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[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: FINALLY

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: GEEZ MAN

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: where you been???

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Yah, sry .

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: My sis decided she wanted to use the computer.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says:


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[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: I've been having to own newbies and their dads in NAB

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: lol

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SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Hi.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Hi.

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SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Okay, we want to do the show now?

Curt says: hi

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Hi.

Jamie says: wait

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Wait for Peps.

Jamie says: gotta go bafwoom lol

Jamie says: Bathroom *

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Yah, just don't have any pants troubles.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Hold on, let me get my right font.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: LOL

SLAM(CD-CoS) says:


[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: hmm

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Invite me back in.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx has left the conversation.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: K.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx has been added to the conversation.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: K.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says:

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: That's better.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says:

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Hi, my name is Sharpknux, and I belong to Period freaks Anonymous.

Curt says: lol

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: LOL

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: My friends in this club are SLAM, Boom, and many others.

Curt says: I'm curt and i belong to spelling correction annomous

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Heh, okay, let's wait for Peps, and then start the show.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Yes sir, sir.

Jamie says: whhhhazazazazup

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Hi, Peps.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Remember everybody, we have to speak with ( ).

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Well, only when a story has been started.

Curt says: (yep)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Yah.)

Curt says: ah

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (SLAM!)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (CURT!)

Curt says: dont (yah.) to loud

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: lol

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Okay.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: ?

Curt says:


[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Okay, who's going first?

Jamie says: curt?

Jamie says: lol

Jamie says: i went poopy

Jamie says: ya

Jamie says: Was good

Curt says: ....

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Okay too much information.

Curt says: thanks for telling us

Jamie says: lol

Curt says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Hi, everyone, welcome to our second amazing edition of NSI, we've got a real goody for you this time.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: We've got here with us, once again, our friend Curt, and a long time NABer, Peps, known here as Jamie.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Yep, we are going to have this show with guests Peps, and Curt!

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: I think this is going to be the first time we try a story where more than one person decides what happens, so we'll have to see how this works out .

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Folks, this will probably get crazy, and if I have anything to do with it, crude.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Don't worry though, I'll edit it for content before this is released :-).

Curt says: (hehe)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: But first, we are going to have Curt tell a story for us.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Okay, Curt, give us a title, and get started!

Curt says: ok

Curt says: NAB Racers

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Uh oh..)

Curt says: (street racing)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (I can hear the crashage already)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Hehe)

Jamie says: (lol)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (The Nerf Fast and the Nerf Furious.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOL)

Jamie says: (HEHE)

Curt says: thats whre I got it from

Curt says: lol

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh heh...)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Don't laugh too loud, j00!)

Jamie says: (f00)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (lol)

Curt says: It was a nice, sunny day.... and Custer just posted a thing on the NAB forum for an upcoming NAB street racing competition. Be sure to bring your Trains, Cars, Planes or Hover Vehicles.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Yay, hovers!)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (What about Nerf Cycles??)

Curt says: And nerf Cycles

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh)

Jamie says: (can i bring my tonka trucks?)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (No j00, go away )

Curt says: And tonka Trucks

Jamie says: (woooohoo)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (lol)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Okay, enough insanity, on with the craziness!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (er...show)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Quiet j00!)

Curt says: The due date to enter of this competition was only 3 days away! how could anyone enter?

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (lol)

Curt says: amazingly, Custer had brough in 6 entries

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (He has a knack for that, doesn't he?)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Go Cus!! How did he do it? Standing there?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Cus a magnet)

Curt says: Curt, SLAM, Custer, Sharp, Pepes, and Ace had entered successfully

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Good old Ace :-).)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Pepes)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says:

Jamie says: (did u just call me pepes?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Yes, he did)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (QUIT J00 TOO)

Jamie says: (lol)

Curt says: Correction Folks Curt says: its Peps

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (K )

Jamie says: (slam....did u just call me kramit?) dont edit this

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Erm...no.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Okay, shut up, let curt tell story)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Might we quiet down for Curt's story?)

