306 PART.1

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Characters To be added later: Rajadarius, Boofer the gladiator, and G-mo the?.... I don't know, you guys come up with something!

A legend as told by RTSPlato

306: The Battle For NAB Valley

As a ruthless band of 100,000 tribe team members attack a standing army of 306 twisters, leonidasnake thinks of what to do next....

As leonidasnake fought the invading tribe teams dwindling numbers, he watched as his own team began to lose numbers. It was a dark day for the 306 indeed; it was a terrible sight. The arena was large, open and boring with terrible textures, there was point lozenges everywhere along with dropped weapons; and to make matters worse, the FPS was extremely laggy due to so many kills at once. As leonidasnake ran across the dart ridden map, er, field to save his emperor, marcus CARLrelius four tribe members ran toward him with their hyperstrikes in hand, leonidasnake aimed his wildfire at them an shouted "TONIGHT WE DINE ON DARTS!" as he sprayed them full of darts. One,two,three,four, they all fell one by one to his wildfire darts as they dropped their points and weapons. "BE HONORED YOU FELL BY MY HAND!" leonidasnake yelled as he began his assault on the 50 tribe members that held CARLrelius hostage......

to be continued..... Of course all that read this story are free to add on whatever they like. Consider this a public story. So edit away! ;-)