The Tycoon Hotel Mystery

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This is a spoof based on the The Boxcar Children book series. The books are well known for their weak plots and even worse endings. You will probably not understand this spoof unless you have read a few of the books yourself.

The Boxcar Children: The Tycoon Hotel Mystery

Benny, Jessie, Henry, and Violet were having a great time in NN-Evening. They had already played house in Slam's cabin when they decided to go to the Tycoon area.

Just as they were leaving the Sequoia cabin a new player came in, his name was G-MO.

G-MO: Hi

Benny: Hi

Benny: Do you want to play house with us?

G-MO: :P

G-MO: You're kidding right?

Henry: It's lots of fun

G-MO: Tell ya what, you come to Tycoon Hotel and I'll play "house"

G-MO: my style, of course

Jessie: OK, that sounds like it would be fun!

G-MO: :P ya, it will be...

G-MO: Well I'll meet you in the hotel

Violet: OK

The four children started running towards the Tycoon portion of NN-Evening. Henry decided it might be a good idea to be safe, justs in case G-MO was a mean person. He took out he Sidewinder and, after getting in position in the middle of the street, used the 'alt' fire to guide his disk so he could make sure it was safe for his younger siblings.

What he discovered was amazing. He found a group of Lunas dancing in the lobby of the hotel (G-MO never could figure out just how Henry got his disk in there).

Henry: Come Benny! Come Sisters! There is something strange going on in the hotel!

G-MO: ah, I see you found my Adminogin experiments...

Violet: What is adminlogin?

G-MO: It lets me cheat

Benny: Cheating is bad, you shouldn't do that.

G-MO: Thanks for the warning... well I'm gonna kick one of you from the server...

G-MO: Just to show you that I can do it... Goodbye Benny!

Benny has left the game


G-MO: ya, I know it was

Henry: Come sisters! we had better destroy his "Adminlogin" so he can't do it any more.

Henry: Get ready G-MO, we are going to come and get you!

G-MO: Don't worry, I'm ready...

Henry started shouting to his sisters, who were playing in the room right next to him. "You get ready to shoot him! Don't shoot unless you have to! We need to be nice to him, maybe he will change his ways. I'm going to help Benny get back on the server while you get ready."

"OK, Henry," Jessie yelled back, "But remember, Grandfather doesn't like us yelling!"

"OK, we will have to type our plans."

Henry: Are you ready, girls?

G-MO: I sure hope they are...

Jessie was surgically removed by G-MO's Hyper Strike

Violet was surgically removed by G-MO's Hyper Strike

Violet: He shot us! You need to get him, Henry, he is mean!

G-MO: Actually I'm not mean, but I do like to shoot people, especially if they are getting ready to shoot me.

Henry: Now, G-MO, you listen. Come out of the hotel with your hand up or I will come in and get you!

G-MO: I will come... just give me some time to get down to you guys...

Violet: We're not all GUYS!

G-MO: Get over it

G-MO: I'm about to come out... don't shoot at me

G-MO stepped out of the hotel and waved his Scatter Shot at Henry, after the wave he did a little taunt.

Henry was disrupted by G-MO's Scatter Shot

Henry: You told me not to shoot, but you shot me!

G-MO: Simple, I wanted you to be a good target, I never said I wouldn't shoot.

Henry: G-MO, we give you one chance to join our clan, the Boxcar children, or we will come and take you "adminlogin" away from you!

Carabou entered the game

Carabou: Hi

G-MO: Hi carabou!

G-MO: Now about that offer...

G-MO: Clan G-MO declares war on The Boxcar Children!

Carabou: Huh?

G-MO They have made a clan called the Boxcar children, I have declared war on them using my handy little dead clan :P

Carabou: :P

G-MO: Want to join the fight to destroy the "Boxcar children"?

Carabou: OK, what do I need to do?

G-MO: Shoot 'em :P

Violet: Carabou, are you mean like G-MO?

Jessie: Carabou, what is an 'adminlogin'?

Carabou: No, I'm not as mean as G-MO... An Adminlogin is a password that people use to cheat.

The Boxcar children suddenly understood, they couldn't make G-MO leave his adminlogin. Now that they had figured out just what it was they were dealing with all they had to do was ask G-MO to leave. When he left they could have another book written about a wonderful mystery they solved.

Henry: G-MO, now that we know how you do "adminlogin" you need to leave this server. You are mean and bad and not a good person for my brother and sisters to be around.

G-MO: Hmmm... that made a lot of sense :P well anyway... I'm gonna do some "target practice" in just a minute.... so you can go to the plaza and wait for it...

G-MO: I don't think I'll leave... I'm having too much fun...

As G-MO said these words he opened fire on the poor people jumping around the fountain in the middle of the plaza.

Jessie was surgically removed by G-MO's HyperStrike

Henry was surgically removed by G-MO's HyperStrike

Violet was surgically removed by G-MO's HyperStrike

Benny was surgically removed by G-MO's HyperStrike

G-MO: well I'm gonna go now... no point in staying... too easy.

G-MO: cya carabou!

Carabou: bye

G-MO has left the server

Henry rejoiced, another mystery successfully solved!