Curt says: The next day, all racers were tuning up their unreal script for the best vehicle ever. While peps was using a screw driver for his tonka trucks

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOL)

Jamie says: (dang things wont put together*)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (hehe)

Curt says: Ace working on his Low Grav vehicle that meraculously changes gravity on cue. SLAM on his Hover Craft that can also repel gravity, Curt on his Train. Custer, standing in one spot, and Peps on his plastic trucks.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (ROFL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL, Custer's always there :-).)

Curt says: and the vehicle for Sharp has not been decided yet...

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (*coughnerfcyclecough*)

Jamie says: (my tonka's are gonna win !)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says:

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (A flying cookie...)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOL)

Curt says: (LOL)

Curt says: Well, it seems Sharp has decided and he will be racing on his high powered 512 ping nerf cycle

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

Curt says: We all knew Sharp was planning to "take over" the race along with spike and duo

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (ROFL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Curt says: they were building not only a cycle, but a death machine

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOL)

Jamie says: (lol)

Curt says: fully equiped with whomper

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (For dramatic Nerf Deaths...)

Curt says: and fully automoatic pulsator

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Nerf bomb too)

Jamie says: (Battle bots)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Quiet j00)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Wild clip =\)

Curt says: and the newly added nerf bombs

Jamie says: (my tonka will still run em over!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Now, how do you use a Nerf Bomb in a race?)

Curt says: The nerf bomb is like a land mine

Curt says: but timed

Jamie says: (like bomberman?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Ah, K, please continue.)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (BRB, I gotta obey my thirst)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Just do it!)

Curt says: It was now the date of the race, friday the 13th. Sharps favorite time of the year

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Curt says: We all sat at the starting line in Curt's not yet finished map, Racing Mayhem.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh heh)

Jamie says: (yay)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (I wonder if SLAM is gonna "accidently" make luna cheerleaders....)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Shut up, j00)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (yes sir )

Jamie says: (f00)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Ah, it's all in the hotkeys :-).)

Curt says: there sat: Sharp's High powered cycle, SLAM's hover, Curt's Train, Custers one spot that he stands in, and Peps rusted tonka trucks with his new CD rom game featuring Tonka tom

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOL)

Jamie says: (yea i beat the game)

Jamie says: (took me 60 days to pass the first level)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (lol)

Curt says: As the lights triggered, RED, YELLOW.....

Curt says: then Green

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (QUIT J00 I SPIT UP MY SPRITE LAUGHING)

Curt says: The race was off!

Jamie says: (yea i hacked on my PB and J)!

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Go, team!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Oh, what team?)

Curt says: Custer, unexpectedly, didn't leave his spot...

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Jamie says: (GO CUS U CAN WIN!)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (DANGIT YOU MADE ME SPIT UP SPRITE AGAIN)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Time for a revolution against thirst...)

Jamie says: (made me hack on my pb)

Curt says: SLAM is now in First, Curt in Second, Sharp in a low 3rd, and Peps squeeking along in that truck

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Is rooting for sharp and his NAB-Destroying do-gooders)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (badders)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (And Custer just standing there?)

Jamie says: (hey dont make fun of the squeeking!)

Curt says: Curt boosts into first, and SLAM right in second

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Grr...)

Jamie says: (what about peps?)

Curt says: they battle for the top spot for 3 laps

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (squeek)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Jamie says: (lol)

Curt says: After lapping peps....

Jamie says: (Papapapap choooo papappappa chooo)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (My stomach hurts so far. Keep going, Curt :-).)

Jamie says: (i bet peps comes back in the lead!)

Curt says: We both thought that it was either my or SLAM's race, but then, there came Ace and Sharp

Jamie says: (HEY wait what about charlie brown?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (After 3 laps? You aint got a chance, buddy.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Hmm what happened to Ace? Was he complaining about 28kers beating him?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Curt says: Ace bouncing up and down on the gravity car

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Hehe)

Curt says: and sharp right in front of him on his high powered nerf cycle

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Nerfbomb time, I can feel it...)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (And then sharp pulls out his cell phone)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (For what?!?!?)

