Part One: GMO's Death

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Character Guide

Hi! Welcome to the adventures of RTSplayer! I recently added this handy character guide that will let you jump right in without having to read this "off topic" nonsense. Part one and up till Part 2: Chapter 3 were originally intended as a joke, the real story line will start with Part 2: chapter four. I made this character guide so you wouldn't have to read the other stuff, so you can jump right in too part 2: chapter 4. Or, just go ahead and skip to part 3, there is an updated character guide on every part. Thanks for reading!

Yes I know, Carabou, Boomerslang, Carl and future characters like B-Ball, Zega, Michel, and others will be hard to remember. I didn't want a returning side character to be forgotten as the might (and will) appear in later episodes. So refer to this when you don't remember, it will be updated as there future/past actions are revealed. New characters will be added here as well. (For instance, I won't add B-Ball until he appears.)

For future note: This is an explanation of how "power" came to people. This is going to be explained over several chapters, but so you aren't confused about this the entire time, here is the explanation. Back in history, briefly after the Egyptian Era, people began to notice if they exerted their energy right, it would grant them certain individual powers. Only some were gifted with these powers, and others were not. Eventually, those that learned they had powers, learned that they could exert their energy to have more of them. As they learned that others had them, they formed tribes. There are five tribes based in different locations. Eventually, they had competitions to show and practice their power, they used Nerf like products. The public somehow found out this sport, and the tribes were forced to let them participate, not wanting to reveal their secrets. The Nerf Championship is a period that gives these individuals filled with power to use them without fear of the public knowing. The Nerf Championship is really a hoax to the public because the officials make sure that they never "make it" to the Championship. (The officials were not aware that VIPER was not aware of their powers) Time went on and soon tribes had disagreements, splitting into separate tribes. Some want to get as much power as possible, and are truly evil, others want to live in peace, and the rest seem to have different reasons for their actions. There: If you got through that and understood it reward yourself with a big mac. If you still don't understand, find out about it over the next several chapters like VIPER will.

YAAMAAHAA: Used to date GMO, but betrayed him searching for a golden artifact in a cavern. She admits later that she was forced to do it, but in the same instance, grabbed an object that was about to explode and ran off. She is presumed dead.

GMO: Thought of as the groups leader. He had his hands on the artifact (when he could have offered them to RTSplayer so he would be safe) for a significant amount of time (IMPORTANT!) but fell to his death before climbing to safety. After RTSplayer found a way to resurrect him, he seems to be endlessly pursued for his power, and he doesn't know what it is. GMO became fearful, stunned in fear, when he saw that others had power. He remains fearful at this moment.

RTSplayer: Another member of VIPER. He isn't afraid to take action, and is always willing to quickly do what is necessary. He has no strategy, however; and will keep fighting not knowing when to stop of even caring about his opponent?s abilities. This is one lesson he will quickly learn. RTSplayer first finds out that he has incredible speed. Quick to learn, he soon finds out how to clone himself. He is the most powerful member of the group as of yet.

Rajada: Rajada's personality was usually hanging off to the side and not taking too much action. Since he found he was gifted with an incredible memory and knowledge, he has expressed his opinions more. He often alters his weapons and invents gadgets to help them. He can quickly sense the powers of his opponent and learn how to counter attack, but he is not gifted with brawn, and though he can see an attack, he can't stop it all the time. He soon learns how to move objects and communicate with his mind.

Reaper: The fourth and last member of VIPER who died, (for good) his powers were never revealed, if he had any.

Boomerslang: Leader of team eagle and GMO's fiercest rival. Boomerslang soon puts that aside considering of the close friendship they both had, before they both tried to compete for the heart of YAAMAAHAA.

Wayne: Another member of team eagle.

Carl: Member of the same team YAAMAAHAA was, his purpose was to capture GMO.

Caribou: An evil minion with hundreds of powers mainly uses teleportation. He has several elite members of his own "traveling tribe" in his quest to grow his power and eliminate everyone else. He wants to control the world, but not until he can eventually destroy all the "powered" people that oppose him. He has a never-ending life, as he has a special power that allows him, when close to death, to switch bodies. Although he switches, he keeps all the powers and knowledge of his previous bodies.

