"2 Words" Story

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In case you don't know how a "2 words" story works, each of the community members took turns submitting two words to a thread until a complete story was made. I have fixed the story up, so do not feel insulted if I corrected your grammar.


One day, I was kissing my cat in the shower when my dog saw the mess on the TV, where football was destroyed by streaking fans. Austyn, too, was near a chainsaw which was wielded by Jacky Chan, the noble Roundtable Knight that swept up the dead skin of Mr. Portis. He loved fur with pizza peanut butter toppings and money for his new movie "The Problem with Chicken and Cheese." A serious problem with his speech is G-MO, for he can vaporize RTSPlayer's zombies. That proves this must now end. Then Steve-O shot himself because cheese had drastically turned down the volume on the electro-magnetic TV which made Dave dance like a donkey on McDonalds drive-through. It was really disturbing to examine G-MO's large, gigantic butt. Unfortunately, it exploded into a billion pieces and one hit Blakey's head quite hard. Zega then went crazy and sliced a ninja in half which caused a nuclear explosion to decimate nothing but cockroaches. These cockroaches can morph into giant doomsday device which made the world start to fight back. Rajada cried: "When is my map going to be finished?" G-MO replied: "Who cares?" But then JamesBond came to MacDonald’s to find some weapons grade plutonium. He fell into a donkey's watering trough. He then ran into a brick wall, which exploded, but he was saved by Death. Death was an alias for RTSPlayer. JamesBond said, "What the! What is! How the! Ah!" This will create a massive green lump in Nerf Neighborhood Evening, which is not good because it does something which is evil and repulsive and stupid. Yaaamaaahaaa had just been to the Luna's strip club, where she took off a battle-axe and started hacking up all the locals. She was angered by Death after he annoyed her. The lump grew to an enormous monstrosity, which absorbed G-MO with relish. Then he said: "Rawrz00r, I'm a tiger!” It then swallowed up the Orbiteers and the Tycoons. Suddenly, Rajada wanted revenge so he modded a lump vaporizer and hunted the evil lump. Now that it’s over, we will celebrate G-MO's un-absorption. "Hurrah," he cried, holding aloft a huge piece of driftwood smothered in Ace's sauce. Ace appeared and scolded Rajada because he's cool, but he didn't scold G-MO the clown for his un-absorption. Ace sniffed his scratch-n-sniff crayons which smelled like snapz00r. That made unintentionally high vomit problems. Ace then pwned a WWE leprechaun with a brat rack because it offended him by giving four-leaf clovers and shillelaghs to his best friend. But Jay came to blow up a factory filled with Nerf footballs because of the NFL’s recent ban on Nerf collectibles. Mike Ditka yelled at the NFL when they first recruited some dude, some place, some time, somehow. Then Ace finished the Paint Blast Arena mod and Yaaamaaahaaa cried. Just then, giant poodles came and ripped apart the Lincoln Memorial. Yaaamaaahaaa cried. “OMG!” said RTSPlayer, who had gone into the famous “Alias Mode”. Yaaamaaahaaa cried. When Yam was finished, she called her private mourner entourage to help her get some closure in her unfinished story. But instead of using a spatula, she used a brat rack to attack its owner, the dreaded AceMaster2000. Alas, AceMaster2000 changed Earth’s orbit using a special edition Nerf rocket, but Rajada soon died. G-MO used his barnyard V2000 and brought Rajada along to use his self-help books which taught him nothing. It seemed that Rajada would never get to the point. He didn't.