The Adventures of Rajada: page 9

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RTSPlayer stepped out from inside the ship. "What are you-" Rajada began, but it was too late. RTSPlayer was vaporized by a nearby explosion. "No!" Rajada screamed, slamming his Triplestrikes together. They locked in place and Rajada began firing the last of his rockets at a blinding speed, focusing every shot into the barrel of an arm-mounted Whomper on the battle suit. Eventually this did the trick, as the Whomper's internal battery ruptured, blowing off half the arm and taking with it a large portion of the cockpit.

Running out of cover, Rajada stared at the scorched earth. G-MO crawled out from inside the wreckage and stumbled to his feet. "I... I saw everything. Someone took my gun and I was looking... I'm sorry." "There was nothing we could do," Rajada said. "We should go back to the lab, bring a salvage team out here. We can still make something of this mess." "Good idea," G-MO said, his face shimmering a little. "Then we should get to th- th- th- e- l-"