Atari in Medway

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Second Lieutenant Brad "Spy" Halford was amazed when he read his latest orders, they actually made some sense. Apparently the new president was helping Atari get back into a position to use its large economic base. Mr. Marcus Dominus, who was president before he was chased out of office, would never have given such a sensible order. All he would have thought about was how to use these current events to increase his immorality.

The orders were simple, the Albanians had already attacked Zdon and had declared war on Galaxy, due to its alliance with Zdon. All that was left was to get them to join forces with Atari and declare war with Hasbro, who knows, maybe he would get lucky and Hasbro would declare war on the Albanians. Spy had been given two "assistants" (body guards) that he could trust, Sergeants Bomber and Reaper. Now all he had to do was go to Medway and try to stir up trouble between Albania and Hasbro.

As spy stepped out of the Atari helicopter that had brought to Medway alarms sounded all over the city. His first instinct was to run back to the helicopter and get out there, but when he noticed that nobody was paying any attention to him while they ran towards the edge of the city he gained some confidence.

A little jeep pulled up on the road right in front of him, "Ah, Lieutenant Halford, welcome to Medway. Unfortunately we are having some action on the edge of the city right now, so I can't give you and your assistants a tour." "That is OK Mr..." Spy replied. "Oh, I'm sorry, my name is Captain Bushi, I have been assigned to be your guide and interpreter during your stay in Albanian territory." "OK, thank you Captain Bushi, I am sure we will get along well. So, can you tell me what happened at border of the city?" Bushi replied with a nice clean smile, "I can do better than that, hop on, I'll take you there!"

They drove to an area that was enclosed on two sides by building, the farthest side had a six foot wall, while the final side had a road. Captain Bushi parked near one of the buildings and climbed out, motioning to Spy and his assistants to follow. As they approached the center of the clearing they started seeing foam scattered on the ground.

Spy was the first person to speak "Wow, it looks like some one set a grenade of here!" "From all the reports we have gathered that is exactly what happened. There was also a fire fight down and alley in that direction," he pointed towards his left as he spoke.

Spy heard a noise, he turned to look behind him just as a grenade impacted a couple trucks in front of him. He was thrown to the ground from the force of the explosion, although when he got back up and turned around he saw the complete reason.

Two of the trucks near the middle of the clearing had exploded. The still burning trucks lighted the area in an eerie, red light. Captain Bushi turned around and started yelling something at them in Albanian, he then switched to English, "WHO IS DOING THIS!" Spy was only to happy to tell him, "Definitely Hasbro," he was cut off as Bushi was hit in the head with a dart causing him to warp out immediately.

Spy was too surprised to move; suddenly Bomber grabbed his arm and started rushing him to some cover behind a vehicle. Reaper took one more step and placed himself between an invisible sniper and his target, Spy. The dart which had been aimed at Lieutenant Halford's huge chest was intercepted by Reaper's head, forcing him to warp out.

Spy was having a mental and emotional breakdown as Bomber placed him behind an armored vehicle. Bobmer climbed the side of the APC and was looking for the sniper when it found him, the dart caused him to fall on Spy's lap just before he warped out.

Spy was screaming nonsense while lying in a fetal position when the next phase of the attack started. An anti-personnel grenade exploded right above him, silencing his screams with the scattered foam.