Ben - 09/30/2020 - 20:57

Man this game brings back some memories. It's been a while since I've played so I'm just downloading the community pack again cause I got a new computer recently.

Portalboy - 09/30/2020 - 03:03

Nvm, problem doesn't happen if I host as a Dedicated server on the same box! Prob some kind of threading issue I guess. Yay!

Portalboy - 09/30/2020 - 02:58

Latest CP, ran Updater until it said up-to-date, tried manually running Ini Patcher from homepage

Portalboy - 09/30/2020 - 02:58

Yo! We're trying to get an old LAN server spun up for our house but people spike to 1,000 ping any time they die and can't respawn for like 6 full seconds. Ideas?

B-Ball - 07/15/2020 - 01:20

Huhu :)

spladder - 05/04/2020 - 15:29

I love coming back to this site every year or 2 and seeing that it's still here. Like a little nostalgia timecapsule

Rajada - 02/08/2020 - 01:16

Basically, the progressive march of updates to HTML slowly killed it, made it incompatible to run. We technically still have it archived, but it's not really possible to browse it.

rion888888888888 - 02/08/2020 - 00:55

So what happened to the old site?

rion888888888888 - 02/08/2020 - 00:48

Oh NAB, I don't think I have been active in the NAB community since like 2008

Rajada - 02/07/2020 - 22:51

Indeed it does

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Initiating Mutators

Please note: This list is out of date. A visual mutators interface has been added and is now the standard way of initiating mutators. The descriptions here may also be partially out of date, however, the general rules still apply, and mutators can still be initiated in this fashion if desired.


Before initiating a mutator, be sure you have correctly installed all of it's components. After manually downloading a file, be sure to open your Nerf Arena Blast Directory. There are several folders in it. Open the .zip file you downloaded and put all the files in their respective folders...

7/2/10 - Added RajMutators2 V 1.5 mutators, Berserk and Bomb Riot to the list.


5/27/09 - Added RajMutators V 5.0 mutators to the list.

4/4/10 - Added Egg Hunt mutator to the list.




file ends with | folder to put it in

.utx | Textures

.uax | Sounds

.nrf | Maps

.t3d | Maps

.unr | Maps

.u | System

.uc | System

.int | System

.txt | Help

By the way, not all mutators will contain all of these files. This installation guide applies to anything in NAB, whether its a map, mutator or gametype.



Disclaimer: Some of these are buggy, or don't work properly. DON'T blame me, sure I've made a few mutators, but most of mine work to an extent. : P


Initiating the mutator in single player :

1. You will need to know the EXACT file name of the map you wish to mutate and the class/name of the mutator.

2. When in NAB, hit the ~ key, also known as the tilde key.

3. Type the following:

open (the name of your map)?mutator=(mutatorfile).(mutatorname)

While it's not really case sensitive, the capitals are shown here for clarity. For an example, PM-Adam'sLiving-Room with the M-16 Mutator would become...

open PM-Adam'sLiving-Room?mutator=M16.M16Mutator

4. Press enter and the level will load. It may take a moment.


Note that multiplayer has different ways of doing this. If you're an admin on a server, you might try replacing "open (mapname)" with "admin servertravel (mapname)". You can also use the 'mutators' text field in the 'set up server' tab if you want an easier way.


General rules with weapon replacement mutators :

1. When using more than one mutator on a level, it is safest to type the weapon replacement mutator last in the list.

2. Never use more than one weapon replacement mutator on a level if the weapons they replace overlap.

3.As with most mutators, weapon replacement is buggy on levels without default gametypes and weapon replacement mutators must be added to the ServerPackages list in order to function properly in the case of multiplayer servers.


Mutators available, in alphabetical order, for NAB and their affects:

[lazerstorm].lazerstorm : Replaces weapons, pickups and ammo with laser themed modified weapons, pickups and ammo. However, it is very buggy. The ammo are not correctly replaced and the Sidewinder is kept.