Zega: Leader of an elite assassin squad that uses infectious disease darts to sicken his opponent.

John: Works under Zega and has never missed a target, has deadly accuracy.

Roger: Lesser known and weaker member of the assassin squad led by Zega.


NOTE: This is if our names and Nerf characters were real.

(start Indiana Jones music )

RTSplayer was so close, close to THE GOLDEN WEAPON ENHANCEMENT OF GGTFLIGYA. RTSplayer knew that this weapon would make any Nerf weapon 2,000 times more powerful than it already was. RTSplayer was currently traveling with GMO and Reaper and Rahaja. They had all come into possession of a strange map, a map that would lead them to the GOLDEN WEAPON ENHANCEMENT OF GGFLIGYA. They were descending into a cavern that had the artifact, and they saw that it was on a big, stone pillar. RTSplayer was about to grab it but GMO stopped him. We'll have to have something to replace it because it might be a trap." He said. "Yeah," Reaper was saying, "Like that hasn't happened in every adventure movie ever made."GMO sacrificed his secret shot 2 as a weight, and grabbed the GOLDEN WEAPON ENHANCEMENT OF GGFLIGYA.

A feminine voice said, "Hold it right there!" "That artifact is mine!" "YAAMAAAHAAA?" GMO said. "That's right." YAAAMAAHAA said. But we thought you were punished!" GMO said. "Punish is such a harsh word, I was more, held back." "How are you doing, honey?" GMO blushed. "Oh what, he didn't tell you? No matter, we used to date." Everyone was taken aback, they had never dreamed that YAAMAAHAA dated GMO.

"That doesn't matter though," YAAMAAHAA said, holding up a triplestrike, "that artifact is mine." "I don't think so." GMO was saying, "If you remember correctly, things didn't work out for me, OR YOU!!!" GMO suddenly threw off the secret shot 2, and the room started collapsing.

"AGHH!" YAAMAAHAA screamed, dropping the GOLDEN WEAPON ENHANCEMENT OF GGFLIGYA. "What have you done?" Just as it was splitting in half YAAMAAHAA ran out of the room. Suddenly a big, crack appeared in the floor. Gmo and RTSplayer were on one side, and Rahaja and Reaper headed for the exit, they knew there was nothing they could do to help. GMO suddenly fell into the crack, just as RTSplayer grabbed his hand. "Gotcha!" RTSplayer said. "I can't hold you!" "Give me your other hand!" RTSplayer repeated himself. "Give me your other hand now!!!"

Suddenly, RTSplayer saw what GMO was doing. The artifact was just out of his reach, hanging on a ledge. "I almost got it." GMO said. "I've got to get it for the hyperstrike." "It isn't worth it!" RTSplayer said. "Don't do it!" "I'm almost there!! GMO said. "I... almost... got it" Just then he grabbed it. But just as RTSplayer lost his grip, and GMO started falling into the dark caverns below. "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!" RTSplayer said. "NOOOO!"

RTSplayer could hear GMO screaming until he hit the bottom, and then all that he heard... was a sickening thud.

Chapter 1: A way to resurrect GMO?

After GMO died, RTSplayer's life went down the toilet. Faster than when his old goldfish, Ratty, got flushed down it. Daily psychology sessions were required, and he hardly ate or slept. He even seemed to get less enjoyment out of Nerf matches, only going to perhaps one day get to finish off YAAAMAAAHAAA. (even though officials were on the lookout for GMO's "honey")

He scored less points than ever and was quickly failing his team's (Team VIPER, composed of GMO, RTSplayer, Reaper, and Rahaja) dream: Making it to the Nerf championship. But one day it all changed.

Despite having GMO as their fourth member, their record before their last two games was 33 out of 49. They needed to win 35 games to get an invitation to the tournament, which had never been done by team VIPER. Even though RTSplayer was still sad, he wanted to fulfill his team's dream more than ever.

