Part Four: Building back the ray, and then to the Nerf Championship!

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Chapter Six: Speed vs. Speed

RTSplayer woke up; the first thing he saw was that he was surrounded by water. He panicked, trying to stay afloat. He didn't know who he was, or where he was, he just knew he had to stay alive. "Swim," he thought, "that's the word. I have to swim." He tried to recall swimming, and managed to get into position and lay on his back with his arms spread out, floating on the water. He was in the open sea, and at least now he was rested, but he didn't know how much longer he could stay afloat. "Hey, there's someone down there!" Someone shouted. They were on a boat, two of them. They threw him a rope, which he gladly grabbed as they through him aboard. "Are you okay?" A teenager asked, looking to be about 15. "Yeah," he said. When they asked him his name, he had to think about it. He tried to think back, but managed to come up with one instead. "RTSplayer," he had said. There names were GMO and Raja, on a journey to an island to collect a map. From there, they were going to collect an artifact that was rumored to have great power. "I guess we're friends now," GMO had said on their way to the artifact. From then on, RTSplayer had trusted them, and wouldn't let anything happen to them.

The boy was far ahead, RTSplayer had to catch up. If he reached the mainland he might not catch him. Despite Boomerslang's weight, the boy seemed to carry him as if he wasn't there. RTSplayer surged ahead, the boy was fast, but so was he. A knife whizzed over his shoulder, followed by several others he dodged. "Uh," RTSplayer thought, "I got to take him out." He thought of a plan and sprinted not behind, but ahead of the boy. Suddenly, RTSplayer curled his body into a ball and the boy tripped on him. The boy skipped across the water, onto the pavement, and a few miles down the road due to his blazing speed. RTSplayer recovered himself and surged onto the land, looking for Boomerslang. He found a wide open courtyard with Boomerslang in the middle; he had crashed through several buildings coming to a stop. RTSplayer ran to him. "Boomerslang?" He asked. "Are you all right?" "I'm fine," Boomerslang returned, "he used some kind of paralysis on me." RTSplayer was about to go closer when the boy showed up behind him. "Hold it!" He said, "I don"t want to kill you!" RTSplayer turned around, "Why are you doing this?" he said. "Roland cared for me," the boy returned, "this village was in poverty and he offered me a place to stay. His mission is my mission, and right now, it's to kill Boomerslang." "You fool!" RTSplayer said. "He's brain washed you!" The boy said again, "I don"t want to kill you, hand him over." "I'm afraid you'll have to kill me," RTSplayer said, getting into position. He focused his energy and sped forward.

Boomerslang's brother had just died, and everyone was asleep. RTSplayer woke up and walked outside, where Boomerslang was sitting on the porch. He sat down. They sat in silence for a long while; Boomerslang had his head down, as if thinking. "You know," RTSplayer finally said to break the silence, "If there was anything I could have done to help him, I would have." "Shut up," Boomerslang said, turning to him. "You act like you're all tough, like you can protect anything. One of these days you'll fall flat on your face, fighting someone better than you. You act so sacrificial, but one day you'll just run away." Boomerslang stood up and turned to him one last time. "How much would you really sacrifice, for those people you call friends?"

RTSplayer ran forward with his speed and fired some punches at his face, all of which the boy blocked with his arms. The boy fired some punches back at him, all of which RTSplayer blocked until the boy brought his leg across his feet, tripping him. RTSplayer fell to the ground. The boy grabbed one of his knives from his back pocket and held it downwards. "I never wanted to become an assassin," he said, "but if you threaten me or my master, I will kill you." RTSplayer focused his energy again. He pulled out a knife, and stood up thrashing at him. The boy blocked it with his knife, and slowly managed to ease it to RTSplayer's neck. Suddenly he slashed it open, but the body disappeared. "What?" The boy said, "That was an actual clone! Impossible!" "Not now," RTSplayer said behind him. The boy turned around, to see three clones staring at him. They all held a knife and charged forward. The boy slashed another one down and threw his knife at the second one, hitting it in the chest. The third one landed a solid uppercut to the boy which brought him into a wall with a thud. RTSplayer sped forward and landed some more punches against him before he could react. The boy got free of his grip and pushed his legs against the wall, using some speed and momentum to push backwards sending him and RTSplayer speeding into the other direction. They both landed against the opposite wall with a thud, and RTSplayer seemed to move no more. The boy turned around, but the body disappeared. "What?" The boy thought. "That wasn't real either! But where is he?" He looked around. "I can't beat him, I have to kill Boomerslang while I can!" he thought. He reached in a pack on his shoulder and pulled out some knives. He threw one at Boomerslang. Suddenly, RTSplayer sped from around the corner where he was hiding and caught it before it hit his body. "Ha!" RTSplayer said, throwing down the knife, "You only have one knife left!" The boy threw it, but RTSplayer reached out and caught it again. Suddenly RTSplayer saw something out of the corner of his eye. "It can't be!" he thought. Another knife was sailing in his direction; he reached out to catch it, and barely did. "Clonning weapons is easy, and now your hands are full." The boy said. RTSplayer looked at him and he was holding five knives with each hand. "You can't stop them all," he said. "Go while you can, I don"t want to kill you. I've never taken a human life; I just want to capture Boomerslang." "Never!" RTSplayer shouted.