Curt says: As sharp gained on us, he kept yelling out to us " i own peps. and ace"

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Ace in his way)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (ITS ONLY TRUE!! *cry*)

Jamie says: (i ran on my hands and knees holding my tonka going VRROOM it gave me better touch )

Curt says: Sharp drops a Nerf Bomb right infront of ace

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (pain)

Curt says: ace hits the bomb and he goes swerving into outer space

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)


Jamie says: (that reminds me of Short cercuit and johney 5)

Curt says: Its now the 5th and final lap, sharp still in 3rd , slam and curt tied, and peps....we dont know where he is

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Fell in a pothole...)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Caused by Sharp's NerfBomb.)

Jamie says: (i went underground )

Jamie says: see

Curt says: they were 500 yrds from the finish line

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (QUIET J00 DON'T SEE SO LOUD)

Curt says: Sharp thinks to himself "im gonna own them!"


[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (And then Abyss pulls out crossbow and pops slam and curt in head)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (No way)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (:-))

Curt says: then, a small door opens up from the ground and peps comes crawling out Jamie says: (HAHA ) ( IM STILL ALIVE)!

Curt says: Right in front of SLAM and Curt

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (BAM!)

Jamie says: (weeeeeee)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (His head rolls past the finish line...)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Winner by a head...)

Jamie says: (slam let him tell the story )

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (K .)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (But that's what'll happen.)

Curt says: then, Curt and SLAM loked back at sharp after hearing the Whomper fireing noise only to find out that a whomper blast was heading straight for them

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (SLAM couldn't move because of his vehicle's mover property Keypoints...)

Jamie says: (SHH ZIP)

Jamie says: (LOL!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (j/k)

Curt says: not only was it an whomper blast, but an altied whomper blast

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (EEK! I'M RUNNING OUT OF NERF FUEL!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (:-))

Jamie says: (likes your ship on CD base)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh heh, thx)

Curt says: the first one hit curt

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (What a self-sacrifice.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (if slam was in limo on CD base he'd be behind cus)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Curt says: and his train's engine w00ted its last w00ts

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (AND THEN CUSTER WINS BY THE FAULT)

Jamie says: (LOL)

Curt says: then, wents straight for SLAM

Jamie says: (IM GONNA WIN!)

Curt says: hit him the hardest and his hover powered way down...

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (GAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOILED AGAIN!)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (And cus mooves so fast you didn't even see him finish, he won before you guys started)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (=\)

Jamie says: (lol)

Curt says: 200 yrds, Sharp and peps racing

Jamie says: (VROOM)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (hmm)


Curt says: sharp fires his automatic pulsator at peps

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Wonders where abyss is with giant Nerf Laser)

Curt says: defeating him and leaving sharp for the victory

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (pep pep pep pep pep, er...I mean pop.)

Jamie says: AHHHHH

Jamie says: (I MEEN AHHHHHHH)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Curt says: OH NO!!! Sharps cycle's chain seems to have come undone from the gears

Jamie says: (that wasnt sharp!)

Jamie says: (YEAY)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (YAY!)

Jamie says: (ME WIN!)

Curt says: sharp goes carineing into the river

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (And sharp runs out of nerf fuel 1 cm behind finish line)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Curt says: Carining into peps*

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (OW OW OW OW OW!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (I DON'T feel your pain, peps.)

Jamie says: (whats carining mean)?

Jamie says: (LOL)

Jamie says: (who wins?)

Curt says: peps's truck's wheels unscew and go flying towards what looks like custer and ace

Curt says: Ace jumped out of the way, but custer....

Curt says: he stayed

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (What LOOKS like?)

Curt says: in his spot

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Did they get dismembered too?)

Jamie says: (LOL!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Custer's thinking, "This wasn't such a good idea.")