Their second to the last match had begun in the Sequoia arena. (the grass level with the 1000 point target) The event was ball blast and the team was having a tough time. The other team was using cut-off tactics, effectively separating the team members of VIPER. They always used their other member as a guard for the holes, (you shoot to get points in) so they were dominating. They had already gotten the first five balls, while VIPER had none. RTSplayer knew things were bad, so he decided to come up with a plan. He first needed to make contact with his teammates. He found Reaper outnumbered and low on health against two of the enemies, and used his Triplestrike to help. He told him his plan. The they rescued Rajada, who gave his balls to RTSplayer. Then they put their plan into effect.

"This is too easy," an enemy team member thought as he was guarding a goal. It seemed like the other team was just trying to go for bonus points, ignoring the balls completely. Another team member suddenly came with the sixth ball, and shot it in the goal. Suddenly, they saw the two team members grab the gold ball and run. "You aren't going to get away with that one!" The enemy team member said. And began to chase him.

"It worked." RTSplayer thought. "Their going after the gold ball." RTSplayer knew he didn't have much time. Only two minutes left. He saw a green ball, took it, and moved on. He then gathered more balls until he had five. "Uh!" "I need one more!" He thought. He just hoped his partners were buying him enough time. Then he saw the purple ball and took it, but the other team members saw it too. They then realized what he was doing. They weren't trying to delay the game, to get enough bonus points, (they had already gathered a considerable amount) but gather balls to win. He had one hundred health as he made his way to the goal, nerf guns firing all around him. As he was beginning to shot the balls, he saw a Nerfcannon ball heading straight towards him, but he knew it would take awhile to hit him. He barely got them all in as the nerfcannon hit, sending him to the ground. They still didn't have enough points to win. Then he saw something that made him gasp; the other team now had the gold ball. "I can't let them shoot that in!" He thought. He thought quickly and made his decision. Just as the enemy player was shooting the ball, he jumped in front of him, which made him catch it. RTSplayer then quickly turned around and shot it in the air, just as he got hit with a rocket wildfire alt fire. (OUCH!) But Rahaja caught it in mid air, and shot it in; winning the game.

The crowd roared with thunderous applause. "VIPER! VIPER! VIPER! And RTSplayer, for the first time since GMO died, smiled.

(Now on to a more entertaining part )

The last match was about to begin, but the new player of the Tycoon team, Carl, approached RTSplayer before it began. "I heard about GMO, man." RTSplayer stared coolly at him. Carl knew he didn't like to talk about it. "To bad their isn't a way to bring him back." Carl said. "Or is there?" RTSplayer stared at him, he now had his attention. "Have you heard of the Artifact of Frontier?" Carl said. "Yes, RTSplayer said. "According to legend, it is an Artifact that grants the finder of it one wish." "Of course, RTSplayer said. "it changes positions all over the world every 5 months." "I happen to know where it is." Carl said. "And, it could help you bring GMO back. I could give it to you." RTSplayer stepped closer. "If you lose the match." RTSplayer grabbed him by the neck and threw him againest the wall. "You better not be lying you snake!" He yelled. "Of course I'm not!" He said. "I wrote it down and will give it to you after you meet my conditions." "Where is it?" RTSplayer said. "Somewhere in this arena, where you'll never find it."

What do you think RTSplayer should do?

1. Lose on purpose.

2. Not lose at all.

3. Find an alternate means of getting the information.

Chapter 2: The longest flight (Choice was 3)

Carl told RTSPlayer, who had release his grip, that he'd better decide soon. He then walked off. RTSplayer had mixed feelings. Was this legend even real? Would he really risk it for a ticket to the championship? Then, he thought of a solution to both. The match started; RTSplayer had made his decision, handed a note to Reaper, (to be opened after the match) and made sure that everything was ready for his plan.

The match was going splendidly for Tycoon. RTSplayer seemed to be losing his touch, as it seemed like he just sat there waiting to be shot. But later in the match, to Carl's dismay, he started fighting again. "You could kill your friend!" Carl said. But it seemed like RTSplayer wasn't listening. RTSplayer kept looking. "I have to get this done!" He thought. "Nothing is more important!" Then he saw his goal.

