Happy Halloween

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Todd was scared. He hadn't been to this arena before. He had invited Phoebe to come along, because if she got afraid he was hoping she would hug him...but this "haunted Halloween house" was too darn terrifying! (After all, Todd is only small and weedy!)

He gripped his triple strike tightly, as the house moaned, and creaked, and something scuttled across the floor - a rat!! Phoebe was carrying the Scattershot, her eyes wide - she looked pretty darn sexy, Todd wondered what color bra and panties she had on...

"WHOOOOAAHHHH!!!" - the noise came from behind them. Todd wished he was wearing brown trousers, but he turned, and fired three rockets into the enormous ghoulie! It exploded in a rain of green puke, which showered down on them. Todd could hardly see, he wiped his eyes. Phoebe had the gunk in her hair, she was cursing - wow, what a girl! Todd didn't know what half the words meant, but he hoped to find out - and soon! A giant vampire bat swooped at them, but Phoebs caught it with a single blast of shot and it flew apart, turning to dust like those vampires on Buffy - and the dust fell over them, making them cough.

"You are a stupid little punk", Phoebe said in her thrilling,sexy voice.

"Hoping to cop a feel, by getting me scared?"

"I - I just wanted to bring you here and protect you," the little Tycoon lied.

"It was all Tweety's fault, he said this was a cool place..." He had really said no such thing, but Todd felt there was enough blame for it to need spreading around a bit. Besides, he thought that Phoebe was rather sweet on Tweets. "Oh did he, the skunk!" Phoebe put her hand on Todd's hair, and Todd felt the thrill go right down into his (not very clean) socks. And then she looked at the extra green goo she had got on her hand, and sighed. "I think we'd better go."

"Um..." (Todd had been hanging out with Skippy too much lately) "This place has a time limit, we can't get out until the 20 minute mark."

"WHAT!!" Phoebs didn't sound happy. A distant wolf howled, and Todd shivered. "I thought you said SLAM built this place?"

"No, somebody called Sam - or Baron Samedi, to be more formal," Todd said sheepishly. "Nice fellow, but doesn't get out much during the day." Another ghoulie ran at them, howling and waving a gleaming, sharp-as-a-razor axe. Phoebe and Todd fired together, and ducked as the rotten yellow death-fluids exploded in all directions. It smelt disgusting!

"Well, at least we can head for outside", Phoebs told her bedraggled companion, as he tried to scrape the sticky, stinky gloop off his face. "Fresh air would be...nice..."

A skeleton attacked, and Todd blew it to pieces, then stamped on the skull. One bony arm still moved for a moment, until Phoebe kicked it away. A werewolf leapt out at them, but Phoebs Scattershot it, and it slumped to the ground, melting away into what looked like pink custard. Todd accidentally trod in it, and the whole pink mass shuddered and tried to move away. A great, glowing dog with yellow eyes and great red fangs sprang out of the darkness - Todd ducked and it leapt over him, then sighted the triple strike on its rump and fired - boy, did that animal look surprised! It yelped, nearly hit the ceiling, and ran off, still yelping and howling.

"I'm more of a cat person, myself", Phoebe commented, as they finally approached the front door. A ghost rushed at them, and through them, making them as cold as ice for an instant - and then Todd grabbed the door handle, and turned it...zzzzzzt! It was electrified, he shook, sparks flying, but managed to turn the handle, and the door fell open. Phoebe rushed through, managed to push Todd along with her and free of the handle. They stumbled into the front drive, into the cool night air. Cars were passing, and kids in "trick or treat" costumes with bags of candy...all was normal. They looked back at the old, dark house. It wavered for a moment, and then seemed to collapse, with a noise like thunder it fell apart into dust and rubble.

They stood, watching, dirty and disheveled.

"Todd", Phoebe began. "Your - your hand!" "What?" "Move it or lose it, short stuff!"

Wow! That was written by me, Renegade, and wasn't it, well... thrilling! If you like good stories, do check out Tweety's site too, the man can write...