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (AND CUS WINS!!!!!!!!!!!)

Curt says: Cus still had to do his laps

Curt says: so

Curt says: Curt picks up the spot he stands in, with him standing on it

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

Curt says: and transports it around the track with nerfed

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (So Cus has tea time then he vrooms around track)

Jamie says: (Dont get it *)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Curt says: Cus finishes and wins the race!

Jamie says: (lol)

Jamie says: (but but but I WANNA WIN)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (yay!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (YAY!!!)

Curt says: we all got together to cheer on cus

Jamie says: (YAY!!!!!!!!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Where?)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (WOOO)

Jamie says: (who gets second?*)

Curt says: Ace yelling "but, i had 300 ping, what am i supposed to do?"

Jamie says: lol

Jamie says: (LOL)

Curt says: The lunas greet Cus and hands him the trophy

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (quiet j00 the luna's do what they want)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (;-))

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (That's what I know .)

Jamie says: (End?)

Curt says: then, as the story ends, we see Cus being carried by SLAM, Curt sharp, ace and Peps

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Where do we throw him?)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (In 10 seconds I get disconnected)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: ?!?!?

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (I mean ?!?!?)

Curt says: they walk out of the stadium

Jamie says: (copier)

Curt says: and then Custer yells out "Party at my House"

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Oh boy...He's in trouble now...)

Jamie says: (wonders when its time for peps)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx has left the conversation.

Curt says: So we set him down and went to apartment #2 in SLAM's SkyScraper in NN

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh heh)

Curt says: They partied all night til they couldnt party no more

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx has been added to the conversation.

Curt says: THE END

Jamie says: (peps walks over to the street dance)

Jamie says: lol

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (clap)

Jamie says: (Claps*)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh heh, good story.)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says:


Jamie says: (w00t w00t ChattER)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Yay, okay peppy, your turn.)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Okay, that was awesome.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Yup.

Curt says: Thank you for joining me in The Nerf Fast and the Nerf Furious

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Peps, would you care to take the stage now?

Jamie says: ( OH NO!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Tell us about your story.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (I guess I the Nerf Furious)

Jamie says: Uh , I have butterflies in my stomouch

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Well, burp.

Jamie says:


SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Better?

Jamie says: didnt help

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Oh...

Jamie says: well any way

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Okay, well, give us the run down anyway.

Jamie says: this story is about nerf fighting in the basemant!

Jamie says: This one is a *LITTLE TRUE*

Jamie says: but The names were changed to protect the injured.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Jamie says: names are

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Injured? Oh boy...)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Bob)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Jack)

Jamie says: peps, Curt , Sharpnuxx , And slam.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (YAY!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Sounds familiar )

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (And Sharp 0wnz j00 all)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Good one, Peps.)

Jamie says: unfortunatly Bob jack and fred died.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Good .)

Jamie says: well

Jamie says: the teams were about to be picked

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (With his SSII, ARrrowstorm, Nerf Bombs, and Wild Clip (v 3.56))

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (No, it's Tom, Dick, and Hairy...er...Harry.)

Jamie says: Custer as host , Was watching for fouls

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh heh...)

Jamie says: Custer picks Slam and Sharp Vs Peps and Curt

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (ROFL 0WNAGE)

Jamie says: but only one problem

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Sounds okay...)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (:-))

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Sharp is more vet than everybody.. and he owns them all?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Nothing that tacky.)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (:-))

Jamie says: curt and peps had better base , because sharp and slam were dumb enough to pick a under the steps advantage without Any couch's

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (!)

Jamie says: First Curt and peps starting making there base

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (We don't need it, we got skillZ)

Curt says: (w00t, on PEP's Team)

Curt says: (you all gonna die)

Curt says: (i got my TS and Scatter)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh heh, no, YOU gonna Nerf die.)