Secret Shot : Double_D

Ballzooka : Flarezooka

Wildfire : Sprite Auto Cannon

Scatter Shot : Eagle Eye

Nerf Cannon : Sprite Grenade Launcher

Pulsator : Flarezooka

Triple Strike : Sprite Grenade Launcher

Hyper Strike : Eagle Eye

Sidewinder : Sidewinder

Whomper : Intimidator

Double Damage : Damage Bumper

A_Blast.AcuraBlast : Replaces all weapons with Acura Blasters and all ammo with Acura Blaster ammo. Also replaces the Mega Jump with a Jump Enhancer, the Mega Speed with a Speed Enhancer and the Mega Power with a Power Enhancer.

AcuraBlast2.AcuraBlast2 : Replaces all weapons with version 2 Acura Blasters and all ammo with version 2 Acura Blaster ammo.

BlasterPack.LaserBlasterMutator : Deletes all weapons and all ammo and gives you a Laser Blaster as the default weapon.

Berserk.Berserk : Replaces all weapons with berserk versions that have three times the firing speed. Starting health is also boosted to 300 and pickups are given three times the effectiveness, excepting the double damage and mega jump and speed.

BombRiot.BombRiot : After half of the match is over (in a PM-game with a time limit) the level begins to fill with explosive bombs. In other cases the riot will start after five minutes.

Easter.EggHunt : Spreads 3 kinds of eggs (small, jumbo and golden, worth 250, 750 and 1500 each respectively) around any arena with navigation points. Also, when you score a kill, the victim loses three random eggs. Eggs can be splattered by long falls or weapons.

Mega Jump : Sugary Candy (green)

Mega Speed : Sugary Candy (orange)

EasyPoints.EasyPointsMutator : When you kill an opponent, you automatically recieve their respective point lozenge; they lose those points. Also, by killing yourself, you automatically lose your respective point lozenge which is not awarded to anyone.

FoodFight.FoodFightMutator : Replaces all weapons, pickups and ammo with food themed weapons, pickups and ammo. Also, killing an opponent makes you thinner, and makes them fatter. However, the fattening/thinning process is a little buggy and sometimes does not work properly.

Secret Shot : Gumball Gun

Ballzooka : Tomato Launcher

Wildfire : Salad Spinner

Scatter Shot : Salt/Pepper Shaker

Nerf Cannon : Ice Cream Cannon

Pulsator : Brussel Sprout Rifle

Triple Strike : Egger V2

Hyper Strike : Salad Shooter

Sidewinder : Donut Disc

Whomper : Pie Chucker

Double Damage : High Fructose Corn Syrup

Electro Shield : Diet Pill

Mega Jump : Energy Drink (grapeness)

Mega Speed : Energy Drink (cherrizzle)

Mega Power : Mega Milkshake

Suit Power : Half Burger

Suit Power Plus : Burger

HealthBooster.HealthBooster : When you kill an opponent, your health is restored to 100.

IG.IGArena : Replaces all weapons with the Insta-Gib Rifle and deletes all ammo.

IG.IGMutator : Replaces all Whompers with Insta-Gib Rifles and deletes all Electro Packs.

LightArena.Blue : Makes all lights in a level blue.

LightArena.Green : Makes all lights in a level green.

LightArena.Orange : Makes all lights in a level orange.

LightArena.Purple : Makes all lights in a level purple.

LightArena.Red : Makes all lights in a level red.

LightArena.Yellow : Makes all lights in a level yellow.

M16.M16Mutator : Replaces the Nerf Cannon with a rapid fire weapon known as the M-16 and the Nerf Cannon Ball ammo is replaced by M-16 ammo.

M16.M16Arena : Replaces all weapons with the M-16 and all ammo with the M-16 ammo.

Mutators.FatBoy : When you score a kill, you get fatter. If you die, you get thinner.

Mutators.HyperstrikeArena : Replaces all weapons with Hyperstrikes and all ammo with rockets.

Mutators.LowGrav : Makes the entire level have low gravity.

Mutators.NoPowerUps : Removes all Mega Powers, Electro Shields and Double Damages.


Mutators.NoWhomper : Removes all Whompers and Electro Packs.

Mutators.NerfCannonArena : Replaces all weapons with Nerf Cannons and all ammo with Nerf Cannon balls.

Mutators.PulsatorArena : Replaces all weapons with pulsators and all ammo with Nerf balls.

