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Welcome to the Nerf ArenaBlast community fiction library!

This is the place to post all your Nerf ArenaBlast related fictional stories. You'll need a library account to get started, so sign up today to start writing your masterpiece.

Rules for editing

Please keep the following rules in mind when editing:

- You are the author of your work, but it may be mercilessly edited by the public.

- Do not grief anyone's work.

- You can edit anyone's work for spelling and grammar when appropriate. Correcting obvious typos is okay.

- You can edit for clarity, but only if it doesn't disrupt the original thought. Whenever possible, ask the original author first.

Stories by Custer


Into the Arena

The Loneliness of Command

Stories by Grant (G-MO) Williams

=== The Cost of Communication === NEEDS SEVERE EDITING

The Battle of Medway

Atari in Medway

The Tycoon Hotel Mystery

Stories by icephoen-X (formerly Stormforce)

The Problem With NerfED

Triple Strike

Stories by Rajada

=== The Adventures of Rajada === NEEDS SEVERE EDITING

Confessions of a Teenage NAB Enthusiast

Stories by Renegade

Happy Halloween

Stories by RTSplayer

License Registration for Raja

The Zombie Teddy Bears

GMO: Loose Cannon Cop

President Evil

Attack of the Clowns

The return of Raja

The Zombie Teddy Bears (second edition)

BONUS - GMO: Loose Cannon Cop Theme Song

The Boring Day

The Mystery Killer

The Adventures of RTSplayer

==== Part One: GMO's Death ==== NEEDS SEVERE EDITING

Part Two: The Nerf Championship

Part Three: Boomerslang's Village

==== Part Four: Building back the ray, and then to the Nerf Championship! ==== NEEDS SEVERE EDITING

As the Ballzooka Turns

Stories by SLAM

Future Nerf

Future Nerf: Reader's Guide

Future Nerf: Chapter 1

Future Nerf: Chapter 2

Future Nerf: Chapter 3

Future Nerf: Chapter 4

Future Nerf: Chapter 5

Future Nerf: Chapter 6

Nerf Stories Impromptu






"2 Words" Story

Stories by Tweety


Midgets Rule

The Hostage

Stories by Zega

Dream to Fall