Jamie says: They through a lamp on the floor to tip over a table for blocking , then peps tipped over a couch and put TS and HS under it

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (yah your TS that shoots 800 yards...)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Curt says: (i have pictures of it on my other comp...)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (show me =\)

Jamie says: in the meen while

Curt says: dont have my other comp.....

Jamie says: Slam and sharp

Jamie says: tipped over a basket ball hoop

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (?)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (It ok my SSII, A-Storm, and Cross bow 0wnz it)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (WHile Sharp was being overconfident.)

Jamie says: and put a net in the hoop for major blockage

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Sharp has won 6 vs. 1 Nerf battles)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh heh)

Jamie says: sharp said he would be right back and went upstairs to chow down on cheesy poofs and Root beer

Curt says: (shaddup)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (...)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Hands SLAM Big 3)

Jamie says: Slam started looking for some Appliances for the fight

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Big 3 what?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: ("Appliances?")

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Big 3 nerfguns....)

Jamie says: he found a whomper under the steps

Curt says: (and sharp gets a BIG GULP from the mobil On-The-Run)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (quiet j00)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Double Damage on the LOL)

Jamie says: In the mean while Curt and peps were building a biggg base

Curt says: (:-))

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (We and SLAM have cell phones, AND WE NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM)

Jamie says: but they accidently tipped over a couch on the cat

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Curt says: (me and Peps have nerf walkie talkies)

Jamie says: True.......

Jamie says: but we had star wars ones

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (That make you sound like Darth Vader?)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Hmm.. you don't get the cell-phones bit.. a kind of inside joke )

Jamie says: no , they make u sound like princess leia

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (..)

Jamie says: Sharp was the only one having fun with them

Jamie says: but then Lucky and Duo came in

Jamie says: Noticing sharp wasnt there

Jamie says: he decided to come with Curt and peps

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (hehe ok)

Jamie says: the fight was almost finished

Jamie says: i meen

Jamie says: The

Jamie says: the fight was almost started

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (K .)

Jamie says: but there was only ONE problem

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Jamie says: we couldnt find custer

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Big difference .)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh, can you ever?)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (he stood there with pulsator 0wnzing us)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (K .)

Jamie says: Curt had and idea

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL, yah!)

Jamie says: he went alllll the way to england and saw

Jamie says: custer standing in front of the TV

Curt says: (in his one spot)

Jamie says: in his ONLY spot

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh heh)

Jamie says: so we tore down his house and took it to virginia at sharps house

Jamie says: where the fight was

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Hmmm)

Jamie says: custer was ready

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Jamie says: All the fighters with there gun

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (goody, my RAD team will back me up! )

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (That's STARBUCK's RAD team.)

Jamie says: Sharp with some cheesy poofs saying * im reffy now gimme some roof beer

Curt says: (UNC and AE will kill your RAD team)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Sharp, or Scooby Doo?)

Curt says: (LLO)

Jamie says: Shaggy...

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (:-))

Jamie says: well

Curt says: (Scrappy doo)

Jamie says: the targets were up and

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (saw me bangin on the counter.. wasn't me)

Jamie says: custer started explaining the rules

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Point Targets? Oh no...)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (KEEP BOOM AWAY)

Jamie says: Now shooting below the belt !!!!! These arent point targets!

Curt says: (we all know sharp owns us with these)

Jamie says: there is a jail over there in the bathroom

Jamie says: if the other team shoots the little target

Jamie says: the person gets to come out

Jamie says: uh oh...

Jamie says: amd i gonna disconnect!

Jamie says: nm lol

Jamie says: Well

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (if we ever meet IRL, I wanna have nerf war 3 on 1 with j00 guys =\)

Jamie says: The Rules have been said now the fight has started!

Curt says: (ok sharp, your on )

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (:-))

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Yah )

Jamie says: curt with the first shot popped over the couch and shot slam in the head , slam has 2 more lives left now .