Mutators.ScatterShotArena : Replaces all weapons with Scatter Shots and all ammo with scatter pellets.

Mutators.TripleStrikeArena : Replaces all weapons with Triple Strike and all ammo with rockets.

Mutators2.SecretShotArena : Replaces all weapons with Secret Shots and deletes all ammo.

Mutators2.SidewinderArena : Replaces all weapons with Sidewinders and all ammo with tracker disks.

Mutators2.WhomperArena : Replaces all weapons with Whompers and all ammo with Electro Packs.

Mutators2.WildfireArena : Replaces all weapons with Wildfires and all ammo with Nerf darts.

NABGrapple.GrappleMutator : Gives all players a NAB Grappling Hook which is engaged by primary fire and disengaged by alternate fire. You keep it as a default weapon throughout the match.

Nerfl.SuitPowerPlusMutator : Replaces all Suit Powers with Suit Power Plus.

No_X.No_Ammo : Deletes all ammo.

No_X.No_BallAmmo : Deletes all Nerf balls.

No_X.No_Ballzooka : Deletes all Ballzookas.

No_X.No_Darts : Deletes all Nerf darts.

No_X.No_Disks : Deletes all tracker disks.

No_X.No_Doubled : Deletes all Double Damages.

No_X.No_Health : Deletes all Suit Powers, Mega and Suit Power Plus.

No_X.No_HyperStrike : Deletes all Hyper Strikes.

No_X.No_Lights : Deletes all Nerf balls.

No_X.No_MMAmmo : Deletes all Nerf Cannon balls.

No_X.No_MegaJump : Deletes all Mega Jumps.

No_X.No_MegaPower : Deletes all Mega Powers.

No_X.No_MegaSpeed : Deletes all Mega Speeds.

No_X.No_MightyMo : Deletes all Nerf Cannons.

No_X.No_PowerUps : Deletes all Mega Powers, Mega Jumps, Mega Speeds, Double Damages and Electro Shields.

No_X.No_Pulsator : Deletes all Pulsators.

No_X.No_Rockets : Deletes all rockets.

No_X.No_ScatterAmmo : Deletes all Scatter Pellets.

No_X.No_ScatterShot : Deletes all Scatter Shots.

No_X.No_SecretShot : Deletes all Secret Shots.

No_X.No_Shield : Deletes all Electro Shields.

No_X.No_SideWinder: Deletes all Sidewinders.

No_X.No_Sounds : Deletes all ambient sounds, triggered ambient sounds and dynamic ambient sounds.

No_X.No_TripleStrike : Deletes all Triple Strikes.

No_X.No_Weapons : Deletes all standard Nerf Weapons.

No_X.No_WhomperAmmo : Deletes all Electro Packs.

No_X.No_Whomper : Deletes all Whompers.

No_X.No_WildFire : Deletes all Wildfires.

No_X.No_WinkyTargets : Deletes all Winky Targets (point targets).

NoPoints.NoPointsPickups : Deletes all point lozenges.

NoPoints.NoTargets: Deletes Winky Targets (point targets).

NoTargets.NoTargets: Deletes Winky Targets (point targets).

NoTS_Alt.NoAlt : Replaces all Triple Strikes with a version that has no alternate fire.

NoWeapon.NoBallzooka : Deletes all Ballzookas.

NoWeapon.NoHyperstrike : Deletes all Hyper Strikes.

NoWeapon.NoMightyMo : Deletes all Nerf Cannons.

NoWeapon.NoPulsator : Deletes all Pulsators.

NoWeapon.NoScatterShot : Deletes all Scatter Shots.

NoWeapon.NoSecretShot : Deletes all Secret Shots.

NoWeapon.NoSidewinder: Deletes all Sidewinders.

NoWeapon.NoTripleStrike : Deletes all Triple Strikes.

NoWeapon.NoWhomper : Deletes all Whompers.

NoWeapon.NoWildfire : Deletes all Wildfires.

PaintBlast.PaintBlastMutator : Replaces all weapons with paintball guns and deletes all ammo.

RajMutators.EasyTarget : The more kills you get, the slower your acceleration rate gets. You can go as fast as other players, but it takes more time to get to that speed.

