost as she finished, Curt knocked me down to the bottom of the the dug in, and shouted down.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: His actions were none too soon. a Nerf arrow flew scaldingly past my head, and exploded into the ground farther away. SLAM and Katie both ducked and raised their weapons, seraching for the attackers.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: The terrain out here was somewhat hilly, but they were flat hills, one could see for miles around. What one couldn't see through was the many rocks and bushes in the area.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Using those as cover, I realised, Ezra had followed us.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: As we took cover, several more rockets exploded.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Custer just stood there.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (lol)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Custer began returning fire with his ballzooka, coming just close enough to his targets to make them flinch back behind cover.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Finally, Custer decided that standing in one place all the time wasn't such a good idea, and ducked down.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (!!!!!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: The incoming fire stopped, and we heard Ezra's powerful Amish voice from somewhere in the direction we had come from.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: "You can't win! The old ways will not be changed Katie, and as for the rest of you, we will not allow you to return for us with more corruption and destruction!"

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (:-()

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: "We didn't mean to be here!" I shouted, just before SLAM cut me off.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: The Amish advanced, and both of the returned fire, even though occassionally taking glancing hits to the arms and shoulders.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Finally, the sound of salvation was coming down.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: A RAD team Nerf chopper came down, and sprayed the area with heavy mega dart fire. Untold numbers of Amish eithert retreated or were cut down.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: After the area was relatively clear, SLAM yelled for Katie to take the rope ladder the helicopter had just deployed, an get on board.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: SLAM rushed down to me, to check my condition.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: He scooped me up off the ground, and ran back to the top of the hill. The helicopter dropped a harness and I slid into it.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: SLAM then followed Katie up the rope ladder.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: One figure stood motionless at the bottom of the hill.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: It was Ezra.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (bam sharp shot his SSII at him and killed him he dead)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: He raised his Sharp shooter with vengeance in his eyes, and fired a dart after us just as the helicopter was leaving.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: The round went true, and hit Katie in the leg.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (*girlish gasp*)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: She tumbled, but SLAM caught her hand just as it missed the last step of the rope ladder.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Yah, yah, girlish gasp, sorry, forgot .)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: The copter's pilot knew of nothing wrong, and continued to increase speed and fly away.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: After I was pulled in, the men in the copter saw the situation below.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: They pulled the rope ladder up quickly, and hauled SLAM and Katie inside.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: After administering extra health powerups for the wounds, they landed the copter back in our main city.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: We were met by the respawned Sharpknux and Custer, who congratulated us on escaping and wanted to hear all about our adventure.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: There is more to tell about the continuation of this tale, but there is not time now. However, it is another story, and one that will be finished.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: The End.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: yay!

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: good story

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: *clap clap*

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: ok

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: well

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: gotta go

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Well, everyone, I know that one took long enough, but I hope you've enjoyed it.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: So do I.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: I'm Sharpknux, and this concludes this evenings NSI

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Bye everyone

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says:-)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: So, that's it for this edition of NSI.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Bye!

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: GG!

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: GG!