Jamie says: out of 3

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh, okay.)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (I be dodgin like in the matrix)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (I always fall though.. )

Jamie says: sharp turns around ducks under the hoop and wacks curt below the belt

Curt says: (3 on 1, were gonna kill you, since i host wars in the summer)

Jamie says: Custer h00ts Hey! Your out! for 2 min!

Curt says: (what area?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (In the butt.)

Curt says: (oooooo)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (:-))

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ow)

Jamie says: Well

Curt says: (it got stuck)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Jamie says: now peps pops out and Cracks sharp in the head with a whomper

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Wait)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Cracks him in the head with a whomper...He was out of ammo or something?)

Jamie says: slam comes weeping across and takes a TS to peps head


[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOL)

Jamie says: lol



[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (I did once)

Curt says: (LOL)

Curt says: (you always do sharp)

Jamie says: peps falls Then curt comes out and hits slam and sharp

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (OW!)

Jamie says: Custer comes up and sais HEY REMEMBER THE RULES! *throws a show into curts head*

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (A show?)

Jamie says: SHOE*

Curt says: (.....)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Jamie says: its happened

Jamie says: but actually it was a boot

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (He has a print of the british flag on the side of his face now...)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (A boot from the last PvD party...l)

Curt says: (curt paints little sharp symbols on his bedroom wall for each kill)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Jamie says: lucky comes out and sees a vortex tornado sitting ...*thinking is this legal?* takes it out and gives a sting to slams head


SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (WHAT?!?!?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (I'm better than that...)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (It okay buddy, I got j00r back)

Jamie says: but it seems that sharp has 1 more life left

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Okay...)

Jamie says: Sharp takes a chance

Jamie says: brings out a scatter shot

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (With 512 ping, no way...)

Jamie says: Rings the Target

Jamie says: and slam is backi n the game

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (YAY!)

Jamie says: Sharp is at his home town

Jamie says: he has 20 ping

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Thx! )

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Then out of no where void jumps down from the garage rafters and blasts everybody to next tuesday with larmai 2500)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Ah, a LAN game, I see...)

Curt says: (20!!??)

Jamie says: yes 20

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (I get 90...)

Curt says: (if it was LAN, it would be 0)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (or 70...)

Jamie says: no

Jamie says: or 30

Jamie says: depends

Curt says: (yes)

Jamie says: OK SHUSH

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (SHUT UP! Please continue :-).)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (And while the refs keep blabbing Void keeps blasting)

Jamie says: well i was gonna say somethings

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Please do.)

Jamie says: But.......

Jamie says: Slam got mad and took a run past the base and ran into the couch

Jamie says: tipping it over and kicking peps outta the game

Jamie says: curt is left

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (What about the cat?)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (And then Sharp and Void do idiotic jumps out of trash cans and blast away 6 people)

Jamie says: sharp runs by and Puts gun up to his face

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (This is true folks, void and I are stupid)

Jamie says: Give me luck!

Curt says: (yes, we know sharp)

Jamie says: then he runs in shoots another target For more lives

Jamie says: hes back upu to 3

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Sharp holds SSII in hands and kisses it, then says "man you were good in bed last night" he then proceeds to battle field to 0wnz)

Jamie says: curt pops out and Rings the target peps is back out

Jamie says: Slam gets reeeeeealllly mad

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Jamie says: and runs to the other base

Curt says: (being edited by SLAM)

Jamie says: Trieng to tip over the *OTHER couch*

Jamie says: but

Jamie says: He slips over a cat

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (hehhe

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: )

Jamie says: and hits his head on a broken lamp

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (A dead cat?)

Curt says: (slipping on a cat?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (OW!!!)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (ROFL)

Jamie says: Slam had died and has been ejected from the fight

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Nerf died)

Curt says: (knocked out)

Jamie says: now its only sharp

Jamie says: vs curt and peps

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (oo ya no chance guys =\)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (pulls out wild clip)

Jamie says: peps comes over not noticing abbout the basket ball hoop on the ground

Jamie says: Peps trips and

Curt says: (wild clip?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (:-))

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (read my other story =\)

Jamie says: rams into the side of the steps and dies

Jamie says: Curt comes up

Jamie says: And sais

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

Jamie says: maybe that was a good idea for a base under the steps.....