RajMutators.FastForward : Sets the game speed to 125%.

RajMutators.Glass : All players are transparent. The more kills you get, the easier you are to see. The more you are killed, the harder it is to see you.

RajMutators.Mass : Makes all players less heavy and therefore vulnerable to more powerful momentum transfers.

RajMutators.MeshMutator : Upon respawning, you are disguised as a random element from the game and notified by a message in the top-left corner.

RajMutators.MineField : Places mines all over the level.

RajMutators.NoSpin : Stops all weapons and pickups from spinning. This is useful for use with weapon replacement mutators when the spinning is not desired on a map (due to the aesthetic affect).

RajMutators.NinetyNine : Sings "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" through chat messages. Because nothing is more fun than mutators that have no apparent purpose or use.

RajMutators.RajArena : Replaces all weapons, pickups and ammo excluding the Secret Shot II, Mega Jump and Mega Speed with CW Weapons.

Ballzooka : Ring Gun

Wildfire : W.O.M.D.

Scatter Shot : Mine Layer

Nerf Cannon : Gatling Dart Gun

Pulsator : Infector

Triple Strike : Lava Triple Strike

Hyper Strike : Vaporizer

Sidewinder : Guided Missile

Whomper : Rail Gun

Double Damage : Tri-Damage

Electro Shield : Ethreal Armor

Mega Power : Ultra Power

Suit Power : Raj Suit Power Plus

Suit Power Plus : Raj Suit Power Plus

RajMutators.Revenge : Killing someone creates an explosion.

RajMutators.SlipNSlide : Makes the whole level feel like it's covered in ice. You slide around.

RajMutators.SloKill : When anyone gets a kill, there is a brief moment of slow motion.

RajMutators.SloMo : Reduces the gamespeed to 75%.

RajMutators.Spree : Gives players point rewards for insanely long killing sprees.

RajMutators.Stealth : Gives all players unlimited stealth abilities.

RajMutators.StealthMutator : Replaces the Electro Shield with the Stealth Power-Up.

RajMutators.VAmmo : The default ammos explode when shot.

RajMutators.Vampire : When you score a kill, you recieve 20 health and the victim drops up to three of his weapons.

RajMutators.VRajArena : Replaces all weapons, excepting the Secret Shot II with CW weapons and makes the CW ammos explode when shot.

RajMutators.VWeapon : When some one is killed, their weapon discharges its remaining ammo.

RajMutators.WallWalker : Allows players to climb walls up to 128 units high

RajMutators2.Bounty : Automatically gives you points per kill based on that person's 'bounty' which is mathematically derived by: Score *( (Spree+1)*0.1) . Deletes point lozenges.

RajMutators2.ChainGunArena : Gives you an infinite Chain Gun as the default and only weapon.

RajMutators2.Dominator : If someone has a five or more kill streak, they become a dominator. They get 300 health and a damage increase but are slow and lumbering.

RajMutators2.FireworksGunArena : Gives you an infinite Fireworks Gun as the default and only weapon.

RajMutators2.Gravity : Randomly changes the level's gravity every now and then.

RajMutators2.GrenadeLauncherArena : Gives you an infinite Grenade Launcher as the default and only weapon.

RajMutators2.Heal : All pawns are healed 1 health per second up to 100 health.

RajMutators2.HurricaneArena : Gives you an infinite Hurricane as the default and only weapon.

RajMutators2.Juggernaut : Exactly like King Of The Hill gametype but playable on all gametypes, even CTF and AR!

RajMutators2.Mario : Point pickups are replaced either by a brick or rarer power-up box. Shooting them will release a coin or power mushroom (or possibly a star) respectively. Also adds kill spree messages and sound effects Mario style.

RajMutators2.MeshSwap : Killer and killee swap meshes.

RajMutators2.Odds : Automatically gives you points per kill based on that weapons' amount of kills as compared to total kills. This works well with default weapons only. Deletes point lozenges.

RajMutators2.Party : When you die, you spawn some presents and balloons which can be shot for points (25 and 50 points respectively). Does not delete point lozenges.

