Ben - 09/30/2020 - 20:57

Man this game brings back some memories. It's been a while since I've played so I'm just downloading the community pack again cause I got a new computer recently.

Portalboy - 09/30/2020 - 03:03

Nvm, problem doesn't happen if I host as a Dedicated server on the same box! Prob some kind of threading issue I guess. Yay!

Portalboy - 09/30/2020 - 02:58

Latest CP, ran Updater until it said up-to-date, tried manually running Ini Patcher from homepage

Portalboy - 09/30/2020 - 02:58

Yo! We're trying to get an old LAN server spun up for our house but people spike to 1,000 ping any time they die and can't respawn for like 6 full seconds. Ideas?

B-Ball - 07/15/2020 - 01:20

Huhu :)

spladder - 05/04/2020 - 15:29

I love coming back to this site every year or 2 and seeing that it's still here. Like a little nostalgia timecapsule

Rajada - 02/08/2020 - 01:16

Basically, the progressive march of updates to HTML slowly killed it, made it incompatible to run. We technically still have it archived, but it's not really possible to browse it.

rion888888888888 - 02/08/2020 - 00:55

So what happened to the old site?

rion888888888888 - 02/08/2020 - 00:48

Oh NAB, I don't think I have been active in the NAB community since like 2008

Rajada - 02/07/2020 - 22:51

Indeed it does

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Nerf Addiction Help

Do you play Nerf Arena Blast way too much? Use NerfEd on a daily basis? We're here to help. Here are some telltale signs that... might use NerfEd a bit too much if...

-You pick up the wrong item and think to yourself how an 'invert selection' option would be so helpful right about now.

-After a minor error in life you reach for 'control + z'.

-You screw up in life really bad and try to remember when you last saved.

-As you look at the shapes making up an object you think to yourself how many brushes that thing must have in it.

-You swear you just spotted a BSP hole out of the corner of your eye.

-You hover around the wall at different angles trying to replicate the aforementioned BSP hole.

-You sometimes strafe through halls rather than walking down them.

-You're always looking for 'good textures' in your surroundings.

-You're baffled by the complexity of the new UT3 editor, but wish you could just port all the new options from it to the old editor because it would make things so much easier.

-Your nightmares include BSP holes and misaligned textures.

-You swear that the textures in your room are misaligned.

-You have this habit of saving things waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too often.

-Before attempting to try a new activity you pray to God that it doesn't cause a general protection fault.

-Every day you think of how real life situations would make really cool mutators or gametypes.

-That windows error sound has conditioned you to jump when someone hits the same note on a musical instrument.

-You plan on listing NerfEd on your resume.

-After putting down an object you grasp wildly for something else so as not to cause that 'nothing selected' crash.

-You start wondering what older games would be improved by the Nerf engine.

-Even worse, you wonder why those idiot programmers didn't use the Nerf engine in their newer games.

-After putting something off for a while you hope it hasn't been minimized too long and crashed.

-You have heart palpitations when going anywhere near anything resembling the dreaded 'N-Logo'.

-You have dreams about porting animated meshes into Nerf, then wake up, damning Ace.

-Your screenname is Rajada or Boofer.

-Deep childhood trauma can be traced back to debugging unrealscript.

-You see some really cool statue and wonder how the hell they made that with the 2D Shape Editor.

-You figure out how to make it the next day.

-You're still concerned that one day Hasbro's legal department is gonna come down hard on all your custom content.

-You start considering modifying original content because the programmers obviously didn't know what the hell they were doing compared to you.

-You then end up having to re-install everything, four times.

-You start to think how the world could really use some new texture packages.

-After getting off an elevator, you're glad that you didn't have to go through the Mover making process with it.

-When looking at the sky, you wonder where the skybox is located.

-You actually understood EVERY one of these. play Nerf Arena Blast a bit too much if...

-When you're feeling ill, you try to summon a Mega Power.

-After becoming tired, you wish Mega Speeds lasted longer.

-You wish you had a TS handy after that moron at school took your lunch money again.

-The first thing you say after entering the Pearly Gates is "How do I respawn?"

-When someone asks what song you have stuck in your head right now, you answer "Track 03".

-After getting hurt, you check your Suit Power to see how much health you lost.

-You find all of those Luna characters somewhat attractive.

-You're disgusted by that last one but know that Water Spirit could totally take that cocky Brin down in a wrestling match.

-... maybe mud wrestling...

-You're so good, all you need is a Secret Shot.

-If Hasbro had actually made all of the Nerf weapons, you would own every single one and would have Nerf fights with your friends (If you have any).

-You spot out all the great sniping areas in the hotel.

-Upon entering a room you glance around for a Whomper.

-If you ever get invited to a party, you refer to it as a Dedicated Server.

-You wonder if Boofer really is watching you... O_O

-When you see a dead person, you look around for their bonus points.

-You start thinking about how economical a Toast Gun would be for serving breakfast.

-You draw up a plan for a real live Toast Gun and your parents call a shrink.

-You find a server with some guy on it and he rage quits a minute into the match.

-You have actually played Boofer's Remixes more than once.

-You religiously map out technical diagrams of every level for tactical advantages.

-You can dodge a Hyperstrike rocket from Hope, Judge, or any of those other insane snipers on Mega Nerf.

-You try to 'ghost' through your front door. Then as you lay bleeding on the ground you try to end the suffering by typing 'suicide'.

-You have a habit of arranging things into patterns of 'N's.

-Before doing something dangerous you reach for 'F6'.

-You seriously "GOT" every one of these... in that case, GET BACK TO WORK BOOFER!

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