Jamie says: HAAHAHA

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Blork)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

Jamie says: Well ne way while peps was dieng he said to sharp


[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Sharp says Blork)

Jamie says: curt jumps down

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Jamie says: saying

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (:-))

Curt says: (with his TS)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (and takes C-Bow and nails curt in eye)

Jamie says: hokin!

Jamie says: HOKIN!

Curt says: (curts eye leaks)

Jamie says: HOKKKKINN!

Jamie says: those darn hokers!

Jamie says: Sharp comes running out

Jamie says: jumps over a dead cat

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (With SSII)

Jamie says: Jumps over slam

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (ROFL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Heh heh)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (My points...)

Jamie says: Turns into a super saiyan

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (?!?)

Jamie says: BFP

Jamie says:


[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Then does mid air jump off curb and nails curt with a-storm)

Jamie says: and flies to the base

Curt says: (curt gets sharps mom down here, and curt tells his mom of his explicit language and sharp is ejected from the game)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (sorry, me using too much real stuff)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (ROFL)

Curt says: (pulling sharps ear up the stairs)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

Jamie says: wellll

Curt says: (and waving finger at him)

Jamie says: now

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOLLOLOLOLOLLOLOL)

Jamie says: then

Jamie says: He sees

Jamie says: the martial arts champion of the world!

Curt says: (Jackie chan?)

Jamie says: who is that?! yells curt

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (OH NO!)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Chuck norris!)

Jamie says: its its

Curt says: (lol)

Jamie says: BOMBERMAN! AND HIS assistant!

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (..)

Curt says: (ah, yes a lone ranger)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Whew!)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Texas ranger)

Curt says: (....lol....my bad)

Curt says: (show on CBS....i think.....LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (yah)

Jamie says: the name is HURCULE

Jamie says: hahahaahahahahah

Curt says: (what color is he?)

Jamie says: Green

Jamie says: lol

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (sharps shoots a slingshot)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (hurcule goes crying home for mommy)

Curt says: (with pink highlights?)

Jamie says: Sharp pulls out a Rocket launcher

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (A WHAT?!?!?)

Jamie says: Kills hurcule

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (ROFL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (UT kills, or Nerf kills?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (If UT, he respawns...)

Jamie says: Curt looks around shoots sharp 2 times

Curt says: (Sharp works for underground mafia)

Jamie says: and sharp shoots him 2 times

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (QUIET J00)

Jamie says: only 1 more shot to kill em botch

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (YOU NOT SUPPOSED TO TELL)

Jamie says: both

Jamie says: and then

Jamie says: the both shoot a scatter at same time......

Curt says: (get on with the story?)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Slow motion...)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Camera circle...)

Jamie says: aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Sharp dies but because of Lag his shot kills curt too)

Jamie says: Matrix

Jamie says: lol

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Yes.)

Jamie says: they both die

Jamie says: Custer comes peeking out

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Nerf die.)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Jamie says: and sees bomberman

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (And hides?)

Jamie says: BOMBERMAN u have won!

Jamie says: but but but

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (?)

Jamie says: AHHH *custer runs*

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (?)

Jamie says: and notices

Jamie says: some one standing there

Jamie says: it was curt

Curt says: (he moved?)

Jamie says: curt *WAS * alive

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (!)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (NO!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Jamie says: Curt won the match

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Sharp gets up matrix style)

Curt says: (WOOHOO)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (YOU LIE!!!!!!!!!!!)))))))

Jamie says: But wait!

Jamie says: he didnt!

Curt says: (curt pulls out ss2 and says "Dodge this")

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (lol)

Curt says: (from matrix)

Jamie says: peps comes shooting out at the ground with a tonka truck

Jamie says: but peps is dead

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (hey j00 don't steal ideas)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (!)