RTSplayer was getting some supplies, the ray was almost done. He was just getting some finishing touches for it when he saw a familiar face, the boy that had helped him in the forest. Little did he know that boy would soon be threatening to kill him. "Hey!" RTSplayer shouted, running forward. "I never got to thank you." The boy turned around, "Hello," he said. "I heard about Boomerslang's brother, I am sorry about that." RTSplayer sighed. "The next time I see Roland, I'm going to make sure he's dead." The boy paused, as if in thought. "Would you really judge someone's heart that you do not know?" "I know all right," RTSplayer said, "Someone like that is already evil, nothing can change it." "That is what he might think of you," the boy said, "long ago he was betrayed, he was forced into his line of work. He doesn't do it for pleasure, but the will to survive. That is what he fights for. What do you fight for?" The boy asked. "What do you mean?" RTSplayer said. "All warriors must fight for something, it is what drives them." "Hmm?" RTSplayer thought. "I suppose it is for my friends, they are all that I know." "How much do you fight for them?" The boy asked. "I would fight to protect them, even if it killed me." The boy started walking away. "Hey!" RTSplayer shouted. "How do you know so much about Roland?"

The boy threw his first knife; it sailed forward with amazing speed. RTSplayer held out his hand and caught it, knowing full well another was coming. He saw it coming out of the corner of his eye, but he couldn't catch it. He managed to bring the back of his hand to it, but the knife pierced it, he cried out in pain. He stopped and pulled the knife out, still grunting in pain. "Stop!" the boy said. "Just give up!" But RTSplayer didn't listen, and got back into position. The boy threw four knives at once, hoping to get around his body and at Boomerslang. The first knife sank deep into RTSplayer's shoulder, the second to his other hand, and the two other sank into his feet, which brought him to the ground. The boy held up his three other knives. "Don"t make me kill you!" He shouted. "This is your last warning!" "Run you fool!" Boomerslang said. But struggling to his feet, RTSplayer got up, waiting to face the three last knives. This time the boy had no mercy, and they sank into his chest. RTSplayer fell onto the ground, and saw no more.

Boomerslang shouted angrily. "I told him not to fight me," the boy said, 'so much sacrifice; for nothing." The boy looked at Boomerslang. "Now," he said, "you are coming with me." Before the boy could pick him up again, Boomerslang brought his arms out, and a seemingly invisible rope broke. He stood up. "You broke the paralysis!" The boy said. "But how?" Boomerslang looked at him. His eyes turned red, and his body seemed to grow even stronger and larger. "When you killed my brother," Boomerslang said. "You made me angry!" Boomerslang suddenly glowed red around the tips of his body. "But now," he continued, "you've unleashed a rage that I hope I would never see again!" Boomerslang took out a long white bandage and wrapped it around his fist, he was about to unleash a devastating attack and did not want his arms to break. "Before, I was going to kill you," Boomerslang growled, "But now, I'm going to destroy you!"

Chapter Seven: Boomerslang's Rage

The fog was still thick. "How am I supposed to fight someone I can't see?" Raja thought. GMO was flouting in the waters below, he had survived the blast. "What should I do?" GMO thought as he floated on a piece of driftwood. "If I move he'll hear me, and then I'll be destroyed!" Roland laughed, but Raja couldn't tell where he was. "You think I was serious before?" He said. "Acting like I didn't have a clue as to what was going on?" Roland continued, "That was a test, look around you. we're surrounded by water, perfect for my fog, and for my electricity. With GMO out of the picture, well," Roland started focusing his energy, "You won"t be around much longer."