Carl was standing on the floor of Tycoon arena, directly across from RTSplayer. "You know what this means?" Carl said. "You must not care about your friend very much at all." But RTSplayer stared at him, unmoving. There were ten seconds left. "You don't care about GMO?" In answer, RTSplayer lifted his gun and fired, winning the match. Carl exclaimed, "You just killed your friend!" "What do you mean?" Reaper said. "This can't be RTSplayer." He simply hit a switch at the back of "RTSplayer" and he fell onto the ground. "He must have switched himself out with a bot." He went away with Rajada to read the note that RTSplayer had wrote. (that rhymes!) "But, but" Carl was stuttering. "Where was he?" Suddenly he thought of the answer. He ran to a part of the arena, and found, that the information was gone. "It was a trick!" Carl thought. "To both win, to get the invitation the tournament, and to get the information!"

RTSplayer was already on a plane, a plane, to Africa. The information said that an ancient tribe, had gotten the artifact, but didn't know what it was. This ancient tribe birthed the Barracuda team, they were called, the Tylunatwisterorbits. RTSplayer was having a relaxing flight. "Um, excuse me?" the stewardess said. "Can I have your autograph?" RTSplayer smiled, VIPER was a well-known team, and autographs were given out all the time. He gave her his autograph but was quickly interrupted. Two large men in long overcoats stood up. "Give us all your money!" They said. Waving Triplestrikes. "These Triplestrikes will give you such a bruise that you won't sit for a week!" Everyone started digging out their wallets. But RTSplayer knew that the information was in his, and he couldn't hand it over.

What should RTSplayer do now?

1. Give it to them

2. Yell, "CHARGE!" and run at them with a secret shot, exposing himself to two Triplestrikes without any help.

3. Say that he doesn't have any money.

4. Try to come up with an idea to save everyone's cash and valuables.

Chapter 3: The Road to the Tylunatwisterorbits (4 was chosen)(By the way, GMO wanted more violence so here goes)

RTSplayer turned to the person next to him. "If I start whistling, use this secret shot to distract them." "All right." The old lady next to him said. RTSplayer stood up. "Excuse me." he was saying, "But I'm having really bad allergies, can I please get my asthma medicine?" "All right." One of the thugs said. RTSplayer started reaching for his suitcase while he was whistling. The old lady stood up. "Hold it right there!" She cried. "I'm not afraid to use this!" The thugs laughed. 'step aside old lady!" They shouted. "Old lady? OLD LADY!" The old lady was saying. "Old this!" Then she hit one of the thugs with such force that it knocked him unconscious, popped one of his eyes out, and gave him a bloody nose. "Your gonna pay for that!" the remaining thug said. But suddenly RTSplayer stood up; with a whomper. He had transformed his suitcase using quantum physic relays and Geforce CPU 17900 graphics accelerator cards. "No." RTSplayer said. 'she's not." He then fired the whomper and vaporized the remaining thug. (And he accidentally vaporized a father of 12 with them) He also had accidentally blown a hole in the plane. The other thug woke up. "I got to get out of here!" He said, as he grabbed a parachute and jumped out. There were 11 people, and 10 parachutes. "I'll stay." The old woman said. "That's okay." a young boy was saying, "He grabbed my backpack, so there are enough." They parachuted out of the plane and landed in the town below. RTSplayer saw a taxi and whistled for it. He then got in and told the driver to head to the Tylunatwisterorbit tribe. RTSplayer talked calmly with the taxi driver, asking her if she knew about the artifact. Later though, he felt like something was wrong. Were there taxies in Africa? Why did this voice sound so familiar? Why were they going in the opposite direction? And why was she asking so many questions about why he was there?

What should RTSplayer do?