Jamie says: Sharp is holding peps dead body in midair

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (ROFL)

Curt says: (with his dead cat)

Jamie says: no

Jamie says: slam has the dead cat

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (niiiiice kitty...)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOL)

Jamie says: Sharp throws a tonka truck at curts head

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (..)

Curt says: (LOL)

Jamie says: Noticing he also sees

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Jamie says: a hover craft

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (!)

Jamie says: curt throws a hover craft at Sharp

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (lol)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Jamie says: and also

Jamie says: peps and slam

Jamie says: are talking in the underworld

Curt says: (LOL)

Jamie says: Or known as THE other window

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ROFL)

Curt says: (end?)

Jamie says: curt falls down

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (ow)

Jamie says: and has died with last words of hokin must live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (LOL)

Curt says: (nerf dies)

Jamie says: Sharp falls down * in relief of the winning match*

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (YAY!!!!!!!!)

Jamie says: Sharp and slam won

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Ahh...)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (:-))

Jamie says: but custer shut down the server

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (!)

Curt says: ......

Jamie says: and went back home to england

Jamie says: and sat in the same spot

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Ah well...)

Jamie says: Stood*

Curt says: (lol)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Didn't want to miss the next PvD concert .)

Curt says: (LOL)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Server was shut down before sharp could get screen of beating curt )

Jamie says: sharp and slam went to go celebrate with some root beer and cheesy poofs

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (YEAH!)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (No, GOLDFISH!)

Curt says: (i lost?......how could i lose?.......)

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (Cause you quit Security.)

Curt says: thats impossible

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (Because, I am the one.)

Jamie says: Curt and peps go on and eat goldfish and drink some beer watching some DBZ

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (DBZ?!?!)

Jamie says: while sharp and slam are watching rugrats

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: (That is the weirdest show I have ever seen...)

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: (ROFL)

Jamie says: THE END!

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Good story!

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says:

   clap clap* 

Jamie says: uh

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: good ending!

Jamie says: good begining

Jamie says: The names were changed to protect the injured.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: I like that, great for your first time, and a fun story .

Jamie says: The names were changed to protect the injured.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Heh heh.

Jamie says: i copied it

Jamie says: lol

Jamie says: oh yeagh

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: lol

Curt has left the conversation.

Jamie says: u guys

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: LOL

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: curt mad

Jamie says: that *WAS * a real story

Jamie says: but not about the dieng things

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: he always leaves when I beat him

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says:

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: LOL

Jamie says: the part about the boot.....

Jamie says: Was real LOL!

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: LOL

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: LOL

Jamie says: ye

Jamie says: a

Jamie says: i think some one got hit by a shovel to

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: ............

Jamie says: no

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: LOL

Jamie says: it was a gun

Jamie says: lol

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: lol

Jamie says: i think i through it

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Hey, guys, invite Curt again, he got disconnected.

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: onetime somebody threw expandablast across room and hit wall really hard

Jamie says: Hokin!

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: it was funny

Jamie says: u guys

Jamie says: i had a great time

Jamie says: lol

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Me too, and we're not even done yet, folks!

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Hmm

Jamie says: We arent!?

Jamie says: BUT BUT BUT

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: This better be short =\

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: no

Jamie says: i wana go sweepy bye!

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: multip person

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Guys, Curt can't get in yet.

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: Try inviting hi,/

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: him

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: lol

Jamie says: i did

Jamie says: lol

Jamie says: here i got a better idea

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: ?

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: Okay everyone, good night, it was a good show! I'm Sharpknux

Curt says: and I'm Curt, signing off for NSI, good night to you all

Jamie says: Im peps, looking for my tonka trucks and Good night yall Buh bye

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: And I, of course, am SLAM, saying good night, show, and everything else, and we all just want to say one last thing:

SLAM(CD-CoS) says: GG!

[TrüéVét§]§hârp|<ñüx says: GG!

Curt says: GG!

Jamie says: GG!