"Such power!" The boy thought. "How can I counter it?" Boomerslang continued growing with rage. He charged forward. "What are you?" The boy said. Boomerslang ran to him and hit him in the gut, making him go sailing towards a wall. He crashed into it. The boy stood up. "I had hoped that I wouldn"t have to do this." He curved his hands. Boomerslang ran forward, but the boy sent a projectile sailing towards him. He tried to dodge it but it hit his hand, freezing it. "That is my ice power," the boy said, ?keep fighting and soon you shall be dead." The only answer Boomerslang gave was more rage. His face seemed to grow all the more evil. "Nothing you do will stop me from killing you," Boomerslang said. He clenched his fist and the ice broke. "You"ll have to do better than that." The boy surged forward and attacked with a knife. Boomerslang just blocked with one of his own. He slashed madly at the boy, not caring about his defense; even the cuts he received did little to slow him down. He was truly a beast, thriving on anger and not stopping for any reason. Boomerslang punched the boy back again, sailing towards a wall. The boy turned around in mid flight and used the wall as a push off to go back to Boomerslang at rapid speed. "Here goes," he thought. He hit Boomerslang with an ice projectile on his leg and followed with many more in rapid succession. Boomerslang was almost frozen completely, but he broke out of it and slammed the boy down to the ground. Boomerslang used an amazing amount of strength to pick up a column and swing it and the boy. He dodged the first swing, but the second sent him sailing again. "This has to stop now!" The boy thought. "I can't let him keep bashing me!" He landed against the opposite wall, and Boomerslang suddenly threw the column at him. "Now's my chance!" The boy thought. He used his speed to dash forward and jumped over the column; he landed on top of it but kept running across it. Suddenly he propelled himself into the air and came down on Boomerslang, grabbing him. Then there was a short, bright flash. The boy stood back, Boomerslang was completely frozen. The boy focused his energy to copy more weapons, and hundreds of knives filled the air. "Now you shall die!" The boy said, he sent the knives sailing downwards towards Boomerslang, and they hit with thudding impact, scattering dust into the air.

Raja couldn't see it, but he sure could imagine it. A big wave was forming, one that would sweep him and GMO off completely. "This isn"t just an ordinary wave!" Roland shouted. "This is filled with electricity!" "you're mad!" Raja screamed. "You"ll kill us all!" Roland laughed. "Puny boy, I'm immune to electricity!" The wave had formed, and Roland sent it towards the bridge. "I've got to stop that wave!" Raja thought. Raja heard a sound; GMO had climbed onto the bridge. "Yes," Raja thought, "Roland is too distracted, it doesn't matter now if GMO comes on, we're all about to die." A plan formed in Raja's mind. "All we need to do!" Roland shouted to GMO. "Is make him take both hands away from the wave!" GMO ran towards the sound he thought was Roland, but was suddenly surrounded. "You can't do that!" A voice said. Clones surrounded GMO, ready to strike. "Distractions aren"t enough!" GMO said. "Time to fight fire with fire!" It took all he had; such energy never came from such an unexpended warrior. But he made a wave, and directed it towards the bridge also. The waves hit with startling impact, but they had canceled each other out. The fog lifted, Raja thought it might be over, and that Roland had ran away. But as he lifted, he that they were surrounded by at least 20 clones. "This is how it ends!" Roland said. Raja looked towards GMO; he was lying on the ground. He looked okay, but his energy had been drained. "I'll go out fighting," Raja said. "So you shall," Roland said, getting into position. But from nowhere, an arrow pierced one of his clones, and it disappeared into static. "What the?" Roland looked around, now he was surrounded. The rest of the townspeople had come. "We aren"t gonna let you boss us around no more!" One of them shouted. Raja looked as many of them took out their makeshift weapons, and started charging. Roland took out his last knife, hacking and slashing this way and that, but it did him no good. He was soon overwhelmed, and perished from this world.

The boy's plan had failed. Boomerslang was gone. "What?" He thought. Boomerslang appeared behind him. The boy turned around. Boomerslang suddenly sent long tentacle like arms towards him. They grabbed him and wrapped him up. The boy screamed as Boomerslang started dragging him towards him. "What's wrong?" He said. "Afraid?" The boy grew closer as Boomerslang arms wrapped around him more. "Wait!" Raja said. He and the rest of the town had arrived. "He's-still-alive," The boy tried to say between gasps, but Boomerslang didn't hear. "It's not worth it!" Raja said. "You don"t have to do this!" The boy came more entangled in Boomerslang's makeshift arms. Suddenly the boy was devoured whole, and the "monster" had consumed him completely. "Boomerslang!" Raja shouted. "What's wrong with you?" "Boomerslang?" The creature said. "That was his name. His rage finally released me again, I am not Boomerslang anymore!" "Stop!" Raja shouted. "Release your grip on him!" But the creature flew into the night. It grew dark, and Raja, taking RTSplayer for dead, walked off to tend to GMO.