Today's patch features a number of map updates and a few engine bugfixes. Notable changes follow:

  • Added a map missing from the CP for several years: CTF-BarancoRemix. Please note that this map requires updates before it will be fully functional.
  • Renovated and expanded PM-GFK-Cityscape. Check out this awesome new map under the name "Cityscape".
  • Redone remixes of the following maps: PM-GladiatorRemix, PM-SesmarRemix (also added CTF version), PM-StalwartXLRemix, PM-TechnoTourneyRemix, PM-TempestRemix, and PM-UndergroundRemix.
  • PM-Khufu received a slight expansion to add more variety of pickups and weapons, and fill in some very blank areas.
  • Added support for opening https links in the in-game news menu.
  • Added console messages for leaving fly and ghost and invisible states.
  • KillAll command can no longer kill the class you are or players. This prevents a terrible crash that could occur in these circumstances.
  • Smite command can no longer be used before the game starts, preventing some issues where bots and players dying before the game starts could end up in bad states.
  • Cleaned up bot-adding code in vanilla gametypes. Teams should be much more reliably balanced now. Custom gametypes might still need some tweaking.

See the full patch notes here.