RajMutators2.PatriotArena : Gives you an infinite Patriot as the default and only weapon.

RajMutators2.ProxyMineLayerArena : Gives you an infinite Proxy Mine Layer as the default and only weapon.

RajMutators2.RajArena2 : Replaces weapons and ammo with the RajMutators2 weapons.

Wildfire : Watermelon Gun

Scatter Shot : Hurricane

Nerf Cannon : Fireworks Gun

Pulsator : Chain Gun

Triple Strike : Patriot

Hyper Strike : Ricochet Rifle

Sidewinder : Proxy Mine Layer

Whomper : Tachyon Beam Mk II

Double Damage : Tri-Damage

Electro Shield : Ethreal Armor

Mega Power : Ultra Power

Suit Power : Raj Suit Power Plus

Suit Power Plus : Raj Suit Power Plus

RajMutators2.RajPickups : Replaces all health, Electro Shields, Double Damages and Mega Powers with RajArena2 equivalents.

RajMutators2.RandomizerArena : Gives you an infinite Randomizer V2 as the default and only weapon. This may be laggy online.

RajMutators2.RicochetRifleArena : Gives you an infinite Ricochet Rifle as the default and only weapon.

RajMutators2.Rings : When you die you drop 10 sonic-style rings worth 10 health each. Does not delete point lozenges.

RajMutators2.SkinSwap : Killer and killee swap skins. (Note, a new update will fix some skins not swapping.)

RajMutators2.Splat : If you die from fall damage you leave behind a pile of goo with your skin.

RajMutators2.SplishSplash : Originally by Storm, added with his permission. Fills arena with water and deactivates bouncers. Also makes you have infinite breath.

RajMutators2.Statue : My personal favorite. On death you spawn a statue of yourself in the pose you died in. It can be shot for 100 points. Does not delete point lozenges.

RajMutators2.TachyonBeamArena : Gives you an infinite Tachyon Beam as the default and only weapon.

RajMutators2.VRajArena2 : Replaces weapons and ammo with the RajMutators2 weapons, but the ammos are explosive.

RajMutators2.WatermelonGunArena : Gives you an infinite Watermelon Gun as the default and only weapon.

RocketsNAB.RocketsNABMutator : Deletes all weapons and all ammo and gives you a Rocket Wildfire as the default weapon.

Scale.TenFootMutator : Makes all players really big, about ten feet tall.

Scale.ThreeInchMutator : Makes all players really small, about three inches tall.

SNOWPACK.ArcticArenaMutator : Replaces all weapons, pickups and ammo with snow themed weapons, pickups and ammo. This mutator is sometimes buggy online, but a newer version has recently been released that fixes most issues.

Secret Shot : Secret Slush

Ballzooka : Snowzooka

Wildfire : Wild Flurry

Scatter Shot : Scatter Snow

Nerf Cannon : Snowball Cannon

Pulsator : Pulsleeter

Triple Strike : Triple Ice

Hyper Strike : Icicle Strike

Sidewinder : Side Whiteout

Whomper : Blizzard

Double Damage : Storm Damage

Electro Shield : Ice Shield

Mega Jump : Really Nice Hiking Boots

Mega Speed : Ice Skates

Mega Power : Mega Powder

Suit Power : Suit Powder

Suit Power Plus : Suit Powder Plus

VirtualReality.VRMutator : Replaces all weapons, pickups and ammo with virtual weapons, pickups and ammo. There really is no reason for me to list the changes, just add "Virtual" to the beginning of the name of a normal weapon or pickup and you have the name of the new item.

WaterWar.WaterWarMutator : Replaces all weapons, some pickups and ammo with water themed weapons, pickups and ammo.

Secret Shot : Secret Splash

Ballzooka : Splashzooka

Wildfire : Wild Water

Scatter Shot : Scatter Soak

Nerf Cannon : Water Balloon Cannon

Pulsator : Pulsaturator

Triple Strike : Triple Soak

Hyper Strike : Hyper Spray

Sidewinder : Goosh (TM) Frisbe Launcher

Whomper : Drenchinator

Double Damage : Tsunami

Electro Shield : Absorbtion Shield

Mega Power : Waterfall

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