1. Ask her all these questions.

2. Stay in the taxi.

3. Ask her if she is up to something.

4. Say to pull over because he has to go the bathroom.

5. Find out what is up.

6. Or six, jump out of the car and run away as fast as he can.


RTSplayer said, "excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom." The driver said, "Why you do that?" RTSplayer then knew who it was, Jenna. "I told you Jenna!" RTSplayer was saying. "I haven't even met you!" "Now have you had." She said. "Now we can get married and have children." She grasped his arm. "I'm sorry" she said. "But I won't let go until you agree." "NO!" RTSplayer said. He got out of her grip and ran out of the car. "I will never stop hunting you!" she said. "We'll see about that." RTSplayer said. "I know you are working for YAAMAAHAA!" She said, "How did you know?" "Here is your answer!" RTSplayer shouted. He then pulled out a whomper and fired at the car until he was out of ammo. He then used all his triplestrike ammo, and followed up with nerfcannons. The result was a hole so big; it was a new Grand Canyon. Her ashes could still be seen lining up the bottom. RTSplayer stomped off, this was a waste of his time. But, the curse was finally over. He was crossing a ridge when he suddenly saw the Tylunatwisterorbit tribe. He didn't know how to approach them.

What should he do?

1. Shoot at them

2. Try to talk to them

3. Sneak around and listen to them

4. Give up and go home

5. Try to take the idol by force

Chapter 5: GMO returns (2 chosen)

RTSplayer decided that the best way to interact with the tribe was too try to talk to them. But when he stepped forward, they disappeared. "What?" RTSplayer thought. Then he saw the artifact on the ground, alone. RTSplayer carefully went forward, reached down, and picked it up. RTSplayer knew something was wrong, but he still had to get GMO back. He said, "Oh great artifact, I wish GMO was back." Suddenly a bright light appeared, and GMO came out of it. "GMO!" RTSplayer said. "Your back!" "What-what happened?" GMO said. "All that matters is your back." RTSplayer said. Suddenly figures stepped from behind the shadows. "Aw." the old lady said, "what a touching reunion." "You?" RTSplayer said. "Your from the plane!" "That is correct." She said. "I'm sorry." A figure behind her said. "I didn't want to cause GMO to die, but she threatened to kill my family." "YAAMAAHAA?" GMO said. "I knew you couldn't kill me." So." RTSplayer was saying. "I see what you did. Carl, the old lady, the thugs on the plane- this was all a trick." "That's right." Carl said. "But why?" GMO said. "Why did you let him bring me back?" "This wasn't about you!" The old lady said. "GMO getting killed wasn't part of the plan, the plan- was to bring you both to me. So we had to think of a way to bring you both here, and the artifact provided the way." RTSplayer and GMO were astonished. "Why do you want us?" They said. "You two don't know much about your ascendants, do you? Yes, your parents must have never told you of your importance, the power you have locked up inside you. It began thousands of years-" Suddenly she was interrupted. The artifact lifted up off the ground and started to glow, really brightly. "What is happening?" GMO said. "It must be a defensive!" The old lady cried. "It is going to explode!" The old lady and her thugs ran away, but not before the old lady shouted, "WE WILL FIND YOU AGAIN!" YAAAMAAHAA had stayed behind, glaring at the idol. "YAAMAAHAA." GMO said. "What are you doing?" "The blast radius will be too large, you guys will die." "I'll take it away to buy you time. Run GMO, and remember me. I'm sorry for what I did, now let me prove it." She grabbed the idol and stated running. "YAAMAAHAA!" GMO cried. "There is nothing we can do!" RTSplayer said. "We have to get out." They started to run, for what seemed like hours. Then, a loud explosion happened. They looked back, knowing that YAAMAAHAA was no more. GMO looked like he was about to cry. "don't worry." RTSplayer said. "WHY!"" GMO yelled. "There is nothing we can do to bring her back!" "Yes." RTSplayer said. "There is. In 5 months the artifact will appear again. And we will find it." "We'll search as long as it takes." GMO said. "We have to get her back." "We WILL." RTSplayer said. "We will." "But for now." he said. "We have a nerf championship to win."

What event should VIPER compete in first?

1. Ball blast

2. Point blast

3. Speed blast

Next time: Part Two: The Nerf Championship Chapter 1. GMO vs. Boomerslang, Sniper vs. Sniper